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Senator Edward Kennedy has left the building – at last! Kennedy was the epitome of the sick agenda that we all live under.  Was he a Mason?  He wasn’t Jewish or one of the gifted gays that I am aware of, so maybe he was an Alien?  Or perhaps he was just one of the elite in the luvvee brigade that controls us all. Whatever he was, he was anything but real.  I personally couldn’t stand the man and never for a second gave credence to anything he uttered for it was all show business or a deluded belief that ‘this is what the public want to hear’ and all for personal gain.  But then, 99% of politicians come under that category don’t they?  All frustrated Hollywood actors one might think, but I am one of those who believes it is much more sinister than that.

The late, very funny Bernard Manning, a Jewish, British comedian with a ‘luvvee media’ reputation for being racist once said of Kennedy (more…)

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