(JS – 16-08-2012)

As with Beijing, we were all looking for something creatively stunning and certainly not expecting the ‘pap’ we endured at the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games. What we got was actually racist with a total disregard for the indigenous – purported to be a majority – white folk.  It seemed like the ceremony was a BBC instigated, now Hollywood token ‘black representation’ binge which was utterly ridiculous.  What are they teaching in British schools?

Now let’s cut to the quick. Using Guardian sheep speak, which an entire deluded nation now confidently rolls off the tongue in clichéd splendor to be perceived as being knowledgeable;  ‘We must not stereotype one for all’, but …………… Multiculturalism in Britain can be tabulated as meaning:

  • 3rd generation Chinese, still scoff bowls of rice mixed with anything that moves as if it was their last – Have no time for small talk and manners,even if they understood you – Chinese men will always marry Chinese women, but Chinese women don’t always marry Chinese men – These days, they seem to breed restrictively as if built in by law.
  • 3rd generation non Muslim Sub Continentals still eat spices and curry for breakfast lunch and dinner – They still have arranged marriages and known to kill daughters who don’t have a penis -  They still wear traditional dress and speak doubly dutched English with local accents heavily dubbed with proverbial Sub Continental overtones – They visit what they still call ‘home; at least once a year – They breed profusely. 
  • 3rd generation Africans and Jamaicans are still loud and wear flip flops and Jimmy Saville shirts and love being identified as belonging bruthas and sistahs – Who knows what they eat, but it’s not roast beef  – They love their rhythmic music and carnivals –They all worship rap artists but don’t necessarily like them – Almost all have a massive chip and for any tiny reason cash in on the white’s self inflicted guilt – They believe in voodoo and witch doctors and will kill for it, or for a 50 pence piece.  They breed profusely and often leave their off-spring. 
  • 3rd generation Muslims are still Muslims and will be for the next 300 generations – Eat Halal food, no pork  but most drink – Walk around as if they own the place by God’s right demanding everybody follows suit – Live in fear of their own and instill fear on everyone else – They still speak their own languages but speak English reasonable well sometimes – Sex though taboo is a drug and above everything else with religion above that – They are liable to kill their daughters if they refuse to marry a cousin and will kill their daughters if she marries a non Muslim man who refuses to convert.  Oh yes, they breed profusely – profusely and then inter marry. 
  • All generations of indigenous Brits are still pasty faced and few really look like Kate Middleton – Many have an affliction to education and elocution thus producing an inordinate amount of aggressive pig ignorant youth, but some often touched with brilliance -  Happy to eat Halal meat even though they have no idea it has been forced upon them -   Would eat Halal bacon butties and fish and chips if there could be such a thing – They pierce and tattoo themselves in the oddest of places and make heroes out of criminals – They are oblivious to the fact that they are ruled by a lodge like society with its headquarters in the BBC and Guardian offices – They do not mind being portrayed as a nation of gay shop keepers – They rarely if ever kill their daughters but might stab your son to death on the street with no motive whatsoever – Without question tolerate insincere and corrupt politicians and the extremes of all the other cultures without a word of complaint – Brits have quite a few kids out of wedlock but nothing compared to the others – They are a dwindling entity.

With such an attractive country, it is no wonder no bugger from UK, Europe or the States ever emigrates to the the 3rd world.   Surely it has to be a conspiracy led by the BBC.  It can’t really be what we all want – can it?  Besides, the BBC discriminate against anyone who is not a homosexual; in fact condemn us all to near death if we speak against them or if we don’t repent for past colonialism, the latter being the ploy used to get every race and creed under their spell. Once achieved, what then?  We invade them all again legally as ‘multiculturalists’…………. then….. what then?   



