(By Jane Speak)

With the largely mimed  ‘Closing Ceremony’ of the 2012 Olympic games making ‘Gay Pride’ look wholly straight, so far finding unicorn dung is probably easier to do than find anyone in the UK who isn’t waxing lyrical about Dany Boyle’s politically lefty pig sty which was the only blight on this phenomenal and now proud extravaganza. As if the Olympics belonged to Britain it was excellence personified and no mountain of praise is unjust, but ‘first impressions’ have lasting dents.  Like clockwork, the media talking heads, the stream of robotic nobodies who seem to pop up everywhere with the same old adorning luvvie clap trap have been out in droves praising Boyle. However, ignorantly unaware that we have been truly nobbled, it seems most of the bereft good sheeple of Britain are in agreement too. Even the Prime Minister and the fabulous Boris got swept away in the glory of the event being staged, unable to see the ‘Intelligentsia’  wood for the trees and esoteric green rolled out about the place at the excrescence labeled the “Olympics Opening Ceremony”. 

Listen up and listen good! The incredible success has nothing to do whatsoever with Danny Boyle’s banal attempt at colourful totalitarianism with his backing the agenda’s forced installation of colourful ‘multiculturalism’ on an unwilling nation.  

Other than the replica pig’s willy monstrosity outside of the main stadium we must acknowledge that along with awe inspiring athletes, the infrastructure and organization for the games seems to have been impeccable. Beijing was something else, Australia was bigger than Everest to top, but Greece and still the favourite for many could not come anywhere the UK.  It was the most moving, the most nation involved and greatest peace time event since moon landings. The games will go down in history as bench mark unbeatable, but can we forget the hideous Opening Ceremony for the absolute ‘Crap’ it was.  Disgustingly, the only one voice to speak out truthfully was wrestled to the ground in seconds.

Unless dissent can be ridiculed as they did with conservative MP Aidan Burley, who called the Opening Ceremony; ‘Left wing crap’, there is a not a single media platform who would dare to highlight any negative social media posts, other than perhaps ‘France 24’.  Politically all is lost in a country having its perceived cultural identity destroyed by an infested media and corrupt socialist agenda in order to justify the mess Britain is really in,

Described as a ‘cheeky reflection of modern Britain’, 99.999% of the nation, including Conservative hierarchy , except one, saw absolutely nothing wrong with Danny Boyle’s pathetic national embarrassment. Or if they did, the silence is deafening. You will be shouted down and shut down if you remotely suggest that the whole thing was a sham. In fact and ironically, notices have even appeared on some bad taste jokes sites- considered cruel – stating in red; ‘No jokes about the Olympic Opening Ceremony – all comments will be removed".  That IS rich! 

Before we rip Boyle’s ridiculous brain fart apart; the next big ‘top that’ goal will be live 3D holographic images in the streets and it might get there for Brazil. HD on tap certainly boosted London 2012 enjoyment as we can see right down to ear wax and waxed unmentionables. Technically, British sports TV crews are right up where the rest of the world cannot reach. The buzz comes from seeing action from all angles driven by a sharp Director’s ‘direction’, the unsung maestros who are just brilliant.  Compare that to the shambles at the Opening Ceremony.  Boyle apparently and arrogantly insisted on his own  film crews not wanting the sports wizards anywhere near him for his multicultural IV infusion. To those of us in the trade it was all a little too obvious that something was not quite gelling. On top of that, the appalling sound quality broadcast across the satellites. It all sounded the same, thin, unbalanced mish-mash. Who noticed?  Jo public have MP3 ears and obviously don’t care these days.    Without good audio, we can never have powerful video.

Sure there was background, old school amateur ‘artistic cheese’; such as the old fuddy officials in their summer Fedoras and straw hats with their clip boards and garden chairs. (That is very British and contradicts Boyle’s attempt at changing us all).  The butler/chambermaid fancy dress which went on each time a medal was awarded was not actually so tacky as it was pish.   Worse was the very naff, artistically void and unoriginal continuous playing of ‘Chariots of Fire’ every few seconds.  It really was like something out of Borat.  Who directed this?



