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Edmund Burke – For Evil to prevail

Edmund Burke (1729-1707) would be pooh-poohed and a pariah of greater proportions than Enoch Powell, should he be walking the streets in the present climate of socialist mediocrity which has dominated every atom of the air you breathe if you live in the UK or Europe.  I don’t care whether he actually said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” or not. The fact is; it is so brilliantly savvy. Because very soon,  when the rough among us literally start mortally kicking back, little old ladies and men of value will soon turn a blind eye , using words like; ‘Well those people asked for it’.  Calling them skin heads and yob National Front and anything else just wont cut the mustard, as it is going to be hell, because nobody is standing up, nobody is coming forward. If I could raise the money, for sure I would stand, fruitless or otherwise, because the world needs a new political party. What happens in Britain, stays not in Britain, (more…)

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This blog gets a little political at times, but it was NEVER intended that way. The following is fun if you manage to read it all and indeed typifies the original purpose of this blog, which was to highlight bad media, whether that is advertising (primary design), print or broadcast.  Great media can also be accommodated and exposed, so don’t hold back.  I am beginning to receive some pretty bizarre samples of bad, so let’s do a little exposé  shall we? I just received an odd one from a Jane S about the Golden Tulip Hotel, which you can see below. Of the thousands I have in my collection, I have not reproduced them here as most are already circulating as a net funny sent around. You know the stuff; signs seen in a Chinese mall and so on, because most of these are just misinterpretation of language usage and nothing to do with media although the result is the same and the guilty shot. If the oddity is in English, then every British person thinks it funny for sure, but in most cases the same would be totally wasted on the rest of the world who speak English as a second language. Across the developing world, English only speakers are grateful, or should be, to know that this language is widely spoken. Let’s face it, it is very convenient for the British and American and the majority would be totally screwed if not, as language skills are bottom of their list in most cases. It is mine. However, it is no excuse for poor or bad English to be used in the media, yet every hour of every day bears witness to a complete crock of bollix being displayed either on radio, TV, billboards or in some cases, the daily English language newspapers in these countries. An in-house survey (small but representative) shows that almost nobody cares. ‘Ah! But it is sweet and they don’t know, bless them’, torts every liberalholic. Maybe so, but screw up in their own language and you might be deported from some states. In fact,  (more…)

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Here we go again! Carol Thatcher, the daughter of Britain and the world’s first Iron Lady, Margret Thatcher has been sacked from the BBC. Well, not permanently sacked exactly, but sacked until whenever, all for the sake the BBC’s crony left appeasement and continued agenda to drive anything Margret into oblivion. I am no fan of Carol Thatcher, but I am extremely defensive this pathetic infringement of her right to think and say what she wants, without having to crawl on the floor and apologize for it. Apologize to who anyway – The BBC, the Asians, the blacks, me, who?

Many believe with immense conviction (Lord Norman Tebbit among them) that the BBC was responsible for the demise of Lady Thatcher because her next step would have been to disband this God awful dungeon of worms. For those who remember the hatchets out for her, it was literally a dreadful state of affairs, with the BBC leading the crusade. Thatcher really did no wrong and was herself in danger of removing not only the BBC, but the mass of neo liberals from the face of the country. Not through gas chambers or totalitarian law, but simply because of her popularity. (more…)

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Tell it like it really is and stop ‘white washing’ the public and it might actually prevent racial strife in the long run. Who is actually controlling who here? The latest walk-outs hitting Britain in support of British jobs for British workers depicts white faces and only white faces marching along in protest. This is in stark contrast to any other visual report we are fed, such as school exam results and community stories, where the screens are full of nothing but brown and black faces.

This post is all about media control over us; of what they let us see and hear, but more of what they don’t.  But read on and call it a racist rant, but it really is nothing of the sorts, it is just the way we don’t see it.

The British National Front must be thinking the same as I am here, that these British protests are not so much about Italians and East European workers taking jobs, but the mass of Asians who have swamped British society, particularly Muslims and continuously inflict their stifled cultural ways and views with devastating threats on the rest of us. If you cannot see that from the TV pictures then you might be colour blind. (more…)

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Is there a Koran in the house?

