Today, Obama handed out the olive branch to Iran and Iran pisses all over it and will continue to do so until Iran implodes on itself, quite possibly destroying half the world in doing so. Once again the tolerant tolerating the intolerant. As with Hamas, Hizbolla, shizbola and Uncle Tom Mohammed and all, any gesture is seen as a victory by Muslims and to them, God!  With this naïve gesture, conducted in such an amateur manner, Obama has desecrated the sufferings of those held captive in Iran while Jimmy Carter dithered; the daily and endless threats and chants emanating from this place of hate hate hate of American and anything Western; the dismissal and gross indecent insults to the Christian religion and if you don’t believe me, just read or watch now or look back at their media over the past 29 years. But you dare not do the same to them.  Iran is holding the big middle finger to the world regarding nuclear weapons and they have more support that you might imagine and in the most unlikely places. I’d take a guess that due to the noticeable lack of media attention in general, no major headlines, no campaigns, then some agenda is supporting this or resigned to the fact that we are going to have a nuclear capable Iran and I for one have always believed that this capability is very close if not already. The reason;  it was not invented or discovered or brilliantly perceived by great Muslim Iranian scholars as they would have you believe, but by a criminal Pakistani who sold the technology to them years ago and it has taken them this long to patch it together.

The West’s love affair with Obama is the West’s affair and is NOT shared with other cultures like the Islamic world.  Muslims are only looking to him selfishly in hope that they can maneuver more leverage out of his naivety. Unlike the west and our constant appeasement to anyone and anything remotely not white and the ridiculous manufactured guilt of colonial rule and slavery or whatever; Iran and Arabs (not the same) have no guilt or emotion for the black man or anyone non national and next in line come non Muslims. Slavery is alive and well! Just go to the average household and watch the Ethiopian or Sri Lankan maids perform 18 hours or more a day for $100 or less a month. Most are locked in their rooms when not working, many totally isolated for fear of talking to a man.  Filipinas get a few dollars more and treated ever so slightly better because their Embassy sometimes ruffles a few feathers.  It is quite amazing really and the more who run into trouble and so brutally deported for the slightest thing, another million are queuing to get in. If you don’t have access to the Gulf Countries, go to Hyde Park in the summer and watch the holidaying Arabs enjoying a walk or shop in Kensington.  (I think they are Arabs) You’ll see the maids trailing around behind attentively doting on the kids and adults alike or fear their wrath.  Off subject; there should be web sites for the welfare and protection of these people, but that would be pointless as few have the ability to comprehend the Internet or able to type English and those that could help them are probably too afraid to do so, but more likely, the web sites would be blocked anyway as they do so many.  Browse for some of the local English language papers in the Gulf area and you might get an idea, but you have to read between the lines BIG TIME!   I have friends in Sri Lanka who have firsthand experience and have highlighted direct reports of what must be thousands of horror stories of the ill treatment of foreign workers in these lands because of draconian administration and what is called a ‘sponsorship’ system whereby the majority of the nation’s inhabitants actually believe they own the person they sponsor. You only have to read Carman Bin Laden’s ‘The Veiled Kingdom’,  to get a pretty accurate and well described idea of the mindset which we in the West appease.  Nice people; for those lucky enough to live among them, the experience can be quite wonderful, but you are among strange inflexible neurons which can hurt you very badly as well.

Back on subject, none of this is Obama’s problem, nor how many Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had put to death in Iran on his return to Iran, legally to their way of thinking or illegally? For that matter, how many come a cropper now if they say or do something a bit Islamically off? Some say millions were killed, but nobody is going to oppose it as those good men who might turn a blind eye all think the same way anyway.  One thing is for sure, Muslims will kill Muslims without blinking an eyelid, but no Muslim will go against Islam.

Bush would not have gone in for that, as nobody did in Cambodia, as nobody did in Africa. The Shah, who was supposed to be a puppet of the west and through the west’s appeasement, was allowed to be replaced by the Ayatollah, surely did a few panic driven naughty things during his reign but he was no match either way for the sword of Islam and the Ayatollahs.  Now the sword has turned nuclear.

