So Today March 27th 2009, many web sites are reporting that tadpole Alfie Patten of somewhere in valueless Britain is NOT the sperm donor after all! Even AOL, pointing to FOX NEWS is carrying the story and Fox is sort of quoting the Daily Mirror for the DNA results.  But everything contradicts, or in Alfie’s case ‘contradicks’.  I can’t find the story on the Mirror site nor on Sky News, who made us all sick with the gushing tributes. It might be there, but I searched and came up with nothing, as of this post.

In fact, the Mirror has a story that a judge ordered the DNA result to remain secret. Why?  The girl is underage?  Too late mate, she did it and someone or someten shagged her, so who the hell are you protecting?   The parents are in on the scam for sure, so it goes back to luvvie Neo Liberal, bloated Political Correctness and very suspect agenda. Now we shall see which News Channels will make a story of this;  as for example the likes of Sky, they have egg splattered faces now, having made this little boy of sparse intelligence such a hero and her a stellar orifice of zero value.   Oh, don’t worry, like every other hyped up story that goes belly up, the agenda rife media covers its tracks like cats burying their smelly back end torpedoes.

Still now, if true, Alfie is not daddy anymore and doesn’t have to take a hammer to his little pink piggy bank for alimony or whatever a midget 13 year old kid has to pay.

Of course Bollix Media stands by its original assessment of this travesty of abuse, wicked scam and low life example, when I said way back when that the young girl needs help, especially if she is ripping the Noddy toggles off 12 year old boys, (as he was then). All the boys love this sort of girl in the town or village. How else are they going to learn that Doctor’s don’t really do it with sticks and that the black coloured legs of nurses are tights which are removable, but they like to keep the rest of  their uniforms on? (A vivid imagination).

I would never admit to having underage sex as such, unless I was underage myself. Ugh!  Well, um!  That’s not illegal is it?   ‘I was only playing Mums and Dads, your Honour’.  We had great times as kids, but I can honestly say that as rude as it was, it was not dirty at all, but that might be hypocrisy as I have to admit that I think like a male.  I know what probably every male thinks and how much guilt they show later in life, knowing that they where dirty little bastards as juveniles. Absolutely NO guilt at all! In fact, nothing more than always a good story to boast to your mates about.   It might be interesting to be able to study the psychology of the ‘where fors and whats’ of why some girls do and some girls don’t at such early ages and what sort of lives they lead as adults, knowing that half the village shagged you when you were just 13? A serious cause of  ‘cervical cancer’ I believe.  God forbid and not the best way to emulate Jade Goody, who I had great sympathy for as I would anyone with such a devastating illness, but that doesn’t mean I found anything remotely endearing about the women.

Oh, don’t worry, the male species are pretty disgusting and no amount of equality is going to change that. The media is to blame for the excess of our ills today. We’ve always been naughty, we’ve always had murders and criminals, but the media cheapens it all and desensitizes to the Nth degree. I am old fashioned and no doubt well out of touch with what a teenage girl thinks and will do these days, but I don’t think the male psyche will ever change. It is animal instinct whichever way you look at it. Today, as rightfully open minded, free spirited and willing the fairer sex are, men still do the horny chasing and spend every other second of their testosterone lives planning and  scheming a zillion ways to encounter skirt.  How to meet up with this one, bump into that one, or just get talking to another. The more stifled the culture the more amplified the desire and secretive decadence. No matter what; magnetic north to a compass is what a female is to the hose in a man’s pants. I can honestly say that I am a rare breed myself, being about as sexy as a dead porcupine and as active and interested as a beached whale; but still I look and still I love looking, but never want to get caught of course. Now if I was 13 and came across the village bike with no one currently in the saddle, would I? I guess it depends on whether or not I can delude myself into believing it to be a conquest and that I am the real Casanova, a bit special and she really fancies me. Oh – and if there is nobody looking and she won’t tell anyone. But boys tell everyone, even the girls they might be dating, thinking it will give them the edge. Life seems to have become so trivial.

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