Edmund Burke – For Evil to prevail

Edmund Burke (1729-1707) would be pooh-poohed and a pariah of greater proportions than Enoch Powell, should he be walking the streets in the present climate of socialist mediocrity which has dominated every atom of the air you breathe if you live in the UK or Europe.  I don’t care whether he actually said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” or not. The fact is; it is so brilliantly savvy. Because very soon,  when the rough among us literally start mortally kicking back, little old ladies and men of value will soon turn a blind eye , using words like; ‘Well those people asked for it’.  Calling them skin heads and yob National Front and anything else just wont cut the mustard, as it is going to be hell, because nobody is standing up, nobody is coming forward. If I could raise the money, for sure I would stand, fruitless or otherwise, because the world needs a new political party. What happens in Britain, stays not in Britain, because instead of learning by the mistakes of some, people copy and go headlong into their own quagmires.

Does the following remind of you something close to home too? “Those who have been once intoxicated with power, and have derived any kind of emolument from it, even though but for one year, never can willingly abandon it. They may be distressed in the midst of all their power; but they will never look to anything but power for their relief”. Is this not the current despotic government clinging to power, who have stripped you of your individuality and dynamic future?

Political correctness and appeasing weakness; “People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous.” Three hundred years ago and Burke was full of it and I recommend anyone taking a good look at his philosophy and I am no conservative. Likewise, old Enoch had his own vision, but he wasn’t black like Martin Luther, so he was castigated beyond humility.

Well, yes, those good people might not just turn a blind eye, they might well join in; ‘Hell hath no fury like a women scored’ and Britannia has been put to death. ”  Blame the government and socialist indoctrination of the populous since the early 70s, but more than that, blame the agenda riddled media for perpetrating the swamp of mediocrity to the Nth degree. Lovely Britain is deep, deep, very very deeply in trouble, heading for such turmoil any day now and this shake up will be extremely violent and continue until the British regain their British way of life which not a single soul there now enjoys. It is a tinderbox just waiting to go off, but this fact still eludes those belligerent buffoons in parliament with their rank network and meretricious clan of mediocre forgetables arrogantly acting the part. No, nobody is going to send black and brown people home, but so many will want to go in fear, a fear more deadly than the fear these cretins are putting on us now for every little gripe.  It will be a  crying shame, as decent black people and Christian Indians will not be differenciated and there is no alternative because everyone will be tared with the same brush. Only when ONE will stand and speak out against his or her own, standing beside native Brits and shout ‘enough is enough’ too,  will there be any harmony. To pontificate; ‘These are not Muslims, Islam is a religion of peace’ and so on and so forth will just make you a target as nobody believes all that bollix any more.  We might find history repeating itself, with symbols painted on houses to depict a Muslim house.  Now where have you seen something similar? It is true and I am not sorry to say:  Muslims are asking for it as they just don’t know when to stop because they don’t know what freedom of choice and thought is.  So few if any will stand up and be counted, most will cry for ‘their motherland’ for protection. Strange, because the motherland has never protected their own.  I see an unholy mess ahead.

The governments that now solely rely on the immigrant population to keep them voted in, will quake having no perceived control. Like Mugabe and a pit full of others of similar ilk, they will retreat to slither up another day. After the initial seemingly horrendous scenes, the media will rally with flannel and 3rd world content control, deluded that notice is being taken but nobody cares anymore. It will all  subside quite quickly, because the big alien mouths will stop and stay shut, or they will get hurt.  Then  some semblance of normality will return and ugly scenes like Luton, the Mohammed cartoons, the Sudan teddy bear or the myriad of other savagery will have no playing field. Britain will eventually revert and the masses of brainwashed earth’s unessentials will cower to insignificance, exactly as is the status quo in their original countries. The immigration farce will cease for some time; new brides from the sub continent will not be allowed and even Golly Wogs might appear back on jam pots.  However, all this is short lived, as the mutants will rise again, pushing and poking because they know no difference. In these countries there is no such thing as the carrot and the stick, it is only the stick and if you don’t use a big one, they don’t understand what you are talking about and will never stop.

Following (next) will be another load of wallies under a Blair clone leader called Cameron, if we are lucky that is. I liked Blair, but with his self absorbed uncanny ability to dismiss the mass of loonies he led, you do realize that he was absolutely pissing against the wind anyway, so it was always Blair for Blair and he don’t care! You’d have to be on the take, brainwashed or a complete vegetable not to agree that the current luvvies in charge have converted Britain into something akin to an African state or indeed an Islamic state whereby it is now illegal to speak almost, where nobody in government hears or sees anything wrong, so continue to blurt idiotic policies and rules as if we all fall in line. Some say Britain is a nation of poofs now. Well if you watch the BBC, that is not so hard to dismiss. Worst still, these classless, ‘I’ve got a degree in The Social Studies of a donkey’ are actually sheep and fall in line themselves, fawning over each other. The media magnets, the Red Ken brigade of luvvies, the George Galloway clan who might just be the foot soldiers they don’t want them to be. Talking bollix front and centre everyday in parliament, especially if there is a camera there, come the uneducated voices screaming out 3rd world clichés with such righteousness and nobody confronts them or criticizes now because ‘bull shitters’ stick to a blanket just the same, protecting each other’s incompetence.