This tragic agenda is a one-way chivvy by oppressing a nation because the very same element the clan are  forever championing have no desire whatsoever for ‘multiculturalism’ integration in the first place.  Live and let live does not compute among stifled cultures so the notion or perception of, doesn’t really exist, just as anyone with a brain assumes the clan has no perception of the reality of this fact unless there is a much darker agenda for the long term. Immigrants come to Britain for many reasons and multiculturalism is not one of them.

The Black/White thing is ‘always’ on British people’s mind even though so many indigenous Brits ostensibly think it racist to think so,  not to mention being against the law to do so. This is a hangover from the early 70s when waves of West Indians arrived.  The reality is that the UK doesn’t really have a Black/White issue so much.  The UK has more of an Islamic issue or the veiled cover called ‘multiculturalism’ If we get down to the nitty-gritty and the actual reality, the denial of realization regarding the totalitarian essence of Islam, there is no such thing as a tolerant Muslim in the entire world. Get real! Millions of them are easy going and can be your favourite friends, but Muslim will ‘never ever’ tolerate anything they consider Un-Islamic.  They just can’t!  It is not written. Other than idiotic converts, no Muslim has a choice.  How unjust is that?

The BBC, especially the World Service are actually running endless and very tedious ‘Multiculturalism’ trailers as if a war has been won. Now with the 2012 Olympics a huge success, it gives the ‘illuminati’ so much more ammunition to lambast any dissent, believing that opening and closing ceremonies were what made it.  The odd thing is;  like nepotism, as weird as it sounds and even more weird to comprehend, there is something deviant about the whole agenda in the true sexual sense.  There really is no other sound reason for this genre mix up, but here we have it and the BBC corridors are a fine example of this. Similar to the feared Jewish lobby in the States, there must be something straight, ordinary people don’t know. One must assume the gay community by sheer numbers is such a significant vote, we have unnecessary and  obsessive homosexual appeasement.  Think about that too.

The Fabian arrogance of importing black people (initially) by the millions was also for the vote of course. They tried to cover this debacle in the name of colonial guilt and giving all immigrants the status of ‘under privileged’ and ‘minority’, elevating  them way above the native in the opportunity stakes, with little education to warrant it.   The BBC has always been the prime mover and the situation has become pathetic beyond pathetic where it is rare to see an indigenous Brit on the BBC screens or hear them on radio.  Imagine what it is like behind the scenes.  Was it George Michael, or someone like that who said that the toilets were busy in Bush and Broadcasting House? 

As the country’s raw demographic has been utterly diluted, this Illuminati pre-empted the obvious outcry by making it illegal to speak openly of such matters, so created an entire generation of the passive oblivious and very successfully so. Many indigenous feel so isolated as if being from another planet wondering why this has been allowed and why it is as if ‘nobody’ saw it coming.  It was planned and planned that way. 

Of the very  few of us still not hypnotized by all this indoctrination, we believe it is too late to stop the calamity. Again, using Guardian sheep speak not to condemn a culture or a nation for a few extremists; yeah!  Tell that to the millions of Chinese who lost their life to Maoist because they were moderates.  Tell that to the ‘majority’ of Germans who were not Nazis but went ahead and thinned out Europe, while allowing those that were Nazis to gas 6 million Jews. Now tell it to the billion so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims who NEVER step up and condemn what we call ‘radicals’.  We white moderates have absolutely nothing against race, but eventually something has to blow when there is a deliberate agenda to dilute a perceived culture.  The Muslims will NEVER – NOT EVER let you do it to them. nor the Chinese come to that.


Nothing is fun anymore in Britain and Europe.  Like McCartney, putrid train wreck and so un-funny Russell Brand is put up everywhere as if he is the best the British have to offer. Surely one of the clan and some role model he is,   Nobody is allowed to do one-liner stand-up jokes anymore, not even Irish jokes.  Make a remark even, it doesn’t have to be witty and the sky falls in on you. It is all observation humour now and mostly about being stoned out of one’s head, drunks, or Bush bashing, with performing clowns and people laughing at nothing.

