Now this is real bollix! As of writing, the BBC is correctly and steadfastly refusing to run a charity appeal for the Palestinian cause.  I suspect they will have caved in by the time you read this.  Amazingly but not surprisingly, demonstrators mainly consisting of Muslim brothers and sisters are screaming their heads off in the streets outside in protest.  If a picture tells a story, then one might suspect that most of these people do not pay license fees.  It is only because of intense and obscene Political Correctness that we don’t see skin headed contra rebels challenging them in the streets, as it is just not hip to be seen to support anything remotely Jewish or simply straight. To make matters worse, mixed in with this crowd of non nationals are Britain’s rent-a-crowd of teenage retreads and left behind hippies.  It seems that these luvvies somehow find the time to always be there for anything Marxist or anti authoritarian but if they can add the word  humanitarian as well, it just makes it all the more gritty. The British demonstrators should know better as this issue goes against every word of the BBC charter.

I suspect the sickly left leaning BBC WORLD will play the appeal because somehow they have got round the ‘no commercial representation’ clause, although it is British Tax Payer’s money that funds these channels as well. If the Palestinian cause is championed by commercial representation, then Israeli propaganda should be given free space alongside it. Imagine that?

Other British commercial channels are falling over themselves to play it and Sky News report they are thinking about it!  Stay away from it please; stop shooting yourself in the foot all the time. Soon the National Front will demand equal appeal time and why the hell not?

Ironically and worse still I guess, if Jewish ruffianess and junky Amy Winehouse was to stand there with these people, the entire BBC might go on strike in support of her.  You know, as hard as it might come across to you, I really do not sympathize for Hamas in any way but this is what this charity boils down to and masqueraded as humanitarian. . I am not exactly a supporter of Israel either, but perhaps a little envious of Jews if anything.  Hamas will shoot their own people in the knee caps or worse throw them off roofs if they find a dissenting voice among their own.  I didn’t notice the Great British People supporting the IRA en masse when the broadcast media ridiculously agreed to government demands that Gerry Adam’s voice was not heard. (It was replaced, word for word by an actor mimicking him almost faithfully).  Middle Easter cameras witnessed much of Hamas’s takeover of Gaza shot by shot, with wretched faces of death and destruction frame by frame in glorious colour and broadcast as was. The highly sanitized and agenda left driven western media kept all that away from you and no questions asked, all in the name of pompous ‘dicky bow ‘ reporting. This was and always will be democracy Middle Eastern style and the thousands this appeal is in support of, apparently freely voted for Hamas.

This outpouring in the British streets of underdog love is mostly fashionable trend, with all the right gut-wrenching words chanted, but  is actually no different  really to our throwaway society cronies dishing out posthumous awards  and adoration for disturbed mediocre actors who over dose,  or championing sexual deviants who kill themselves with polythene bags over their heads while masturbating.

Contrary to what the mad media agenda would have us all believe; the entire world is not sitting crying its eyes out over Palestine; in fact the Arabs mostly just pay lip service.  Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have more money than all Europe put together, with individuals within those states richer than many countries and could build a luxury villa for every Palestinian on earth and still not dent their loose change.  BUT THEY DON’T!  Or they offer very little when they do. They got burned with Yassir too many times and instead rely on their public collecting coins on the streets to send off.   So media take a leaf out of their books and get yourself a life.

Oh!  Next these deluded journalists orgasming  on their self importance will take another overdose in Politically Correctness themselves and demand the banning of  the word ‘underdog’ as an affront to Islamic ears.

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