Boyle  was given a tedious three hours of International stardom in front of zillions and I think he forced carte blanche to show us that artistic originality was absolutely zero in Britain and no better than a 3rd world Islamic country ruled by a dictator, where every single event is repetitive stifled cultural porridge, played out on bagpipes.  At least they have the bagpipes!

The moment the ceremony started with Frederic Weatherly’s ‘Londonderry Air’ parody ‘Danny Boy’ so egotistically playing; nausea had set in   Maybe the opening ceremony will get buried by the same cartel as the glory subsides because the next big event will be civil war and it will be in your life time.

Particularly through the BBC,  the Illuminati’s thoroughly deluded dream of everyone being tanned with slightly slant eyes by next week is ludicrous and actually impossible without some sort of mass civil genocide taking place at some stage first. With Boyle filching everyone else’s creative genius as a theme, instead of this tiresome marathon showing us how to make an Arnott’s Tim Tam, Boyle could have done it all in 3 seconds  by simply broadcasting a clip of the 1998 Warren Beatty movie ‘Bulworth’, where Beatty as Sen. Jay Bilington Bulworth gets smashed out of his mind in a black ghetto and suggests we all ‘f*ck each other until we’re all the same colour’. (I am not opposed to that).  Boyle might have actually stolen his whole theme from that movie in the first place. Needless to say that ”sport” had nothing to do with this ‘Fabian Fest’ and  luvvie pirated concoction’ from Lord of the Rings to other film obsessions, all smashed together with such visual vitriol and contempt for the absolute majority who really do not want it. 

So what did we expect? Certainly not the gross display of Fascist Liberalism which topped anything that North Korea or Red China could have ever dreamt up.  Hitler’s 1936 edition had less propaganda.   Technical awe is a given with such things as Olympic Opening Ceremonies and we need more; more technical originality and more awe.  The unexpected and indeed funny moments which potentially could have helped win the day, were sadly driven to raw amateur and obsessive death by Boyle’s ego, going on far too long and killing the joke.  It should have stopped as we saw Rowan Atkinson’s hilarious face as the maestro next to him started his middle eight on the piano. It was the memorable moment.  But no, we had to have the silly, not understood by most, beach scene extended to suffocation, trying to emulate ‘Airplane’ or ‘Hot Shots’.  The Bond thing was so funny too and a bright idea, with very proud footage along the route,  but again far too long and a better end could have been devised.  Of course with all the wires, one could not have actually sky dived into the stadium but wouldn’t that have been a solid gold climax if it could have been done? Then again, granny state, bloated PC – Health and Safety would dictate a fizzle out for sure.  It was night, so a better and incredibly more powerful scenario might have been to blackout the stadium for a second and just pretend that someone actually parachuted in rather than the obscure way in which it was done on film with no consideration for continuity whatsoever. A prior dour announcement that absolute silent concentration was required for this ‘dangerous maneuver’ (or something on those lines), Suddenly, lights on, and the queen is there.  No!  Boyle strangled it it all to himself",

What did all this have to do with sport? Boyle might just as well have made Charles Dickens black.  Everything else was, including the scenery, which must have made so many feel dirty as if Britain had nothing else to offer but grime. The absolute ridicule and contradiction is that 99% of immigrants do NOT relate to British history other than colonialism in a negative light and still blame Britain for for the self inflicted ills taking place now in their home countries.

If the theme still had to be media historical as it was, then it might have been more ‘sport related’ and even hilarious if they did a sketch where a black man got shot with a starting pistol  we could have had the ‘traditional’ old bobby from ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ making the statement; ‘WELL GOV. WE THINK IT IS RACE RELATED’

If we take Boyle’s human shandy while taking Hollywood a few generations back, John Wayne could be heard referring to ‘half breeds’ which was actually completely apt for the Boyle baloney. Well, John Wayne wasn’t anything British, but if he was,  he was a vocal ‘Conservative’, so he would not have made the short list anyway .  Never mind Harry Potter, where was the very apt Alf Garnet in our journey through this celluloid past,  For God’s sake, you can call an Australian an Ozzy, a New Zealander a Kiwi, even a German a Kraut, but you cannot call a Pakistani a Paki or a ‘homo’ a bender without risking a prison sentence.   Most of the time it is like listening to a stuck record, repeating the same old clichéd indoctrination.