It is this gross incompetence and half-wit education that has allowed the incidents like the Luton debacle or the Slone Square to proliferate, but we aint seen nuffin yet!  This short post is a prelude to some interesting emails I received regarding broadcast media coverage or lack of, of the Luton affair.

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4 Responses to “Edmund Burke – For Evil to prevail”

  1. Cave Dweller Says:

    If the recession bites deep it will not take too much for some opportunist half brain to blame all the British ills on the Asians and Muslims.

    That will not fly though because the Brits have been luvvied up these past 20 years and wouldn’t be seen dead voting for the National front or the British National Party.

    However the danger is that one of the main stream parties will quietly and very surreptitiously pursue such policies and take the reins of power while apathy reigns.

    Participation in General elections is at an all time low so which party will jump first to get the votes?

    Labour? British jobs for British workers – white ( traditional) Unions with strong links to the poorer christian churches of the last century.

    Tories? Lets get back to being British again – i.e before the Asians and Muslims came here. Post war Great? Britain middle England and rural White christian villages and Church of England on Sundays.

    Lib Dems? We run the BBC and whilst we care for all people in Britain we mustn’t lose our religion and our language, and Jeremy Thorpe was such a nice man. Remember being gay is anti islamic!!

    To be honest they all will !!! as soon as the box is opened, as white christian Brits are still in the majority. How many Brits know the tune and the words to All things bright and beautiful? Most of the white ones!!

    I rest my case – there will be trouble ahead across Europe and USA but it will be Britain who says enough is enough. We are still the belligerent half drunk partially educated peasants that took over the world 200 years ago and our brutality has not been tapped for half a century.

    What will tip the scales? Raising the price of booze as part of a Muslim plot? Separate pork sections in tesco’s? Workers given Friday off instead of Sunday for prayers? Criminalisation of adultery? Eide holidays in UK for Muslims? A muslim regiment in the British Army? Paid holiday by the government for Haj?

    You think this won’t happen? England is not the England I remember and no one except Enoch thought it would happen.

  2. Sally Says:

    Nobody will vote for the BNP?
    That could explain their success in the local elections, even in the areas where at one time the BNP were just a party of the North, now winning in the South East.
    Naturally the results are kept under raps’ for the time being, can’t have freedom to chose in the UK these days’. this explains why the BNP site is the most visited political site in the UK.
    Britons’ have been pushed too far by all three parties, the Socialist dominated BBC, a printed press that obeys’ Government dictats. denied a voice unless it’s indoctrinated by cultural Marxism.
    Many knew and recognised what would happen with mass immigration, over 80% voted with Enoch Powell, from that day onwards’ immigration was not up for debate.
    Pull the other one, it’s got bells’ on it.
    There isn’t anger around today, it’s rage!
    Fabian Communist rule, has for decades worked toward destroying Britain gradually, that treachory now becomes visible. second guessing the Government is what prevents’ riots, they’d like nothing better, enabling them to use the tools already in place to clamp down on what small freedoms’ are left.
    Lawfull Rebellion our birthright, is the way to go, not street rioting!! we’re not French thank God.!.

  3. Mr Bollix Says:

    I could not agree more! But a lot would like to (vote BNP) and as you say, this is why the electorate test the water in the safety of local elections. But then, the hypocrisy is astounding. Immigration created the BNP and the left vilified them as ogres and the violent racist skin heads as branded, just joined in. Or which way around was it?
    A new party is required; I mean a NEW party, one that does not depend on the lowest common denominator for votes. I actually think, although I don’t know, that the Boris Brigade might actually be closest to what is needed. After all and if only to offer up a balance no matter how small, I have always advocated that Britain needs its own version of a sort of FOX NEWS, but nobody has the balls to do it (or is that money). I’m in the media and I have to appear left wing and gay if I can.
    Perhaps the only way to achieve a new party might be to get back to the days when only 49% of the electorate voted because the rest could not be arsed or didn’t understand what it was all about and nothing either way really affected them. Harold Wilson changed all that. Now everyone is an instant neo liberal and as you say some sort of Marxism indoctrinated. Stockholm syndrome, Islamic ideology, Moonie.whatever. Marxism to me at this stage s just a ill-formed label because what has happened has no solid description as yet and we need to give it some thought and perhaps categorize it. Or would that be putting us all in boxes again?.
    Later today, I am updating my post ‘Is Obama black – is the Pope a Catholic’. You might find some interesting thoughts to share there as well. Thank you.

  4. Mr Bollix Says:

    Cave Dweller: The jews don’t eat pork either, (some) but kosher stuff exists mixed in. Muslims, like everything else about their existence is totalitarian, whole cities will ban it. I believe some Middle Eastern states are doing this now? So should Britain not retaliate and ban the Halal meat and certainly the cruelty to animals in the way it is obtained. But you are right, it is happening already, but the media suppress it as anti racist and politically incorrect. Christmas Trees not displayed. ‘Happy Holidays’ to eliminate any Christian reference. Very much a reality now! Then let’s all be politically correct and not use three quarters of the words in the English dictionary which came from latin or God forbid Greek and ‘hypocrisy’.

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