Tell it like it really is and stop ‘white washing’ the public and it might actually prevent racial strife in the long run. Who is actually controlling who here? The latest walk-outs hitting Britain in support of British jobs for British workers depicts white faces and only white faces marching along in protest. This is in stark contrast to any other visual report we are fed, such as school exam results and community stories, where the screens are full of nothing but brown and black faces.

This post is all about media control over us; of what they let us see and hear, but more of what they don’t.  But read on and call it a racist rant, but it really is nothing of the sorts, it is just the way we don’t see it.

The British National Front must be thinking the same as I am here, that these British protests are not so much about Italians and East European workers taking jobs, but the mass of Asians who have swamped British society, particularly Muslims and continuously inflict their stifled cultural ways and views with devastating threats on the rest of us. If you cannot see that from the TV pictures then you might be colour blind.

Those who say enough is enough are ostracized and the Media lampoon them.  Observers keep wondering when the huge upheaval and backlash will begin and where.  Another 9-11 would probably do it.  A few serious border clashes between Indian and Pakistan might just be the ticket, with the rest of the world cowering in corners over Muslim threats and upsets while the Indians don’t give a flying shit about them and the only country in the world not in denial that doesn’t. Logically one would assume the almighty upheaval might start in the streets of say Bradford or Birmingham, Paris or Moscow, but that is not so feasible because some of these cities are entirely made up of immigrants and they rule the roost.  Something will trigger it sooner rather than later and perhaps the doom of this recession is the very thing and these marches the very beginning.

What do people do who have already integrated, married and settled?  Years ago I was married to a fabulous Indian lady who spoke better English than me and if you happen to speak to her down a phone line, you would never in a zillion years guess, as so often callers didn’t, with some making the odd faux pas like; ‘Bloody Indians everywhere’.  She laughed it off no worries, but how would someone protect such an individual if the whole shoot went up one day?  The love of my life is a beautiful Muslim Arab, who is the most gentle soul on earth, who would never dream of hurting you for whatever reason, or imposing her religion on any single part of it on you. Sadly, in such a serious turn of events, she would then have to choose between her culture and the rest. Imagine the predicament?  Well it might not be another 9-11, it might simply be the economic downturn that suddenly creates some sort of massive civil war.

The media has been infiltrated by these very immigrants to a large extent, particularly the BBC an SKY.  Now the media agenda is all controlled and subliminally designed to brainwash us into accepting this forced integration that is far from working, In truth, Britain is a mish mash of colours and creeds, many who don’t belong there at all, but so far; no Asian bashing anti Muslim rants, only pop shots at the white Italians and Polish because there is no law against white European bashing. Besides, Peter Mandelson is absolutely correct in his assessment; that if you want an Italian job, then go there.

I love the line in the film ‘Bulworth’ where Warren Beatty as president says; ‘We have to keep f**king each other ’till we’re all the same colour’. A wonderful idea!  I for one would go along with that, but unfortunately it will never ever work and in some communities you’d be killed if you got caught. Muslims will never let us do that but don’t be under any illusion and don’t for one minute think they are all individually so pure and virtuous and wouldn’t go much on the idea because that is absolute bollix. It is rampant and some of the horniest bastards in the world, but in denial they cannot get away with it.  If you don’t believe me, just visit Arabia, where they have it down to a fine art and still look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

The governments of Europe, particularly the insular British, lambast places like Bulgaria and Rumania over the actions of some pretty appalling gypsies. The fact is, person for person, the level of education in say Bulgaria is or was far superior to that of the UK. You cannot say that of almost all the Asians who land on the shores of Britain – not even remotely.  It is economic poverty which creates crime in the old Soviet block and often their crimes are highly intelligent affairs, but they are still vicious thugs which severe laws should deal with on a case by case basis. The Polish by nature are physically beautiful people in general so why not integrate with them and produce a nation of catwalk models. By Christian standards, many of the Muslims who enter Britain are interbred being the result of inter family marriage and bare the scares. By and large they attract each other, because they do not have the same criteria for marriage as the Western mind and in the looks department, do NOT a lot for the average Brit., who would perhaps prefer they kept their veils on. So how good is that for integration?

Why do we not see brown faces marching? Maybe they will and this blog is rendered a load of bollix too. If like the media and the government would have us all believe, everything is rosy (well hardly that colour) and all immigrants secure and totally integrated. Far from it, they feel insecure right now and would be right out of place in the middle of these marches.

