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(JS – 16-08-2012)

As with Beijing, we were all looking for something creatively stunning and certainly not expecting the ‘pap’ we endured at the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games. What we got was actually racist with a total disregard for the indigenous – purported to be a majority – white folk.  It seemed like the ceremony was a BBC instigated, now Hollywood token ‘black representation’ binge which was utterly ridiculous.  What are they teaching in British schools?

Now let’s cut to the quick. Using Guardian sheep speak, which an entire deluded nation now confidently rolls off the tongue in clichéd splendor to be perceived as being knowledgeable;  ‘We must not stereotype one for all’, but …………… Multiculturalism in Britain can be tabulated as meaning:


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(By Jane Speak)

With the largely mimed  ‘Closing Ceremony’ of the 2012 Olympic games making ‘Gay Pride’ look wholly straight, so far finding unicorn dung is probably easier to do than find anyone in the UK who isn’t waxing lyrical about Dany Boyle’s politically lefty pig sty which was the only blight on this phenomenal and now proud extravaganza. As if the Olympics belonged to Britain it was excellence personified and no mountain of praise is unjust, but ‘first impressions’ have lasting dents.  Like clockwork, the media talking heads, the stream of robotic nobodies who seem to pop up everywhere with the same old adorning luvvie clap trap have been out in droves praising Boyle. However, ignorantly unaware that we have been truly nobbled, it seems most of the bereft good sheeple of Britain are in agreement too. Even the Prime Minister and the fabulous Boris got swept away in the glory of the event being staged, unable to see the ‘Intelligentsia’  wood for the trees and esoteric green rolled out about the place at the excrescence labeled the “Olympics Opening Ceremony”. 

Listen up and listen good! The incredible success has nothing to do whatsoever with Danny Boyle’s banal attempt at colourful totalitarianism with his backing the agenda’s forced installation of colourful ‘multiculturalism’ on an unwilling nation.  

Other than the replica pig’s willy monstrosity outside of the main stadium we must acknowledge that along with awe inspiring athletes, the infrastructure and organization for the games seems to have been impeccable. Beijing was something else, Australia was bigger than Everest to top, but Greece and still the favourite for many could not come anywhere the UK.  It was the most moving, the most nation involved and greatest peace time event since moon landings. The games will go down in history as bench mark unbeatable, but can we forget the hideous Opening Ceremony for the absolute ‘Crap’ it was.  Disgustingly, the only one voice to speak out truthfully was wrestled to the ground in seconds.

Unless dissent can be ridiculed as they did with conservative MP Aidan Burley, who called the Opening Ceremony; ‘Left wing crap’, there is a not a single media platform who would dare to highlight any negative social media posts, other than perhaps ‘France 24’.  Politically all is lost in a country having its perceived cultural identity destroyed by an infested media and corrupt socialist agenda in order to justify the mess Britain is really in,


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