The broadcast media and print is all loaded with indoctrinated often mutant journalists with their embedded chip, all clones right down to the tedious hand synchronized movements which they ALL display.  Personally, I prefer watching the gorgeous bleach on Fox News.   ‘Imus in the Morning’ on the ‘Fox Business network’  is quite possibly the last bastion of  ‘free speech’, not to mention gut aching hilarious at times.  Speaking of the Boyle boil,  Fox News with its very own and open agenda didn’t really pick up the lefty love-in either, but why would they, black and white is America. Rob Bartlett the comedian doing his Ringo Starr stint, did rib it somewhat, but who knows what Bartlett or Tony Powell are going on about or who they are supposed to be half the time,, but it will crack you up, because it is all politically incorrect.

It would be very different if there was a British Fox News.  I find it great professional fun and something which the ‘Fabian Society (of Britain)’ will never allow on our shores, yet the balance is so desperately needed.

Humour by nature often needs to be scathing or it is hardly funny but we’ve all been strangled to death.  Racial jokes are only hurtful because the agenda has indoctrinated us to make them hurtful and giving ‘black’ people in particular an open playing field to exercise their shoulder chips and create insecurity. It is absolutely crazy, but so many in Britain are either unaware or have been dumbed so much as to tolerate cultural bigotry or stifled religious cruel insularity, which has nothing to do with colour.  Colour or looks will always be relevant and you are kidding your own delusion to think otherwise.  Racially, there are some stunners in this old world and some ugly buggars as seen through the eyes of different races.  Each to their own and it always will be with a few exceptions which are predominantly sexual in nature but invariably denied with lines like; ‘My Mohammed is different’ when there is a mix.



Someone tell us that it has all been a scam just to niggle us. So powerful and far gone is this doctrine, disciples are created and glorified from degenerate pop stars to down-right criminals and then we have the endless list of luvvies, so many of which are dubious from the outset.

The gay Fabians have had the BBC since the pirates came ashore. However, the Olympics hijack is probably the most noticeable ‘pièce de résistance’ for the ‘illuminati’.  The judiciary, the media and the Government is all controlled by a well oiled agenda as with journalists with tell-tale two holes in their necks, they ply their wares deluded in the thought that they are objective, not even realizing they are part of the machine half the time as they worship each other.  Of course, we could be so wrong, not being privy to this machine they could all be in on it and they could be making fools of us.  Conspiracy rather than coincidence – will we ever know?  

Closing ranks all round, the lodge viciously ridicule and dismiss demur with such arrogance.  Strangely the BBC, although reporting Conservative MP Aiden Burley’s Tweet. regarding his views that the Olympic Opening Ceremony was ‘Left Wing Crap’, they did not dwell on it at all.  Maybe they were worried that the nation had at last rumbled the agenda. Conversely, once Burley retracted his statement’s meaning, suddenly the BBC were all over it. 

This clan quickly expose non believers but protect their own degenerate behind doors recreation with a vengeance and many believe this is all the way to the judiciary such as is apparently the case in Belgium.  But it is the media that carries the poison darts.  Having now read the inaccurately ‘loaded’ press leaving skid marks; how many within the ‘East Enders – Big Brother watching masses believe Burley was at a Nazi party at the time of the Olympics Opening Ceremony (which of course he wasn’t.)?  Some blogs and some main stream press go on and on as if the party was a themed KKK lynching of a cardboard cut out of Jesse Owens.  Give us all a break, Toga party,  bin liners and baby oil, sailors and oars or even wife swapping, dogging and quite probably pedophilia is all ok; but dress up as a Nazi for fancy dress and the you might as well be shot on the spot.  Then what was that 3 hour ‘bollix’ beamed around the world at the Opening Ceremony if it wasn’t fascist Fabianism?

