Read this and weep! I was just surfing around and I came across this. If it is true and I have absolutely no compunction in accusing sections of the wide spread British Muslim community of dragging this filthy dirty, perverted practice to the shores of a free country, in other words, I have absolutely no doubt it is.

I don’t need to add anything here other than tell you that I have screamed loud and clear for years about this abhorrent, hideous practice going on in so many places. It goes on in places that swear nothing like this does go on and these places are your door steps now. Nobody does a thing about it, nobody in the media really follows up.  Every now and again you get a story if it is sensational, like CNN did in Egypt a few years back when one father allowed the cameras in to film his daughter being circumcised. The father subsequently attempted to sue CNN for broadcasting it.

The Australian small time press has done some excellent stuff over the years about the brutally forced conversions of Christians to Islam on Indonesian islands, whereby anything female was mutilated by filthy dirty, sexually depraved men in the name of an Islamic God.  Grand Mothers, babies, if it had a clitoris it was brutally removed.  It makes you want to shoot these morons as they stand so smugly approving the action but denying any such things are forced. Yeah, like a 2 months old child can speak up. You’ve heard it all before a million times. The Islamic drones pontificate that it is permitted and desired in Islam and a duty for all Muslims. So why then do some Gulf States block internet sites referring to it?  Type in ‘female circumcision’ and everything is blocked.  But then again, they block anything and everything with the word ‘sex’ in it.  Female and male circumcision has nothing to do with sex then? Pull or rub another one. Such utterly sick hypocrisy and bollix.

They used to block Essex University for God’s sake. They block Google Translate, the UK lottery and anything Golden Showers related of course. Even more cunning, is to block any access to anonymous browsing sites so you supposedly cannot work around it. Whoever does it, must be the biggest pervert of all, since ‘he’ and it has to be a ‘he’ (doesn’t it?) has a very good handle on slang, nom de plumes and literally  thousands of sites using innocent word strings which might lead to something. How he got that experience is a good question. But then these men who call the shots blocking Internet sites preventing their women from getting off on anything stimulating and naughty, are glued to the their satellite Dream Boxes and 500 channels of raw porn free of charge.

I can no longer find the Australian story of the real life survival of a now depleted Christian girl, after marauding Muslim war parties rampaged through villages of life-long friends and neighbours in Indonesia. They used extreme, murderous force unhindered and condoned, converting entire Christian communities to Islam killing and mutilating as they went. All this fell on completely deaf ears at the time. I say at the time, it bloody well goes on daily now.  I think this refers to it, if not, it is a very similar story.

The sick Politically Correct, perverted agenda rife media and Government in Britain will not cover this sort of thing unless some women is prepared to come out and literally show the cameras the result of this mutilation, or allowed to see it in progress. Failing that the editor says; ‘No Gov, can’t run it, not enough proof, dan wanna git anyone is trubb like’.

The New York Times reported Indonesian female circumcision as ‘Not so extreme’.  Yeah and it is safe for Teddy Kennedy to drive me home along the creek road and has been rewarded with a Knighthood for his endeavours. It is no laughing matter, but the story was no doubt planted for reaction, completely dismissing the reality of the mindset.  It is like a story I read in a Gulf Paper. ‘These boys are young and were just innocently having harmless fun’. According to this media outlet, this was the plea by a female Arab lawyer defending 3 boys, guilty of abduction and gang rape of an innocent Filipino girl who was simply walking home along a well lit, busy street.   They might get 6 months if they are unlucky.

Where have the sense and sensibilities gone? The media hang like vultures waiting for Jade Goody to physically die. Out pouring of love and affection for this unfortunate and sad money making wretch, is all bollix, they just wanted her to die for the story and hoped she would allow them in to film it. Now if just one Muslim girl would come forward and physically show their mutilation to the media, it would be so sensational that every main stream journalist would be crawling all over it. Never going to happen! Furthermore, as long as Muslims live in the fear which they have created for themselves which they call a faith and continue to get away with frightening everyone else on the planet, this practice will NEVER  STOP, as it is just one more sexually perverted element on which this religion is based.

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