[Reference in most cases: Wikipedia, not because it is considered ‘the word’ for accuracy but at least it will give readers a chance to flick on and tie a few things together.]

[See Bollix Bahrain and the truth Part 1]

Are Bahraini Sunni better than Shiite?
Each have their merit and each are very nice people generally but each have their foibles as does Bahrain itself. For this contributor, it is just a shame that such nice people are totally screwed by their indoctrinated beliefs.

Now what dungeon of worms allows this Mafioso called journalism to slaughter a country with twisted truths,  create wars unimpeded and without recourse?  Oh boy, they want to destroy little old Bahrain, not just the Royal Family, whose legitimacy is nobody else’s business but the Bahraini.  The media is like a primitive lynch mob out to get a witch because some brain dead, backward vegetable claimed a spell had been… um… spelled!  Is there something the majority of inhabitants and the hundreds of thousands of expatriates who have lived in Bahrain or live there now and wont leave – don’t know, but the BBC do?

Oh make no mistake, Bahrain is not the paradise many of the locals and expatriate sycophants pontificate it to be and indeed if you can live with the general lawlessness endemic through religious hammering  in conflict with politically accepted ‘law and order,  then have fun and live a reasonably peaceful life in a lovely little country with some very nice people indeed and a lot of scumbags to match.

Bahrainis are a pretty liberal bunch who moan a lot but keep their mouths shut about the religious pressures and used to just largely ignore reaction even when one or two even more brain farting bigots do some sort of religion rampage against someone or something.  But there are camps and severe at that, but before February 2011 most bitched but got along just fine even if there was discrimination.

Another simply gorgeous thing about Bahrain – Nothing is sickly politically correct or corrected. It is not a nanny state like Britain has become and half of Europe. This does mean that there really is no adherence to any laws other than those written in their holy book and then when there are some pretty serious lapses they can easily rectify by a taking a quick stroll round the block in Mecca.  Mecca is the holy place for Shiite Muslims too, but you do not get many going there, they all go to Karbala in Iraq.  Does that not tell you something?


In the middle of hard Shiite about 20 km to the North (Iran), hard Sunni 18 km to the West (Saudi) and surrounded by wishy-washy Sunni through Qatar to Oman, lies Bahrain.

Although it is very close and an ‘amusement arcade’  linked by a pier (As the old Amir Isa Bin Sulman Alkalifa use to say), Bahrain is not Saudi Arabia and nothing like it – YET!! Americans still address letters to; Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Persian Gulf.  If this Shiite thing keeps going (and it will) and the ill-informed media keep fueling it, then yes Saudi will mobilize and then it will be hello ‘Eastern Province and a little bit’.  The United Arab Emirates have strengthened Bahrain’s stand by sort of uniting with them (Sunni), but the UAE couldn’t physically fight its way out of a wet paper bag as the saying goes, but it can contribute money and most likely ‘mercenaries’.

All Muslims love ‘martyrs’ and Shiite more than Sunni, but Shiite are not too quick to volunteer as suicide bombers, but will certainly turn on the aggression and how, but of course one and all categorically deny that, despite miles of actual footage showing just how bad it can get.  Actually, I have never heard of a Shiite suicide bomber, it seems only Sunni do that.  Off the subject, can anyone in the world remember the name of a single suicide bomber martyr?  Only their mothers remember! Maybe the plaque get’s put up outside one of the 72 virgin’s doors.  (is that 62, 70, 50 or what?  Muslims themselves don’t even know, but by God they hope for at least a few).

As it stands, but the situation is somewhat volatile, one is far more likely to die on the roads in Bahrain than by a Shiite or Sunni attack.  Sane, decent drivers in Bahrain fear for their lives as there is absolutely no respect or consideration for others and it is totally OUT OF CONTROL. Then when the Shiite agitators, pour oil on the fast highways or burn tires, it gets very dangerous indeed and this is what many fear far more than any Shiite jumping out and physically beating you to death.


Bahrain’s issue is more akin to the Fiji scenario if one want to be exact.  The majority of people in Bahrain are ‘EXPATRIATES’, but the media, led by the almighty BBC and copied so parrot fashion, will invariably begin all reports with; ‘The majority Shiite population of Bahrain…………………………’

Now the niggling begins. History will reveal a couple of things when speaking of either Sunni or Shiite and the first is, one has to be aware of who is telling the story.   So who knows what is true and what is not as each know no bounds when glorifying their indoctrinated beliefs. Can you trust Wikipedia?