Its decades of deceit now and for sure even in Conservative circles or it could not have proliferated and dumbed an entire nation.. A guy called Pat Condell has a good take on the Guardian and its controlling madrassa the BBC.  Condell relates to similar opinions expressed on this site. To reiterate,  the Guardian appears to control life as we know it Jim, yet is the first paper to condemn any ‘minority’ dictatorial state or scenario elsewhere. Ironically, it is the same mentality and agenda that makes the criminal the victim in the UK judiciary.   The Guardian is indeed a ‘minority’ dictator itself with so few buyers, one has to question any ‘independent’ financial standing abilities.  Whatever the Guardian says is taken as fact and the official line.  The entire BBC editorial appears to be a mirror of its content.  As we know, you cannot get a job in the media unless it is advertised in the Guardian. Likewise, most social and politically related vocations.  Plenty of revenue ads for that, so it is probably the closest thing to ‘perpetual motion’ earthlings will ever find.  It flabbergasts many as to how the nation as tax payers are so blind to it and even allow themselves to be forced into paying for the disgusting BBC via licence fee. All the while, this Fabian cesspit sit there from their ivory tower smirking from ear to ear with a big finger up (each other as well by the feel of it).   Odd, Yet they wont allow a Fox News.  Open your eyes people!

Talking of which; I know first hand that the Guardian is ‘Liberally’ scattered about the BBC as if they can’t afford carpet. Now that the Commentator has highlighted the apparent abundant daily subscription within the tower, my guess is that the little rats in the broadcasting corridors will be scurrying around to destroy the reported 90,000 odd copies of the Guardian they are suspected of ordering each day. With the Guardian circulation only topping a few thousand more than that, my accusation of gross clan graft at license payers expense if just as solid as ever.

Any public enquiry into anything these days is all fixed among the same clones anyway, so it is a seemingly corrupt waste of public money.  Imagine there was an enquiry into the BBC, or even Danny Boyle’s extravaganza or the darkness of the Olympics favouritism all round. Millions in pockets as expenses again and all in the same pockets as the same illuminati will be called to serve, then attacking anything straight to justify their existence and as always, the end results exonerates the BBC and all who sail in her.

If Reggie Cray was still alive, they’d probably have him heading up the committee as a misguided victim.   ‘Could we for once have an untarnished straight person to chair the proceedings, someone who just might believe in anything other than a Muslim God, someone who just might not be a closet pedophile or a homosexual or an immigrant Indian on the take with a posh accent.  Even Arabs find us hilarious by allowing it to go on and on and they are some of the darkest and harshest deviants on earth.  

Yay but, there are a good few million or so around the world who still think Britain great as they do Allah. Those who are happily married by arrangement or just about to be married to their first cousins and making their way to the borders as we speak.  1,300 immigrants a day happily set foot on British soil last year alone (2011).  Speak of a daily rate because it doesn’t sound so alarming, but if we put that in perspective it frightens the begeebees out of us. At that rate it is 5 million every decade.  For sure an insignificant number might die, but they make up for that in offspring. They all breed as if God’s gifted and a right above all others.  So in 20 years that is 10 million allowed in  – and of the ones already in the UK, they will have produced at least another 30 million at minimum.  If the original daily 1,300 were Muslims, it means that in 20 years, Britain will have an additional 40 million odd all demanding ‘their way of life’.   There is no mention of the 30 odd million already in Britain; those who have been pouring in since the 70s.  Never mind all that, once in, they will of course vote Labour and keep it going until Sharia law is the order of the day and Ed Millerband will become Ebrahim Millerband if he still wants to lead them.  Fat chance!   Unfortunately, it wont be 20 years but more like 8- 10 years from now. Immigrants are close on a demographic majority already and we are all in denial. If Scandinavia is banking on cold and snow to stop the impending Muslim Majority next year, then Allah bless them.  

Don’t worry, innovation and technology will grind to a halt as art has and eventually everyone will be on the dole and all welfare will disappear up its own Khyber having no funds,  Civil strife and starvation among them will just mirror where they came from originally, so should anybody really be worried?  


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