Way back, we had happy media induced catch phrases like  ‘Nice one Cyril’ which Jo Public embraced with a vengeance.  Now Jo Public embrace humourless clap trap phrases for any little deviation from the official line because; ‘That is so racistHow dare you’ with anything contrary never seeing the light of day.   It is the Guardian controlled – Bernard Manning syndrome; a funny man kept out!  This is the now happening in the States with the ‘Chick fil-a’ thing.  (Be well aware of your information source on this – Don’t for God’s sake consider ultra biased platforms like the  BBC or The Guardian)

From a psychological observation and ‘aura view’,  if you believe it,  Ma’am was ‘not amused’ and stony faced for the most part, but the BBC dispute that and even proclaim that Queeny is a major fan of retard sounding, eloquently challenged ‘Dizzee Rascal’.  He looks as if he carries a gun, so a great influence on our youth.  Although she was moved and somewhat deceptively so by the ridiculously out of sync and obviously mimed anthem supposedly sung by ‘ children of Great Ormond Street.   Did any public notice?  Get the ‘Awwwww’ in there Danny.  Gimme’ a break!  They attempted to sing it again next day on Sky News.  Bless ’em.  Actually, seeing the athletes enter the stadium, led by these deserving hospital children, I was bemused as to what that was all about and exactly what the object was they were carrying.  I really did think they were bed pans and who knew until the flame was lit?

There are many directors, much better than Boyle and I have to say, much of the action was quite hammy and cause for more than a few embarrassing moments for good actors.  Men in bowlers doing the hand jive and black men at that, none of whom had been invented in the era depicted.  But PC prevailed. The rest of the content such as the appalling immigrant Council Estate mating ritual by text, the irrelevance of the NHS scenes and all the other bits where so loaded as to be desperately cringe worthy, but I digress.  Slavery and colonialism  et al. Put us all in prison now.



More than a few find Sir Paul McCartney insipid, but he turns up everywhere as does all the prominent gays talented or not;  as does Bono and for sure many wanted the latter to be part of the Olympic showboat. Perhaps he should have been, depicted as an Irish Labourer who built our roads way back.  Why not, it was the real history.  All good sporting stuff – not.  Apart from the chronic choice of loaded music performed by loaded – obscure to the rest of the world – clanny artists, we had Enola Gay being played as if we should all cry for the Japanese as ‘victims’ who surely ‘didn’t mean to commit all those atrocities’ so many years ago. It was all so suspect. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki story is now being groomed as the next self flagellation (sic) onslaught, heaped in with punishment for colonialism or something…..make it up, they’ll make something of it.  I know for a fact that so many Muslims see it like that as hypocrisy in favour of Iran having its own ‘Little Boy’. One suspects that most Australians think the same way too, despite the horrendous suffering their armies endured when they never started it.  With so many Japanese in OZ now, (or Japs in Australia) they will perhaps plant a memorial on Ayres rock.  Ooops, it is not called that anymore, since Liberal clone Peter Garret deemed it offensive to put one’s toots on it.  Oh how he reminds us of so many other clone identical twins shoved in our face so much. .  If Lord Seb Coe shaved, would there be a difference?



Stella McCartney has never struck me as being anything spectacular, but one cannot speak for the masses – (unless you are the BBC of course – or Sky News now that a Murdoch is not watching over them from the next room – patronizingly and monotonously telling us all in clichés what we think).   Still, we all know young McCartney has had life’s lifted leg-up and over because of who she is and the money on tap, so naturally, we all accept that, but that does not make her a genius in any way shape or form.  However, there she was,  given the Olympic outfits to design. Was this an Adidas decision or were they pushed?   Perhaps I am missing something very important and relevant, otherwise, surely that represents graft of the highest order. 

