Obama needs some very strong glasses when he says; ‘We have to look through the eyes of others to see how they look at the world’. It is all designed to intimidate, all agenda. By hook or by crook Obama will select anything but another white (as he puts the race card on it) Supreme Court Judge.  As white people all over the world begin to pale into insignificance and ‘depending’ we survive the ‘pending’ 2012 Armageddon, whether the Nostradamus one or the Mr.Bollix version;  by the year 2050, it is not unlikely that history will repeat itself; only this time, we become slaves.  I know a lot of people, far too many in fact, who go along with that idea with some excitement. I am talking about white luvvies at that, who astonishingly still feel so very guilty about history and at least feel some amendment by supporting Obama.  Worse still, nobody is questioning Obama, apart from a very few in the perceived extreme right wing media platforms.  Well I am questioning him and I am not right wing at all.
So who will become the superior race, or is that colour? Or is that a bad bad expression and in this continuing deluded dream of equality, no such scenario will exist.  Oh Bollix!  We are mammals and you know what animals do.  ‘The meek shall inherit the earth’. I think there is a piece of that sentence missing.  ‘The meek shall inherit the earth and become the dominator’.  I don’t see anything meek in most of the black people I know, they are all generally quite large and none too shy. Arabs, Muslims and anything of the same ilk are anything but meek, as with the endearingly labeled Hispanics in their masses. In fact Muslims are notoriously dominating, slave only to their God and the relatively meek Indian Asians are their slaves often in the most appalling conditions. Sort that lot out Obama!
We have an extremely contradictory scenario where we see the first Latino nomination (let’s make that appointment) to the US Supreme court, President Obama continues to prance around his domain, greeting everyone from a garbage collector to Queen with absolute insincere  subservience, touching everyone on the back, guiding them on with gushing insecurities.  Even an amateur body language enthusiast can read this man’s absolute demeanour.  He is totally insecure and not remotely leadership material in the historic sense and every man from Beijing to Boston will latch on to that weakness and manipulate him to the Nth degree. Bowing down in subservience to a Saudi dictator, a man of little intelligence but the ruthless be all and end all in his own country was a stunning revelation and the subject of another post here.  That had nothing to do with oil or commerce; it was purely an Islamic thing.
Yes historically the media empowered omnipotent Obama will never be forgotten as the first black president. This in itself is a shameful state of affairs epitomizing the state of dumbness and mediocrity in the world. He is half black but chooses to be wholly black, unlike Republicans of the same shade who to the rest of us appear as individuals and not a colour. Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and many more, who if ran for President would loath to use the colour card. It is too late now, but had Rice run for President; I doubt she would have won, but the Democratic majority would not be so large and the media would have been in such a massive dilemma, committing suicide as to which candidate to back.
Obama harps on about race all the time, yet this is not race, it is colour, He is American as are the rest, so when will society drop this insane discrimination which is perpetuated from within the very same clans who loath it so much. Obama married a black women, he acts black and he even speaks with a black accent so it would not be unreasonable to assume that he thinks black across the board. And he was elected all because some pseudo intellectuals in recent generations have bred the guilt thing into what appears to be most of us.
Now Obama chooses a Latino female to the Supreme Court.  Who has a problem with that, if she is a capable judge, a decent honest individual who can openly and squarely display fairness?  Oh No, our patronizing, oozing President has to install even more appeasing rhetoric into the equation when asked about his choice.  ‘We have to look through the eyes of others to see how they look at the world’.  Obama so whimsically professes to his nodding necked adorning billions.  Why should I do that Mr. Obama when they don’t give a rat’s ass about the way I look at things and if it comes to a Muslim, you really are NEVER going to get them to see through my eyes?
I can only guess at the standard Neo Liberal spiel I would receive in an imaginary interview I had with Obama. (Now I have interviewed many politicians, film stars, rock stars, you name it, but never a United States President and of course never will, but in the following sentences this is what I would expect from him  –  and come to that any one of the Labour idiots in Britain now, if I asked the same questions).
Me: Sir, in regard to appointing, although a nomination at this stage, American Latino judge Sonia Sotomayor , you said that we should look through the eyes of others to obtain their perspective of the world. Does that mean her view of our constitutional law is different from what non Latino Americans perceive?
