Pakistan’s Swat Valley is royally screwed and the roll over for Pakistan is as has always been; just another day in Mohammed’s paradise and another day closer to the end of the world.

Amnesty International says that in the world ‘seven people a day are executed’, but add that the world is moving towards abolition of this travesty. Has anyone from Amnesty ever been to Swat Valley in Pakistan and seen what is going on? Have they really been inside Iran or some of the towns in Afghanistan? Like the Taliban is going to listen to Amnesty; like the people in these areas have ever heard of Amnesty.  They don’t even have electricity for God’s sake, yet they still consider themselves God’s chosen people. It might work out to seven people a day in somewhere like Saudi Arabia, if they consider seven in one day at Friday Prayers. Actually, Saudi Arabia is tame compared to some of its neighbours, but personally I don’t have a problem with capital punishment, not at all! I have a serious problem with it if it does not involve ‘premeditated, first degree murder’, (which is tautology – premeditate/first degree – but we need to make doubly sure if you know what I mean).   If the luvvies of this world are to be believed then terrorism and sick religious ideology that advocates brutally hideous execution comes under the heading ‘premeditated’, but for some reason these luvvies call it ‘political’ and that is ok. Then again, the guys that do all the slicing, hacking and shooting seem to be plentiful. From the accounts I receive, there is never a shortage of volunteers prepared to cut someone’s head off or be part of a firing squad, or stone or whip someone to death.    I once read an entire section of a magazine devoted to the guy who does the slicing in Saudi. He was so proud of his work and sleeps well if he manages to do it in one or two slices.

As usual, Sky News UK is wetting its pants over Pakistan.  I can only guess that the News Editor has some affiliation one way or the other.  Or is it that Murdoch’s Jewish son getting off on a Muslim princess somewhere? Just curiosity! At least they cover it and seem to be covering the very dark side of it on this day. However, if it is about Pakistan, Sky seems to cover anything from bus accidents to the now deadly, Taliban infested Swat Valley. Stewart Ramsey gives a good account as the network revels in the gross footage they obtain of what seems like arbitrary selections of the local fraternity being shot or beheaded for the most inane thing.

What exactly does Amnesty consider an execution?  Would it be one of the many daughters stoned to death by their brothers or fathers because she got raped or equally dishonored the family because she married a man not chosen or from another sect?  The Middle East, and specifically Jordan is quite prolific at it, with no punishment ever meted out. You’ll find it in parts of Wolverhampton and soon the practice will spread across the nation as Sharia law is allowed.

Simply outrageous!

More to the point the weak, disgusting appeasing neo liberals in government will turn a blind eye for the sake of ‘harmony’.  What am I talking about, it is already a fact; it happens now, open your eyes if you cannot see it.

Infesting the place, we now have Pakistani potential terrorists calling themselves true home grown Al Qaeda Brits and Sky News is interviewing these heavily immigrant accented guys with gay abandon. It is like a recruiting video for the Territorial Army.  The confused soon to be terrorists rattle on about this and that and something about Kashmir, which the British of today must apparently be blamed for despite the separation occurring over a life time ago. Now, according to Sky News at least, Swat Valley has been twined with Kashmir. because in the middle of a link between  Ramsey (in Swat), Eamon Holmes (Studio) Alex Crawford (Kashmir) and dear old fruit bat Jeremy Thomson (also on a jolly in Pakistan trying to further his portfolio of ‘I spoke to…’). I heard;  ‘Most terrorists come from Kashmir’. Oh yeah,  since when?  I know more Kashmiri, both Indian and Pakistani than I know actual Pakistani but the number is huge and although the Kashmiri is always going on and on about the partition I have never ever perceived any terror element from these people. Not so Pakistani.

Besides, what has Kashmir got to do with Swat Valley anyway and who would have thought that the Taliban could take over this idyllic old heyday tourist trap?   Of course, we’ll be saying the same when the likes of say idyllic Cumbria falls to no go areas like Bradford, Wolverhampton and on on.

If British based terrorists can find Al Qaeda then WTF are the British and Americans doing when they say they can’t! These ignorant kids go to Pakistan and Afghanistan and find Al Qaeda, get trained in religious hate,  murderous death, lethal destruction and how to abuse four wives at the same time and circumcise by mutilation any young girl reaching puberty; then return to Britain undetected (Yeah, I bet) to pie and mash and all the lovely dubbly comforts and freedoms and even brag about their foray on TV. Pakistan intelligence apparently tracked this last lot and informed the British intelligence who astoundingly had absolutely no idea. So I ask again, what are the security forces and Armies doing?  The thing is with Pakistan and their neighbours; tell-tales and squeelers are two a penny and everyone is a cousin so you never know who the hell you are talking to. According to Sky reporter Ramsey; he says that the Americans (I suppose that includes the British) are extremely angry on discovering that these training camps still exist in Pakistan. Ugh! Hello!