All the neo Liberal gobs of the world, all the media, keep banging on about Palestine and if this problem was solved everything would be ok.  What utter bollix! It will NEVER be solved, even if Israel was not there. Back in the UK, selective history has been taught in schools since the early 80s, but there is no gauge or concern among the masses today, about Iran with its totalitarian Islamic state having Nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons for what; defend itself against other Muslims? Oh no, this is marketed as a tirade against all apparent opponents of Palestine and this is an even bigger crock of bollix.  I don’t suppose kids of today have ever heard of Nostradamus either, whether you believe it or not. The media at large are very very careful to keep that name out of their content.  By the time anyone cares it will be far too late.  Between watching Coronation Street and Big Brother, I guess most have never heard of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his repeated call for the Jewish state to be wiped off the map. He’d like a few other states wiped off the map as well. I still believe he was one of the hostage takers all those years ago. The grinning psychopath.

If Israel attacks to destroy supposed nuclear installations, we’ll all hear about it for the rest of our short lives and that is what Iran is banking on in its defense as all the bravado and rhetoric in the world and they give out plenty, aint gonna protect them.  During the Gulf War of 90-91 in Kuwait, Saddam and his frighteningly large and even more frighteningly ineffectual rag tag army shot off Skud missiles in such random disorganized fashion aimed any neighbouring states.  I know, I was there! It is not like the President of the US with his red button and special codes and sequences required to launch. These things were just rapidly shot off and if one hit, it was luck. If Iran is allowed to proliferate its own arsenal of nuclear weapons, the Muslim mind takes over in a panic and Allah Akburr! The Koran is the law and not some President, who will actually not have second or responsible thoughts anyway. Just do it, martyr us all! Pakistan and Iran had better stay very friendly in the near future if all this goes ahead. All countries for thousands of miles will be wiped out in a few flashes.  It is all very close around there.

I don’t remember which Israeli General is was who was asked last year how far Israel was prepared to go with all this talk of a Nuclear threat from Iran, but I clearly remember his funny but deadly serious answer; ‘About 2,000 miles’, he replied. If Obama allows Iran to go Nuclear which is pretty much a dead cert., even more of a dead cert will be Israel’s devastating response. In fact Iranians by and large possess quite smart genes and I cannot for one minute believe that the majority go along with all this talk of ‘hands always on the trigger’, ‘kill all Kefirs’, ‘Death to America’ as frightening as it is, so I wonder if some movement inside the country could make sense prevail and put a stop to all this.  If there was a Muslim country in the world that was stable and free and more importantly of ‘free thought’, I for one would have no objections to them having nuclear weapons if they felt they needed them.  So many other countries have them, so why not. Communism was a massive fear and what now seems ridiculous, so many counter measure were put in place, panic stricken. The fall out, for lack of a better expression for the fall of communism is the black market in nuclear fuel and the total obscenity and disregard for human life over money in selling it.  However, I am not sure that any one of those countries will put their finger on the button. I bet not many of you believe that to be true of Iran.  Can a billion flies be wrong around a bucket of crap?

The Iranian threat is taken extremely seriously throughout the Muslim world, but the fear is very different to that of say Israel and the rest of the Western world. Nobody will go against it, although they fear it. Nobody wants to get involved, but nobody can leave it alone.

When I first used to visit the Gulf Countries in the 70s I never witnessed women covered from head to foot, except maybe a few Omani and Yemeni. Men did not wear suits and dish dashes, but didn’t parade around in white thobes and gutrahs either, as is the norm nowadays. This fad has spread to the streets of the UK now and belligerent rhetoric accompanies it.  In the Gulf, the wearing of traditional dress and the big cover up came in the early 80s when the Ayatollah returned to Iran with his threats to take over neighbouring countries.  It was fear that made these people conform. Much of it still is today, but now fashion of their kind is more likely the reason for maintaining it.  Sunni Muslims, often labeled the more moderate of the sects, actually fear Shiite Muslims big time.  Discrimination is practiced between the two and it is large scale. Of course they all mix and the Sunnis deny outright any suggestion of any fear of being overrun outright, but it has its possibilities and likewise, good men will turn a blind eye. The problem for any Sunni is that Shiites show absolute allegiance to Iran no matter where they are from, which was always the problem in Iraq but never ever talked about now or then.

