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So don’t shoot, I am only the activist!

Another fiasco in the media now with most of it not really knowing which way to lean over the shooting by Israeli soldiers of a number of activists on a Turkish cruise liner. Mass media frenzy shouting ’19 people killed’, dramatic pictures being streamed on the web.  The number drops to 10 dead, then back to 19, and the world cries out. Next day, the dust settles a bit and it is only 9 dead, but what is the truth?  Sadly for lefty media, Israel put out their own footage which shows a rather different story.

To the point; the boats were filled with hate, severe hate as always.  Forget the British, (more…)

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(Draft 1) Tony Blair, bless him, just said something very interesting. Now what is that all about?  I heard it on Sky, but nobody else that I know of dwelled on it.

Blair is Middle East Envoy or something for someone somewhere, but I really don’t think the world knows exactly who.  Tone  inferred that he had no objection to aid for some of these despotic and incompetent countries, such as given by United Nations I suppose, but that these countries had to do something about their education curriculum. Hear Hear Tone!

Of course the comments were veiled for sure, as is Afghanistan and anything else the brave soldiers go out to kill that just happens to be Muslim.  Now you think about it! The west gives millions and millions to these countries and support the U.N. who set up in them.  A lot of this aid or help is for schooling, so that means we have been funding Madrassas and stifled backward education for years.

Tony B mentioned Saudi in particular and of course, nothing in your life time is going to change the crap they teach their masses, but it really applies to all of their neighbours as well. Ask any young Saudi what a whale is and they will tell you that it is a fish. Ask them what nuclear fission is and they will ask you if it is made by Coca Cola.  Ask them what the Koran says about dogs, homosexuals or even music and each and everyone of them can tell you, almost word for word.

However, I think our Masonic Tone was actually talking about Palestinians without dwelling on them and rightly so because that is one seriously degenerate nation trying so hard to breed itself out of a fix.  Palestinians never were so religious back when Israel arrived; there were not that many of them to start with –  and even then,  a lot were Christians.  (To state or believe that is again Jewish propaganda).  Now we have Hamas with its Iranian backed indoctrination filling the heads of one and all and no doubt the west is paying for this. Give Iran the BOMB and before Hizbollah in Lebanon, or Palestine and the beloved Hamas can walk, they will be able to obliterate themselves and everyone else – IN THE NAME OF ALLAH!

Oh luvvies; yes yes yes, nobody wants to deny them an education, but what they teach is coming to a town near you soon.

Our education dictates our minds – and that is exactly Islamic teaching. Islam is above all and to be conversant with the scripture  is to them – education – hang everything else.  They actually uneducate and it is perpetual in the Islamic world, thus maintains a non advancing culture.  But hark, what  thou sayest – as the luvvies protest;  “They are not all the same”. No no no. ‘They are not all the same, but it is the same in all of them which stops them from stopping it”.

The Palestinians just don’t ever help themselves and the entire Arab world hates them, but it doesn’t stop them Arafatting across the Gulf with their hands out every few years.  The Arabic language  refers to them as ‘filistine’. I guarantee, the moment Obama or Brown or Jack limp Straw catch on to that one, the word ‘philistine’ will be banned from our language.

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(1st pass proof)

“I’m not gay, but my husband is”. Just exactly which audience are some of the major media players, typically Britain’s Sky News aiming at? Are we talking kids who idolize pop, just the gay fraternity who make up the Boyzone league, Pakistanis and everything about them, or loonie left leaning sympathizers who have to be luvvie about one and all?  Well it obviously aint for me and my type and I figure I represent at least 70% of most average thoughts. Half the stuff that goes out is so incredulous and biased towards the bizarre these days, I crave the old days when they just reported disasters, crime and strikes. Reported or presented by gays (no doubt) but they were still heavily ‘at it’  in the closet then and it wasn’t rammed down our throats, so to speak, as it is every 5 minutes these days.
How many tens of thousands of people die every day?  In fact, I don’t have so much time left myself, so it is safe to say that most inhabitants of this ole earth croak through illness or what is termed natural causes.  Just think about how many die by accident, catastrophe, sudden, unexpected, heart breaking and shocking to loved ones and acquaintances.  Could it be as many as a million every day, if we considered the whole world?  Too quote just some of Ronan Keating’s tearful and (more…)