These play acting ‘British’ morons boldly use the freedom to spout their warped rhetoric about how Britain and America have oppressed them and taking no notice of their ”own” sufferings, so threaten Jihad, with every one of us becoming a legitimate target.  Just deport the bastards immediately, rescind any legal status and get rid of them and NEVER let them come back.  The first government to do have the guts to do this and forgo their obsession with immigrant votes at all costs, will sweep to office in a land slide.

The troops are suffering over in these Muslim countries, doing nothing but waste their time at great risk to life as they have no mandate, hands-tied-brief which screams ‘Appeasement’? Just get the hell out of there, leave it to them and station our troops around our own perimeter to stop these savages coming back.  Shoot them if you have to on our own turf then nobody but Amnesty can complain and we wont take any notice as nobody in the 3rd world takes a blind bit of notice about them. By and large, Amensty do an excellent job, so don’t get me wrong as I do not imply otherwise. I merely highlight the fruitless ineffectualness  of their often misguided existence.  It is a shame and I don’t necessarily agree with all their activities and gripes, but they have done some very wonderful things at times.

Most of my close Pakistani friends look me right in the eye and say; ‘When will someone realize there is no option but to clean the slate and wipe these people out’.  With that they mean clean out earth’s rubbish and swat them like flies. Genocide; the harsh reality I guess but as the tough old Mafia guys used to say; ‘Yah gotta tch tch them, before they  tch tch you’ and besides, the likes of the old Ayatolla and his chronies will never, can ever perceive killing literally thousands of non believers or non conformists as genocide.  This is written and permitted all with Allah’s blessing. I remember the heart broken father of a British soldier talking on one of the channels shortly after his son was blown up and philosophically said something like; ‘What are we doing there? I have no regrets, my son died in line of duty,  he was doing what he wanted to do and knew the risks, but for what, as this will never end. What can you do with these people, nothing but kill them all, it is the only way, kill them all, but you can’t do that, so it will NEVER end’. Sadly, eventually it will come to this, if they don’t kill you first, which is not so unlikely.

To me it seems obvious that very shortly; we will find ourselves carpet bombing places like down town Leeds and Bradford, Wolverhampton and even Southhall because it is never going to change until we do.  The Muslim world cannot police itself; you only need drive on their roads to know that. Within their existence they are all in denial with nothing but fear generated within, therefore nobody really stands up and gets counted. To challenge this thinking to any single one of them, regardless of their age or education, is a waste of time and no luvvie of the world, sending them peace and love and sitting down and sharing a kicking juicy spliff or whatever, will encounter even a modicum of reasoning. Any criticism, even humorously injected just makes them angry and extremely defensive. We know that too!  So sad, because there are 2 billion Muslims and a billion and a half of them are really nice and will follow whatever the Mulla says. So if anyone wants to try still, start by finding a nice Mulla, but they are as rare and unicorn shit.

But it gets worse by the day and still the politicians, the media and the judiciary pontificate that all is fine and racism and religious hatred will not be tolerated. Well tell the people doing it!!!      I heard that contradictory wimp of a media junky Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith bleating about ‘We’ (as in British) are keeping an eye on these things’.  (Britains being trained in Pakistan and returning home)  She and the current government are so so far out of their depth and now Obama is furthering the ignorance. Smith ostensibly advocates strong anti terror tactics, but somehow all I hear is ‘Yuck Speak’ socialist babble, cementing her desire to stay in high power in the Labour Party which depends entirely on the immigrant vote

Predictably, one of Jeremy Thompson’s ‘I spoke with..s’ had to be that man of great nothingness Imran Khan . A man who should have hung on to his bat and balls instead of talking utter bollix to the media. ‘The tribal people are angry. if Nato forces withdrew, the local people in the tribal areas will not follow Taliban’  He makes it up on the spot. As if the brain dead cretins in these regions, many who don’t know the different between a knife and a fork; have never ever seen a television set and have no idea of the difference between George Bush and George Burns, can make educated political statements like that.

All has been said before on Bollix Media, especially about Pakistan and how deadly unstable this country is and how so many living in these regions have British Passports, yet continue to be Pakistani and Muslim at that, in all forms of their stifled culture. Nothing new, I was saying it back in the 70s, but nobody listened as they don’t much now. Mr. Bollix and likeminded are all sensationalists and scare mongering.

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