A few thousand brown faces spread here and there, is beautiful and very controllable, but the integration of vastly different cultures into Britain in such large numbers was never going to work, but now Britain has entire Muslim cities and huge at that and have somehow taken over the place; even instilled their own stifled existence on Britain by making it illegal and unacceptable to be able to criticize anything about them. The late Enoch Powell was not a racist by my observations, he was just ahead of his time and if you read his works, you might just agree, no matter where you are from.  It was always going to be a problem, but agenda for whatever reason has allowed it to perpetuate.

Britain has never been short of its own white yobs, but now we have huge communities of Asian yobs who don’t want to be British yobs in Britain, they want to be Asian yobs in Britain. British Asians, born in the UK are still heavily influenced by the mother culture and most even speak with strong local accents layered on a bed of Urdu or whatever mother dialect. If you listen to a lot of Midlands and Northern county Asians, to be coldly blunt it is quite unattractive to hear, making them sounds pretty unintelligent and actually yobbish. That is probably so unfair, but perception is everything.

Millions of immigrants come purely for economic reasons and and least of all the life style, but pretend that is what it is. Even after 50 years in Britain, still their culture rules and instead of broadening their outlook on life and becoming British, they continue to live exactly the same way, just in a different dwelling.  Islam has not changed in 1500 years and not about to now Asian Muslims even continue to ‘protect and expand’ their stifled old cultures, manipulating British laws and freedoms. Sub continental Asians have even bigger dreams of not really being British, but being Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Indian Muslim as they continuously romanticize about the places they came from in all its fictitious glory and just cannot wait to return there- once they have the passport and enough money to go back and forth at will that is. White people only visit these places for holidays or a trek because no one wants to live there, so these countries never experience such an influx of foreigners.

Very few Asians, particularly Pakistanis select their arranged bridegrooms from within their British camp, preferring to choose one living in the homeland (which is not Britain) and all sorts of ritual excuse about family and so on.  Now it is also big business for the Asian man to select his bride from the British camp and fly them over to wherever for the wedding and they both fly back British subjects.

I have not seen any black faces either, but I suspect you will see a few soon. That is odd really, because if you listen to half the American black’s through the media, it sounds like they don’t want to be in America at all, but have absolutely no desire to revisit or settle in the likes of say Liberia. West Indians were frowned upon in the 60s and 70s, but they have pretty well integrated and apart from colour there is not that much difference now.  You cannot say that about Asians, particularly Muslim Asians.

The world now has a dilemma where brown people have become millions in places like Briton and France and indeed so powerful within Britain particularly, the very economic gain they came for has collapsed. Survival of the fittest steps in and we all thought it would be Muslim terrorism that was going to divide us.  Violence and massive violence at that is so knife edge right now and there will be repercussions around the world if it really does kick off, especially if it is in Britain first.

Sorry, but it is just not attractive to me seeing what looks like Karachi Airport in the arrival halls at Heathrow. Sloppy, weathered females, swaddled in veils of many colours, shuffling  cleaning trolleys around and little else, with ‘brain dead’ etched on their faces. Maybe they are straight out of Harvard, I don’t know, but somehow I doubt it, but who else is going to do that job? The Arabs are criticized immensely for their policies on foreign workers and human rights abuses dealing with them, but sometimes they have to be admired as cruel as they can be. Arabs need foreign workers, for without, they aint going anywhere and they know it better than anyone else, but why worry, there are always foreigners to do it and for little money. Each and every Arab has this overwhelming delusion that they are superior to the rest of the world and must therefore be boss or not work at all. It will take a foreigner up to 30 years of continuous residency to get a passport if at all. The latter is more likely. Arabs hate Asians as well, but many have settled in their lands but are still Asians and very much so.  Despite their ruthlessness Arabs are rather nice people in general, but I hear British people, obviously of little travel experience or worldly knowledge, speak of; ‘F**king Arabs all over the place. Islam has given the Arabs quite a bad name in recent years, mainly because of the Bravado I speak of, but those British who scream are mistaking Muslims as Arabs.  Sure, all but a tiny handful of Arabs are Muslims, but that is not what you see living in Britain, these are Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian Muslims. Arabs ALWAYS go home.

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