I am actually surprised that ‘Remembrance Day’ has re-emerged as a mark of respect, because for a good few years now, it had gone into the shadows. Kids have no idea what it is all about. In British schools today, our kids are taught to accept homosexuality as normal and not to call anyone fat, black or George Bush anything other than a terrorist. I’ve noticed an incredible swing in support of Palestinians and hate of the Israelis. The dumbing down is creating a similar stifled knowledge vacuum. 9-11 is forgotten for what it was and should be remembered as; the end of the world as we knew it. Go just a little deeper with the curriculum and you’ll find many are familiar with the goal scored by Pele in the World Cup, or Michael Jackson hanging his baby over the balcony, but have no idea about any history unless Tom Cruise or someone made a film about it. Even then, it was a movie no?  From the Muslims perspective; almost all of them, don’t believe the facts of 9-11 and are convinced it was a Jewish plot or Bush himself. The new generations now have a free ticket to believe that the Nazi Holocaust did NOT exist either.  Ridiculous but it is given credence by so many.  For Christ’s sake, Photoshop did not exist when those horrific pictures and heart wrenching films were shot, so wake up and smell the roses.  If you are familiar with the Muslim mind, this ignorance in all its glory is easily explained.  King Richard the Lionheart;  who? Fable or fact, he of the third Crusade against Salahhadin, is revered by the British although he wasn’t very British by all accounts.  (Salahhadin is a more accurate transliteration from the usual ignorant and lazy English rendering of Saladin) Salahhadin is even more revered by Muslims, who tell a completely different story. Oddly, in western history, Salahhadin is respected and praised in most cases and you only have to read the Wikipedia account of either to note this. The irony is in the context whereby our history is about history as events and not a cause for religious piety.  On the contrary Islamic history is religious history and much of the history taught is religious. In fact much of anything taught is religious. Mention Hitler to most Muslims educated within a Muslim environment and they have no clue who you are talking about. Mention time and space and light years in distance and so many have not an inkling as to what you are referring to. Ask how many types of Whale exist in the ocean and most Muslims have no idea and no idea that a whale is a mammal and not a fish. Worse, so many have no historical knowledge of the World Wars.  Of the few who know, the bombing of the Japanese at Nagasaki and Hiroshima was another kefir plot and genocide to destroy innocent opponents of the great West.  Never mind what the Japanese did. Read it in local Muslim newspapers, discern the mindset and you will see that they make absolute ignorant fools of themselves but this is not seen. It has nothing to do with language either, it has all to do with teachings.  There is not a Muslim country in favour of The Hague’s ruling on Sudan’s President Bashir and it is all a plot against Islam. A killer, a dictator, it matters not, the media is full of anti western sentiment over this plot, this conspiracy, comparing the Hague judge to a sex offender having no right to address a Muslim President  and an innocent one at that.

Persians in particular believe that Arabs are not intellectually capable of masterminding such tactics as 9-11, apart from the denial that a Muslim could do such a thing.  Arabs themselves are astonished that another Arab could muster such an operation, with the perpetrators’ becoming heroes, if indeed it could be proved that it was Arabs.  It is the same as the shoe guy, they love him. Yes, there are some American and European intellectuals who believe the same and have a following, but they are not looking at the technical aspects of the  9-11 event, merely sensational conspiracy and hate within themselves I guess which would make ZeitGeist all too real.

I remember a politically well known Sheik from one of the Gulf States visiting London at the time of the Pan Am – Lockerbie disaster in 1988. I don’t know what position the Sheik held if any, or even his name, but obviously he seemed important, as every man and his dog was licking his bottom profusely.  I got to talk with him and thought he was a great fellow.  His English was exceptional, ‘his sense of humour excellent and he spoke of good things.  Suddenly it was announced that a Pan AM 747 jumbo had been blown up over Lockerbie and at that time the Palestinians were the prime suspect. I naturally turned to this man in what I thought would be sensible, intelligent conversation, not for a moment referring to politics, merely humanity and said that this Teflon terrorist Yassir Arafat and his crowd introduced this form of terrorism to the world and others will follow. The IRA kept it homebound, but hijacking and blowing up planes and bombs everywhere with wanton murder of innocent life was eventually going to lead to Armageddon and the Palestinians will lose.  I just hoped that the Palestinians were not responsible as Arafat persistently denied all and nothing sticks to him.  Even if they were not, it is all the same mindset, same thoughts, same terror.  The sheik turned to me in absolute seriousness and said; ‘You fool, are you stupid?  This is the Americans or jews who have done this to blame the Palestinians’.  He then went into a string of other conspiracies and became quite agitated with me because I dared to disagree. He then warned me to be careful what I said. Don’t forget this was 1988 before the Internet and George Bush. To be honest, he sounded like an ignorant cave man pontificating about Islamic values and Israeli pigs, blaming anything and everything non Muslim.   This is the way it is and will always be in your ‘s and my life time. Obama is about to potentially make that life time a lot shorter than I might have hoped for. 2012 watch out!

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