For Adidas; well they are a name, but who really knows why they took centre stage.  Billions in sponsorship perhaps? Surely not. One would have thought that pitch submissions from the wide world would have been the order of the day to get the best, but then who chooses?  In tune with Boyle’s take, surely there was a young, starving, upcoming Asian slogging it out in some Adidas sweat shop and whose plight needed highlighting to pull our heart strings?  Another ‘Slumdog’ would have been perfect. Maybe Stella gave her fees to charity, highly doubtful but who knows?  On the contrary, just more smoke blowing.  Question: How much obscene trade off does McCartney get out of this?  Imagine perhaps millions of McCartney designed logo Olympic T-shirt will be sold to the armies of enthusiasts and I bet none cost less than 30 quid.   Still the media love her and there she is, with the frog-face broad smile luvying it all the way to the bank and NOBODY questioned it.  If anyone does, it will be the usual onslaught of hate just for doing so.



Boyle is like most of us, his perception is wrong. ‘Multiculturalism’ really has absolutely nothing to do with racism, but the two are considered to be one of the same for most.  It is just coincidental and it must be considered that of the billions watching there was much confusion as to whether Boyle was indeed targeting black and white or multiculturalism.

‘Multiculturalism’ (MC) US style is different and it is NOT going to work in Europe – EVER!

By and large it is all to do with a feeling of ‘belonging’ which rarely exits in the UK if at all,  but not because Brits are racists.  However, if we conducted a random survey of a million people in the UK, approaching them dressed as say a ‘skin head’  (another wild misnomer) and asked them what ‘multiculturalism’ is and whether they agreed with it; surely 99%  would look at you as if you are some sort of racist or white supremacist.  For a start: forget the  ‘I’m a brother and everything black issue’ which is ok, nobody cares, it is just accepted and taken as ‘normal’ from pop to porn videos including the proverbial tiresome reference to the ‘Nigga dick’ sensation. (forgive me for using the word ‘dick).  Anything considered promotion of anything white, even in a porn video will get one thrown in jail

Who doesn’t absolutely adore Usain Bolt?  We all do and he’d be Sir Usain if he was British and rightly so. Would you like him if he was white? Would you have thought it appropriate if Boyle featured Bolt texting some tasty white piece in his bleeding ‘heart scam? Would you like Eddie Murphy if he was white?  Think about that for a moment. Do you like the bin loads of self inflicted uneducated blacks on housing estates all claiming to be ‘under privileged and using race at any opportunity?  Do you like the mass of white  Asbo yobs from similar estates who unfortunately have the disadvantage of not being able to claim they are black?  Of course you don’t like, but pretending there is no difference is just ludicrous.  To be coarse and earwig at street level, what Danny Boyle was instigating was a nation of ‘wiggers’

Of course there is a big difference between black and white people.  Blacks can damn well run faster (and there is no truth in the rumour that the slower ones are in prison – Oh come on! Laugh, its a joke).  If we had a ‘black’ versus all others Olympics?  The Blacks would still win big time and each and every one of them get off on it in a brutally racist fashion, ‘Dass juss bruvvahly luuuv carnival style. But we accept that.  It wouldn’t work the other way around.

Half the British athletes competing are black, Hello! Even without HD colour it is blatantly obvious. Of course none of us are allowed to publicly mention that our athletes are er…. black!  Three quarters of the world’s athletes and medal winners are………. um….. black!   Now what do you call black – Usain Bolt or something like this? 

Boyle seems to think we have not clocked the fact that Britain’s politicians have an agenda, so deemed it necessary to cram that heap of excessively left wing luvvie, Politically Correct, twisted ardour and dung down our throats with a huge middle finger which was just an embarrassment.  Britain today is not a white country anymore, but the politicians (so many of them immigrants too) like to pretend it is. They keep coming up with tripe and political spin claiming that only about 20- 25% of the country are immigrants. That is true, because most of them are 3rd generation now, so they don’t get counted because they were born in Britain. To keep those votes, they brow beat us into believing there is some inequality going on.  The only inequality is against the indigenous folk who are legally discriminated against. 

Soon, even oblivious Cameron will see it as the hijacking of such a major event allowed to happen on his watch, making an absolutely mockery of anything which ‘he and his’ are supposed to stand for.  He’ll begin to hope that the ‘Mayan Calendar’ might have some truth to it.


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