Here we go again! Carol Thatcher, the daughter of Britain and the world’s first Iron Lady, Margret Thatcher has been sacked from the BBC. Well, not permanently sacked exactly, but sacked until whenever, all for the sake the BBC’s crony left appeasement and continued agenda to drive anything Margret into oblivion. I am no fan of Carol Thatcher, but I am extremely defensive this pathetic infringement of her right to think and say what she wants, without having to crawl on the floor and apologize for it. Apologize to who anyway – The BBC, the Asians, the blacks, me, who?

Many believe with immense conviction (Lord Norman Tebbit among them) that the BBC was responsible for the demise of Lady Thatcher because her next step would have been to disband this God awful dungeon of worms. For those who remember the hatchets out for her, it was literally a dreadful state of affairs, with the BBC leading the crusade. Thatcher really did no wrong and was herself in danger of removing not only the BBC, but the mass of neo liberals from the face of the country. Not through gas chambers or totalitarian law, but simply because of her popularity.

‘Liberal’ as we know it is totally contradictory in terms. Neo Liberals, extreme Liberals or Liberalholics as I call them, bring shame on the truly liberal minded as I consider myself to be. How can you DISALLOW anything if you are LIBERAL? Anything to do with Islam or race has become ‘neo-extreme’ and even laws dictating how we should think and what we should say. Well think about it QUICK before you are stopped from thinking it. It is ridiculous to the Nth degree. Words like ‘WOG, COON, NIGGER, WOBBLY, CHINK, CHOGGY, PAKI’ are totally abstract and actually mean a BIG FAT ZERO in the native languages of the folk they apparently offend, yet every other rap song uses them LIBERALLY!

All this bollix was created by busy bodies and so-called Liberals who are actually extremists. If nobody said that ‘Paki’ was derogatory, then nobody would think it. Do YANKS get upset when referred to as? WAPS and DIEGOS don’t get a look in because they are not ‘minority’ brown or black, so you can say that as much as you like.

MINORITY! Where did this come from? There are more than 2 Billion Asians in the world and as many Chinese. Oh! You mean MINORITY in Britain and a slightly different colour, never mind a stifled brain condition called culture? Well shut the hell up already. As I believe that the arrogant HAMAS is killing its own people with their ideology and actions; agenda full neo Liberals inside the media, schools and government are actually expanding one massive mine field which will eventually get out of control and Mad Max commeth.

You might think it ridiculous, but the entire essence of racism could change. I heard, but I don’t know if true; Bono was performing his Messiah bit in Scotland somewhere, with adorning crowds wetting their liberal panties over him.  The crowd starts to quiet down as they await his divine words, when he starts a slow hand clap which keeps going until the entire audience is absolutely silent.  This is his ego now and he feels immense power and the vanity kicks in.  He says; ‘Every time I clap my hands, another child dies in Africa’. With that, someone from the audience in broad Glaswegian shouts; ‘Well stop doing it you cruel bastard’, which must have deflated his ego to flat line as no doubt the crowd peed themselves laughing. If trends are to be referenced, then this would have been taken as an offence to humanity rather than a very funny quip.  Just how far will it go?

Now Carol Thatcher is a victim of some anal Taliban informant as with the other BBC employee Sam Mason, who lost her job through inane remarks promoted as endangering the country’s racial stability. God help us all! Thatcher, in private, off air, referred to someone as a Gollywog , while Mason simply asked a taxi firm if she could have an English driver to pick up her young daughter who was intimidated and feared the men with hair all over their face and  huge turbans on their heads.  Many kids have screamed their heads off and near died of fear when Santa comes out, which is quite funny to watch when Muslim kids are involved as they absolutely crap themselves because most just do not have an idea what Santa is outside of a European or American environment.  Anyway, I almost digress. Some loud mouthed swine at the taxi service recorded the call and pompously and with immense vindictiveness challenged Mason accusing her of being racist. To make matters worse passed the recordings on to the media. You sick sick mamma! I am so surprised that you have not experienced any reprisal yourself and who would have sympathy for you if you found your windows smashed or worse, stoned to death like half the people you are so-called protecting do to their own loud mouthed women. What, just what would you have done, if a Sikh or a Paki had phoned up and asked for an English driver, or indeed a Sikh had asked for Sikh driver? You despicable piece of work.

I have no idea who Sam Mason is, but it does not matter, she was wronged, so if you want to bring her back to work or at least show sense and sensibility then sign a petition here.

How often do you hear of the reversal of this situation whereby an Asian or a black person is lambasted in public for all the idioms and slurs they have against whites? Oh stop now! Please do not be so naïve and worryingly stupid to assume for one minute that they don’t practice discrimination. Asians look after Asians, Blacks, although considerably less, look after their own. How have these immigrants gained so much control of our own personal thoughts and comments? Batook Pandya, director of Bristol-based Support Against Racist Incidents (Sari), said Miss Mason should have known better. He said: “Britain is a multi-cultural, multi-racial country and we have to live together and people simply cannot come out with statements like she (Sam Mason) did.

That statement in itself is totalitarian. How did Britain become a ‘multi-cultural’, multi racial’ country. Who gave these orders? Who is controlling all this? Why is Britain not Britain as we started out to be and simply British? Why do these immigrants want to change Britain to become them and create their home jungles in the towns and cities of Britain?

Who cares what a Muslim, a Sikh or a Buddist wears?  (Actually we NEVER hear of any complaints from the Buddists do we?  What a lovely religion that is.. Is it a religion or a state of consciousness?). Who cares what anyone  prays to or what they look like really? Keep it to yourselves and the rest of the world’s busy bodies mind your own business as to what others think or say if it is not defamatory.  As long as nobody physically hurts another, then what the hell difference does it make what you call me or anyone? The same busybodies have created this rod and cross and now they really need to let it die.

These stupid and feeble incidents are supported by the main stream media because the main stream media has been utterly infiltrated by what the BBC call; ‘Minorities and less privileged’. Soon we will actually witness white British going to jail rather than say sorry, or worse create a supposedly racist incident s to encourage it. Then the normally placid British – British public will eventually not be quite so tolerant and the trouble will start.

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