Radio Nederlands reports that Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders has been banned from visiting Britain, thus denying him the opportunity to show his anti Islamic film ‘Fitna’ at the British House of Lords.

Rightly so, Wilders says he will travel to British regardless of a very real threat from ‘someone’ representing the British Government who has made it clear than Wilders will not be allowed to enter Britain and return to Holland on the next flight.

Just who the hell is this ‘someone’ is, remains elusive to  Bollix Media, other than the someone in the British Home Office telling the British Embassy in Holland to advise Wilders of the pending rejection.  Well, just like the infiltrated and agenda ridden media, we all know who has taken over the Home Office.

The excuse being bandied about is that ‘Preachers of Hate’ are barred from Britain, so anyone who potentially insights street riots must also be barred. But the preachers of hate are NOT barred from Britain, they freely walk the streets of almost every town and city unchallenged. They and their indoctrinated blind followers threaten terror at every tiny insignificant thing and get clean away with it.

This move is terror itself.  Already the media is so afraid to carry real opinions as the government continues this destructive path, forcing us all to adhere to a very one sided pseudo tranquility.  If not the economy and loss of income, if not another 9-11, something will trigger the next holocaust as the sane reality dawns and the British along with many in Europe will suddenly stand up and say; “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’.  And when it happens, they who have controlled us from Rome to San Francisco will face the reality. Oh just to see the faces of all those putridly weak queers currently in Government as they face the real reality.  Not a drop of pity shall be forthcoming, for theywho have infiltrated every aspect of our individual lives, from Rome to San Franciso all for a very closeted agenda.

How can a European be banned from the lands of Europe and Muslim fanatics be allowed in to incite murder and all forms of terror as they scream and wave placards with impunity in our streets because someone called a teddy bear Mohammed.

Britain and Holland are one; they are among the two closest nations on this earth with incredible love of each other.  Yet the instilled chronic fear and subsequent appeasement of Islam puts this relationship in jeopardy.  Ironically, it is the very thing that Wilders advocates that is being muzzled.  Perhaps the majority of the British population is now already Muslim and Islamic law is being forced upon us

Post 2:
David Berridge,………….Jurg Haider of Austria’s Freedom Party was not invited…

True, but invited is not banned and yes his party was sanctioned by several countries despite Austria being in the E.U.

It is questionable whether his considered anti-Semitic views were the issue or his assumed support of the holocaust.  If you do not deny the holocaust, then Haider is really not in any way a comparison to Wilder’s issue, although you are not the first to use it as a comparison. The UK Daily Mail has its own blog on the subject.

The Current Iranian President would be welcome with open arms and he advocates hate every waking hour and the international media love his rants, but inside Iran (and I know) the rhetoric is far more vicious from all angles, but the world laughs and says; ‘Bless them, this is just the way they are’.

Anyway, not the point. Wilder is a European and has every right to enter Britain and to stop him is pure Islamic agenda and psychological instilling of fear.

To Daily Mail blog.. 13th Feb 09

We’ve heard that the reason “”SOMEONE” in the home office ridiculously refuses Wilder’s entry into Britain on the same grounds that ‘Preachers of Hate” are refused entry.

1. Preachers of hate are alive and well and parading the streets of Britain unhindered and appeased; Inciting violence for every inane reason – loud in voice and clear on placards. Yet utterly deluded Lord Ahmed, as with (we are led to believe), 90% of the nation astonishingly deny this, with not a single member of his denomination inciting any kind of hatred to “His Christian friends’ (Channel 4 last night).

2. Who the hell is this “Someone’ in the Home office that speaks for us all?  Even Wilder’s does not say, merely holding up the supposed letter.  www.geertwilders.nl

3. As Europeans, individuals are allowed to roam our lands freely regardless of these agenda driven ‘Someones’ emulating the stifled and controlled existence from whence they most likely came.

ENOUGH IS REALLY ENOUGH as www.bollixmedia.com says.

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