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[Reference in most cases: Wikipedia, not because it is considered ‘the word’ for accuracy but at least it will give readers a chance to flick on and tie a few things together.]

[See Bollix Bahrain and the truth Part 1]

Are Bahraini Sunni better than Shiite?
Each have their merit and each are very nice people generally but each have their foibles as does Bahrain itself. For this contributor, it is just a shame that such nice people are totally screwed by their indoctrinated beliefs.

Now what dungeon of worms allows this Mafioso called journalism to slaughter a country with twisted truths,  create wars unimpeded and without recourse?  Oh boy, they want to destroy little old Bahrain, not just the Royal Family, whose legitimacy is nobody else’s business but the Bahraini.  The media is like a primitive lynch mob out to get a witch because some brain dead, backward vegetable claimed a spell had been… um… spelled!  Is there something the majority of inhabitants and the hundreds of thousands of expatriates who have lived in Bahrain or live there now and wont leave – don’t know, but the BBC do?

Oh make no mistake, Bahrain is not the paradise many of the locals and expatriate sycophants pontificate it to be and indeed if you can live with the general lawlessness endemic through religious hammering  in conflict with politically accepted ‘law and order,  then have fun and live a reasonably peaceful life in a lovely little country with some very nice people indeed and a lot of scumbags to match.

Bahrainis are a pretty liberal bunch who moan a lot but keep their mouths shut about the religious pressures and used to just largely ignore reaction even when one or two even more brain farting bigots do some sort of religion rampage against someone or something.  But there are camps and severe at that, but before February 2011 most bitched but got along just fine even if there was discrimination.

Another simply gorgeous thing about Bahrain – (more…)

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[Contributors  L. Ferrari – A.Connor]:

The Bahrain Grand Prix ends and suddenly the media silence is deafening.  (Except the BBC still sporadically kicking like a spoiled baby).  I have just returned from Bahrain’s 2012 Formula One extravaganza and everyone is asking me if I was safe or worse; ‘How could I be when so many are suffering like that’?

Wrong wrong wrong! Bahrain is as gold a place as a piece of very best tenderloin steak but stewed as chuck. It is not Bermuda or Barbados, but for freedom, it is as good as it gets in the Arab world and more free than your gorgeous DUBAI, don’t make any mistakes about that.    It is religion – religion – religion -  not human rights as defined in the Western World or by the western world’s pathetic media who are  out of control and fueling the fire.  What they need to concentrate on is the fact that reality bites and there will NEVER be ‘one rule for all’ unless it is Islamic and then it will be oppression all over again.

[I too use social media to gather information, to enhance my own considered experience and understanding of life in the Islamic world.  If you see a quote here that you might have seen on say Facebook or similar, then thank you for allowing me to share it, even if I do not credit you with it].

Quite possibly being the larger of the two Islamic sects, do the Shiites have a legitimate right to claim Bahrain as their own?


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