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It really is worryingly bizarre as to what religion ‘ALLOWS NOT TO ALLOW.  Yes! Donations accepted and I’ll devote the rest of my days to setting up and running a live satellite ‘blog’ channel. As we do with the music channels and even news channels, we scroll live comments and blogs along the strap. On screen we play inserted videos and so on. By demand we can replay whatever. I think donations  will poor in to keep it going but most businesses would sh*t themselves at the thought of advertising on it. Twitter eat your heart out.  Right now, the cold hard reality of religion, or is that sense, sites are few and far between and the public lethargic in looking for them or participating, so an alternative is needed, such as a TV channel that would actually be in your face. I personally couldn’t care less if you are religious or not, I am not against religious belief in anyway, but I am dead against the power it wields, quite literally like a sword and we all walk broken glass for it as it is so undemocratically forced on one and all regardless:

In a seemingly less serious vein, by some hook or crook, I came across the following blog about Internet censorship by a chap by the name of Mark Sutton. I love the article and the comments which refer to this site and some of the things I have said here along with ‘J’ who frequently comments.  ‘J’ is a regular contributor and is (more…)

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Pakistan’s Swat Valley is royally screwed and the roll over for Pakistan is as has always been; just another day in Mohammed’s paradise and another day closer to the end of the world.

Amnesty International says that in the world ‘seven people a day are executed’, but add that the world is moving towards abolition of this travesty. Has anyone from Amnesty ever been to Swat Valley in Pakistan and seen what is going on? Have they really been inside Iran or some of the towns in Afghanistan? Like the Taliban is going to listen to Amnesty; like the people in these areas have ever heard of Amnesty.  They don’t even have electricity for God’s sake, yet they still (more…)

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Read this and weep! I was just surfing around and I came across this. If it is true and I have absolutely no compunction in accusing sections of the wide spread British Muslim community of dragging this filthy dirty, perverted practice to the shores of a free country, in other words, I have absolutely no doubt it is.

I don’t need to add anything here other than tell you that I have screamed loud and clear for years about this abhorrent, hideous practice going on in (more…)

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This blog gets a little political at times, but it was NEVER intended that way. The following is fun if you manage to read it all and indeed typifies the original purpose of this blog, which was to highlight bad media, whether that is advertising (primary design), print or broadcast.  Great media can also be accommodated and exposed, so don’t hold back.  I am beginning to receive some pretty bizarre samples of bad, so let’s do a little exposé  shall we? I just received an odd one from a Jane S about the Golden Tulip Hotel, which you can see below. Of the thousands I have in my collection, I have not reproduced them here as most are already circulating as a net funny sent around. You know the stuff; signs seen in a Chinese mall and so on, because most of these are just misinterpretation of language usage and nothing to do with media although the result is the same and the guilty shot. If the oddity is in English, then every British person thinks it funny for sure, but in most cases the same would be totally wasted on the rest of the world who speak English as a second language. Across the developing world, English only speakers are grateful, or should be, to know that this language is widely spoken. Let’s face it, it is very convenient for the British and American and the majority would be totally screwed if not, as language skills are bottom of their list in most cases. It is mine. However, it is no excuse for poor or bad English to be used in the media, yet every hour of every day bears witness to a complete crock of bollix being displayed either on radio, TV, billboards or in some cases, the daily English language newspapers in these countries. An in-house survey (small but representative) shows that almost nobody cares. ‘Ah! But it is sweet and they don’t know, bless them’, torts every liberalholic. Maybe so, but screw up in their own language and you might be deported from some states. In fact,  (more…)

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Windows Internet Explorer DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK well with this site. Please use Firefox if you can. You can download it here.  The general consensus is that it is a conflict with Word , so Explorer does not display all posts.  Good old Bill Gates., wonderful compatibility between his latest Word and absolutely nothing else.  Dunno about Safari in general, will check and see, but on our machines it is ok.

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Here we go again! Carol Thatcher, the daughter of Britain and the world’s first Iron Lady, Margret Thatcher has been sacked from the BBC. Well, not permanently sacked exactly, but sacked until whenever, all for the sake the BBC’s crony left appeasement and continued agenda to drive anything Margret into oblivion. I am no fan of Carol Thatcher, but I am extremely defensive this pathetic infringement of her right to think and say what she wants, without having to crawl on the floor and apologize for it. Apologize to who anyway – The BBC, the Asians, the blacks, me, who?

Many believe with immense conviction (Lord Norman Tebbit among them) that the BBC was responsible for the demise of Lady Thatcher because her next step would have been to disband this God awful dungeon of worms. For those who remember the hatchets out for her, it was literally a dreadful state of affairs, with the BBC leading the crusade. Thatcher really did no wrong and was herself in danger of removing not only the BBC, but the mass of neo liberals from the face of the country. Not through gas chambers or totalitarian law, but simply because of her popularity. (more…)

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