Obama: Of course not, she is a wonderful fair person who will bring ‘great justice’ to the system. Look, (reaches out to touch my hand, while nodding his head up and down, in an attempt to warm me to him) we have to bring about ‘change’ as we see it today. Don’t think of her as being one sided, she will bring justice to the millions of people who have NOT had justice in the past.
Me: You mean the courts are unfair up until now and the quite large number of criminals who happen to be Latino or black can now be understood and no longer fear persecution and harsh sentences, or even be let off if they fall into the ‘minority’ bracket?
Obama: You are being ridiculous now (hand removed). I’ve said it before, I said in Philadelphia: Legalized discrimination – where blacks were prevented, often through violence, from owning property, or loans were not granted to African-American business owners, or black homeowners could not access FHA mortgages, or blacks were excluded from unions, or the police force, or fire departments – meant that black families could not amass any meaningful wealth to bequeath to future generations. That history helps explain the wealth and income gap between black and white, and the concentrated pockets of poverty that persists in so many of today’s urban and rural communities.
A lack of economic opportunity among black men, and the shame and frustration that came from not being able to provide for one’s family, contributed to the erosion of black families – a problem that welfare policies for many years may have worsened. And the lack of basic services in so many urban black neighborhoods – parks for kids to play in, police walking the beat, regular garbage pick-up and building code enforcement – all helped create a cycle of violence, blight and neglect that continue to haunt us.
Me: ‘Amen!  And this applies to Hispanics as well’?
Obama: ‘It applies to anyone who came to this great country expecting opportunity and fairness’.
Me: Murdering native Indians, grabbing land. All nothing to do with you! You were forced to come here being the descendant of slaves and now dream to go back and make Liberia a country fit to live in. Who had Liberia before America decided to give it to former slaves who wanted to return home? Er! Sort of reminds me a bit of Israel really. Ok, don’t answer that, as it was before your time.  Now, this delusion you have to be able to see through the eyes of others as to how they see the world. Are you also able to look through the eyes of the Iranian President or Sadar Muktada, or any single Taliban killer?  If so, are you fully aware that not a single one of these people and their stifled religious oppression will remotely see through my eyes or the eyes of 99% of Middle America or anyone else for that matter? As Allah dictates all, most Muslims actually do not perceive the word ‘consideration’ for anything else and that includes others around them.
Obama: ‘it has gone on far too long this oppression of others by us. We have to understand them, talk to them, make words mean something, help them, give them hope, teach them’.
Me: ‘Teach them! That sounds like oppression to me and besides they demand and expect help constantly because they cannot see through our eyes and perform the almighty CHANGE you keep advocating. They will never listen, they will never see your way Mr. President, but one suspects you see their way somehow? Largely incapable themselves, they really want to be us, so only look to us as oppressors, unless they are making huge bucks from us – the more corrupt the better –  and then they still cut off their noses and look the gift horse right in the gob.  Now Judge Sotomayor openly champions the so-called oppressed as she refers to them. She is quoted as saying; ‘The courts are the last refuge for the oppressed”. Um! This statement disturbs me. Is not a court the last refuge for the “NOT GUILTY”?  Some of her past decisions have been questionable to many and some now fear the Supreme Court will champion black people and Hispanics only, or can we assume from what you say that white people already have greater legal representation than anyone else in a country that is supposedly one law for all?
Obama: The proposed Martin Luther King memorial statue will say it all. I have two daughters, ages six and nine. And when I see the plans for this memorial, I think about what it will be like when I first bring them here upon the memorial’s completion. I imagine us walking down to this tidal basin, between one memorial dedicated to the man who helped give birth to a nation, and another dedicated to the man who preserved it. I picture us walking beneath the shadows cast by the Mountain of Despair, and gazing up at the Stone of Hope, and reading the quotes on the wall together as the water falls like rain. And at some point, I know that one of my daughters will ask, perhaps my youngest, will ask, “Daddy, why is this monument here? What did this man do?” He had been chosen for so arduous a task – the task of leading a people to freedom, the task of healing the festering wounds of a nation’s original sin.