Er!  I’m beginning to believe my own BS now.  I am actually starting to quiver.  I hope Obama doesn’t have a pilot’s license that we don’t know about.

Some might now consider our dear President ‘priority dyslexic’. Less than a week in office and ONLY TWO major public moves, both Muslim empowering. First Obama writes off Guantanamo without a mention of the very rigid and real fear this will put into half the nation.  We are not all convinced you know, despite fanatic Liberals telling us Secondly, he goes trotting off for his very first historic Presidential interview, not with his who we expected, his doting media buddies, oh no sir, it is with Dubai based Al Arabia Television.

Oh come on boys and girls, this is NOT fair is it?  After all that slobbering devotion you have given this guy and his interests are more Islamic than you anticipated.

I suspect that 90% of the American public and that includes journalists who should know better, have absolutely no idea what significance this will hold on the streets of Islamic nations. Media in the Arabic world is all too powerful and well controlled, even Al Arabia, so don’t be fooled by the avalanche of anything goes because it doesn’t.  This is their scoop and there is not an Arab in the world who is not richly ensconced in one ‘conspiracy theory’ or another. In fact many are convinced that their very existence is a conspiracy.  This will put them on top the mountain, you wait and see and the days go by.

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Had Barak Hussain Obama been Republican, he would still be the 44th American President. As I write this blog, the new Messiah is crowned and already into his ninth year at the White House having had the constitution changed to mass hysteria in agreement. The continuing media frenzy with followers all around weeping and glorifying his name; is really is quite bizarre and hardly conforms to a press code of fair and balanced. Individual countries have had their heroes and villains with nations chanting their name, such as the rise of Hitler or perhaps the wonderful aura of Nelson Mandela as he attends concerts; but the Earth has never witnessed such a coming together, never has the adoration been so global since Jesus Christ. (more…)

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I am not the first person to use the expression ‘Bollix Media’. On his own admission, the phrase ‘pronoun virus’ was coined a few years back by a guy called Geg Hopkins; a British radio jock based in the Arabian Gulf and Master/Slave of a high-end production studio. Among other things, it appears that Hopkins treads the boards as a conference speaker on the subject of ‘bollix media’, but says; ‘I guess audiences find me funny, a little eccentric maybe, even wild and probably enjoy the analogies with their own creations, but NOBODY listens or believes their own output is just the same old clichéd crap – monkey see monkey do’.

The use of ‘I – WE – US’ everywhere is so incredulous and unreal that it seems that these three people must work for every single company in the world. Observations are:
‘Your call is important to US’   ‘ Call US on’; ‘WE are here for you’  ‘Visit OUR showroom or websites..
Vomit lines bombard the entire world’s media. Human resources motivational crap littered with the ‘PRO NOUN VIRUS’  should never leave the back rooms of the Personnel Department, but now finds its way into every press release, television or radio commercial and billboard. ‘WE – US – OUR ‘, mentioned 105 times in each sentence, boasting either the company or the staff’s incredible merits. It is a disease which Advertising Agencies and their deluded piss poor copywriters come up with. Companies are conned into giving up endless working hours allowing their staff to listen to these personnel bods who obviously read too many pyramid ‘get rich quick’ schemes or ‘Be a leader in five easy chapters’ books.

At government level, it is all out there to brainwash and remove all independent thought, in turn creating this worship of individuals or their crackpot religions. If the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC pyramid billions scam is anything to go by, I’d like to line up all the money geeks who fell for it. I guarantee they’d all approve the use of the Pronoun Virus in any of their corporate media.

Such use of pro-nouns portrays a distinct and chronic lack of vocabulary and idle use of language in general. In the case of broadcast media, it also implies that the voice over artist reading the script is effectively endorsing the product. This just cannot be right! The dumbing down of society is very real across the board and from an artistic point of view it is already so serious. Soon we will be able to buy a Picasso, Da Vinci or Van Gogh for $50 as the world increasingly sees no value in skills of any sort, never mind intangible art.

Mr. Bollix

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