Michael Obama’s nepotistic bleatings at the Democratic convention this week (Sept. 2012) has once again been idolized by the mass media.  Literally EVERYWHERE!  My God, even FOX NEWS contributors are waxing lyrical about her meaningless lif’e’s contribution. (Written the right way around).  It is going to get worse as we drive up to the election.  I am going to be sick again.

Get to the point.  In a President or Prime Minister, we look for a leader, a strong person, someone we can rely on to make decisions, hopefully all good, but able to stand by the bad. Can you imagine Dennis Thatcher getting up on the podium and singing nursery rhyme like fantasy about Margret in order to win over the awed sheep?

I too cried my eyes out listening to this convention’s main theme, but not because of soppy parallels and the meat of most  thoughts for the fodder on this blue ball, but because Michael Obama believes what she said and it shows exactly where her outlook and priorities lie. Not with you deal fellow human, but her selfish pride at being able to breed a posse for which she wants to pamper above everything else.   Pretty narrow minded at that, unless she was being deliberately devious and condescendingly aiming straight at the bulls eye of the lowest common denominator.  But don’t they all say the same old BS during election campaigns and forever after in opposition. They all get found out, but our great public are so naive and dumb we do nothing about it.   Just ask Bill Clinton.  What a crooked deviant, but adored.

We all love our kids and would die for them in most cases.  However, who wants a wishy-washy luvvie family man running the country, whose selfish interest, like the rest of us, is his immediate family. according to Michael.  But then again, you would have to be a pretty cold scumbag not to want to make your own family priority.  This is nature, this is raw savagery, it is animal instinct within our marked territory. In reality though, we want instinct on a universal level, not just within your picket fence.   In the case of Michael; to be somewhat ‘hatefully’ politically incorrect, (Moi?)  That horse must be counting her blessings to get such a fit nubile, none too black, none too white, not too Slim Shady on the surface, reasonable bloke.  Ask most women; they will tell you that to find good man like that they’d probably find out he’s gay.

In a court of law, sometimes a ‘character endorsement’ is often an asset when judging the accused.  In that same court of law, for credibility, calling the spouse or a close relative is not admitted.  Do I need to say more?  But no, the tears flowed, the applause drowned out even more choking curdles of compassion, it was really pathetic but this is what we are made of since most beings consider having children their greatest achievement and indeed a contribution to society and life on earth.

Bill Clinton capturing the moment, knowing full well that he can walk on water for most, decided to make the statement; ‘I want a man that was smart enough to marry Michael Obama’.  At that moment, Michael beamed and no doubt had her own Monica moment and if there had been a desk present she might well have crawled under it for quick fleshy smoke.

I have to admit, I have been listening to Imus in the Morning and very little of what goes out on his programme is ever going to be headlines or indeed picked up by politicians looking for a plus or a minus to outrage us. Imus is just perceived as a nasty nut job.  If you want to see the light as if it just clicked on in your head and want to give yourself pointers to expand your own suspected reality,  then take a listen to his contributors.  They come out with little gems so often, but always in humour, but so apt.  On the subject of Clinton suggesting Michael was a great catch, Bernie McGuirk’s voice quipped; ‘Yeah imagine that, Clinton with Michael.  She would have castrated him  20 years ago’.

On this very bloggy thing here, we mention a lot about Michael Obama and her power over the scene and there is more to that ‘dark horse’ than meets the eye, although on the surface she displays no finesse, little sophistication or talent, unlike someone such as Condoleezza Rice for example.   From the outset, Michael Obama should never be underestimated, but everything she does is for her own ego and gain. There is a joke that goes something like: Barrack and Michael go to a posh restaurant in a plush hotel.  While dining, the owner comes out and greets Michael with some enthusiasm while she bats her eyelids and obviously a little flustered.  Although one couldn’t tell, she was actually blushing profusely.   Barrack asked her if there was something he didn’t know.  She responded that it was an old flame from many years ago and he (the owner) was a great guy and has done well for himself and is now very rich and owns a large hotel chain.   Barrack was impressed and looked a little grateful saying to Michael; ‘Honey, imagine!  Just imagine, if you had married him instead of me, you’d have all this, you’d be part of his empire now and things would have been so different.  She says:  ‘No honey, if I had married him, you wouldn’t be President’.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney is hardly the man I would like to see running America, although he might actually do a good job financially but there will be a lot of ignorant tears if he is by chance elected.

The world is a dangerous place and fanatics are rising at an alarming rate and it all goes with supposed freedom..  Nazis took a hold and just like the democratic convention, the masses so blinded cheered them on and look what happened.  Islam is rising out of control and it will rise out of control within itself too. There is zero appeasement from their side and never can be and most non Muslims have no idea what Islam really is or what we are in for.  Across continents, populations of nothingness are expanding and they all have to be fed by the few who do contribute,  The thing they call God will not provide. Meanwhile too many Obama luvvies with their own little domains and families being their only priority with no interest or inkling of what is really going on in the world – will be the cause of a holocaust like never before and it is on the horizon.  Please watch the  brilliant National Geographic ‘Apocalypse World War 2’ series.  If you think the pointless devastation and heinous cruelty of the two world wars was all God’s will and that nothing could be worse; oh boy!  For the upcoming apocalypse there will be no Nuremberg  afterwards.  Hell itself, there might not be a single living person in some areas which used to be called countries.  Threats with guns and bombs will not budge an ideology so  somehow it has to be removed altogether once and for all. It is a dreadful thought but the deluded nature of fascists Liberals who have allowed us to be oppressed by the very oppressed we tried to help are digging such a big grave for so many. 

The greater the population, the weaker it becomes as a mass incapable of thinking for itself. The signs are with us, but nothing is being done because of Political Correctness and an overriding priority by the the vanity of megalomaniacs in governments. All to get the vote. You think George Bush was an ignorant pig and war-mongering? He was none too bright, but we will need something/someone much stronger and more direct than him to save the free world as we call it – and long before the end of Obama’s second term.


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