The ‘m-ass-holes’ of the earth rampage again. How many times do the sane of this ever heavier sphere we call home have to say; ‘Here we go again’. There must be as many anti Islamic portals out there as there are pro Islamic, yet a crappy piece of video ham hash ‘apparently’ sets off the expected, retarded and heinous behavior with associated extreme violence all over again and again and again. But the whole thing is a bit fishy and if there is some sort of ‘set-up’ going on, then the brain behind it is as extreme in the clever department as the reaction it causes.  Many questions which will never be answered and for sure many sensible people with more than a morsel of brain asking those same questions.

As for the media, well they are wetting their pants with glee at a new story and of course it is all left wing bias, so most condemn the makers of this piece of crap, while actually hoping, if not encouraging a spread of the violence to fill their platforms. So many news editors are using the opportunity to kick Mitt Romney as being naive and Gung Ho in his verbal response, which was in fact precisely accurate.  Besides,  what is Obama going to do about it?   Nothing, sweet F.A. other than spout a lot of clichéd pretense. Then again, just what can Obama or anyone do about it?  What can the rest of the world do about this Islamic fear instilling violence and destruction for any little thing or excuse?

Deluded, appeasing governments are also condemning the film first and the death of the US Ambassador and staff to Libya and associated violence second.  As usual, there is no condemnation whatsoever from the billions of Muslims spread everywhere; these so-called peaceful followers of the religion of ‘peace’.  Of course media in Islamic countries have major headlines condemning the anti Mohammed sentiment outright and then secondary a little paragraph or two condemning the violence.  This should be a massive red flag on its own, but how many red flags have to fly before those good men realize that no matter how much appeasement the rest of world dishes up, the mass of fodder out there will find no depth for their depravity, all the while claiming their actions moral and absolutely righteous.

Just as much of the media is having orgasms at the fact that what they happily mouth off to be ‘radical right’ has been trounced in recent Dutch elections and a bunch of wimps grow stronger and stronger for all the wrong reasons.  Dig deep people and look at the demographics of the voting.  The same as most of the rest of Europe and indeed Britain nowadays.  It is not rocket science to work out that the once non feral have become feral and dominate almost everywhere.


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