Me: ‘I missed the yes – no element of your answer Sir. Are you saying that white people are soon to be excluded?  What about Asian representation; will you be looking to appoint an American Asian Indian or Chinese at some stage’?
Obama: ‘Maybe not in my time, perhaps more Muslims who are brought to the fore. Although it looks like I will be around for at least 8 years and as you already blogged way back at my inauguration; due to popular opinion, I will  change the constitution to allow Presidents longer terms, so maybe 12 years.  I need Supreme Court Judges to back my policies. The previous administration dealt a devastating blow to balance and I don’t mean “fair and balanced’ the way Fox News deems it to be. I explained at the NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner that freedom is essential to each and every one of us, In fact the NAACP was founded at a time when we were constantly reminded how the world around us was separate and unequal…when the idea of legal rights for black folks was almost a contradiction in terms…when lunch counters and bus seats and water fountains were luxuries you had to fight for and march for, the 50th anniversary of the Fight for Freedom Dinner reminds us of just how far our struggle has come.
I was reminded of this when I had the honor of going to Atlanta to speak at John Lewis’s 65th birthday celebration. As I stood up there next to John Lewis, I thought to myself, never in a million years would I have guessed that I’d be serving in Congress with John Lewis. And then I thought, you know, there was once a time when John Lewis might never have guessed that he’d be serving in Congress. And there was a time not long before that when people might never have guessed that someday, black folks would be able to go to the polls, pick up a ballot, make their voice heard, and elect that Congress. Boy I wish I could’ve been around at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Because things seemed so clear at the time. And while there may have been room for debate on some things, the clarity of the cause and the need for the movement were crystal clear, and you didn’t have the ambiguities you have today’.
Me: ‘Are you telling me yet again that you are black Mr. President? Why do you mention John Lewis in this context, is it because he is a black Republican Congressman, meaning he is the only Republican you like’?
Obama: “Look, you are not going to change my mind, I am going to change yours’ and it will take legislation to do this and I have more than 70% of the country behind me. I taught Constitutional Law at the Chicago Law School for awhile. And one of the courses I taught was a course in race and law, where we chronicled the history of race in this country and people’s struggle to achieve freedom in the courts and on the streets. And often times my students would come up to me and say things like, Because it’s one thing to know that everyone has a seat at the lunch counter, but how do we figure out how everyone can pay for the meal? It was easy to figure out that blacks and whites should be able to go to school together, but how do we make sure that every child is equipped and ready to graduate? It was easy to talk about dogs and fire hoses, but how do we talk about getting drugs and guns off the streets?” This is what they told me. That the moral certainties we now take for granted – that separate can never be equal,
Me: I’m so sorry Mr. President; I have no idea what you are talking about, I lost interest after you said that with legislation, you were going to force me to think like you. Hasn’t that happened in Britain already?
Obama: ‘There you go again, you have been listening to Rush Limbaugh too much and not listening to what I say and the majority of Americans and the world in its entirety who support me.
Me: ‘Do you mean the luvvies and retread hippies, the gays, the pedophiles, many of which control the media and in some countries the judiciary. None of who do it for the people, but purely for their own gain?
Obama: ‘Now I have no idea what you are talking about’.
Me: ‘So you admit that you cannot see through my eyes as to how I look at the world, yet I seem to be able to see through yours’
Obama: ‘You watch too much Fox News my friend.’
Me: ‘Ah! The luvvie line every time. Clichéd phrases endlessly coughed up whenever someone questions Neo Liberal inability to grasp reality; in their persistent state of denial that anything is wrong or the case is merely presented by a non pot smoking, coke sniffing, prejudiced Christian war mongering imbecile. “You watch too much Fox News”. May I kindly retort Sir that perhaps it is not that I watch too much Fox News, but that you and your followers do not watch enough. Thank you Mr. President.
Obama: ‘Anytime. Do you fancy a beer or a glass of wine?  I’ve got a really nice Iranian Shiraz in the car, smuggled out from Tehran before His Worship the Ayatolla took over. I don’t participate myself and I even refused the bottle of Blue Label Scotch the King of Saudi slipped me.  Shame that Hannity only drinks American brands.

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