Before the BBC and indoctrinated journalists, the whole Middle East was desert from Lebanon to Persia. Until the Ayatolla was ‘allowed’ to return to Iran, nobody was claiming Bahrain to have been a ‘Shiite’ stronghold before the Al Khalifa came. (France, America, Britain, hell the entire UN, know they screwed up royally with the Ayatolla’s free passage to murder, but no one dares mention it now and since they are all one big clan joined at the hip to this strange media doctrine, they will continue to wheedle their way out of blame even by war if needs be.  A failed doctrine, not unlike Islam).

As for Bahrain being a Shiite ‘strong hold’ before Al Khalifa,…………… Goodness me and get real, there was not a lot on the Island much before the Second World War.  Oh wait! Bahrain has numerous graves dating back 4,000 years BC and the capitol ‘Manama’ actually comes from the Arabic word ‘grave’. That has not stopped some Shiite claiming these graves were Shiite!!!!!   Not bad considering Islam is only 1500 years old and Shiitism a little less.

A few hundred years back now, Al Khalifa was established no contest and somewhat happy for those  couple of centuries, until internally through BIRTH RATE only, immigrants have out bred what are considered to be the indigenous Bahraini. Bahrani still exist (The spelling is correct and pronounced as Bah-RAN-nee) and all the neighbouring countries have similar pockets of like tribes or sects. Are the Bahrani Twelvers? Ask them.  It is the Twelvers who are causing the big issue now. Shiite are Shiite whatever although you will hear; ‘Bahraini Shiite’ – ‘Persian Shiite’ – The Qarmatians, but strangely mention of the Twelvers is rare.

Within the last 30 years, since the Ayatollah returned to Iran, the deliberate growth of Shiite births in Bahrain, which has gone unhindered by the Sunni Government, has meant a big shift in demographics. Make no mistake about it, the Shiite fear Iran and kowtow, but it also gives them their strength to agitate although lots of Shiite have absolutely no ties to Iran at all.  An awful lot of Shiite want no part of this uprising either, but the religious bond lassos them in and tightly.  Yes, it is a bond, but a vicious enforcement nonetheless,  as anything Islamic can be.

So where were all these Shiite? Well if you call a couple of Shiite fishermen a strong hold, then so be it. All the other so-called claims to Bahrain also meant the surrounding countries were under the same rule –  if it could indeed be called a rule. Basically, there was no administration and really not a lot on the Island –  if anything at all.  In these harsh, baron desert areas, there were more trees than inhabitants and you can imagine how many trees there were in roasting hot Bahrain. Any historical account of Bahrain gives one the impression there were Chinese like dynasties or Inca civilizations going down on this tiny island.  That is ridiculous, but it looks good in Museums, and Arabs are desperate to built up this cultural and influence superiority fantasy, proudly highlighting any small advance today and through the ages.  (To ‘this day’, you cannot go more than  ‘this day’ without some intimidated Islamic ‘pontificator’ (sic) with their inferiority complex raging as they persistently boast how Arabs invented numbers centuries ago and something like coffee; or wax lyrical about their great thinkers and warriors like   Salahuddin, but beyond that they struggle and struggle hard, then wince as someone argues with a plethora of Jews who have contributed to life as we know it – and ‘up to this day’ – not eons ago. ) Deep down their subconscious knows the  reality and many know it is the ‘stifled’ religion at fault, but in absolute denial  none but none – but none – but none will ever question it.  Unfortunately, the masses  across the Islamic world cannot see it, just as the tiny Amish community refuse to see past their blinkers. (Pun intended).

The entire population of the Arabian Gulf (or as Iran prefers it to be called:  The Persian Gulf) prior to The East Indian Steam Company and British Airways numbered thousands only, if that.  I suspect one could walk from the ‘Saudi Empty Quarter’  to what is Dubai now and never pass a living thing.  In fact, even today, nobody could walk that distance in all that sand without a space suite and a water bowser running behind you.  You know there are ‘no rivers in Saudi Arabia’.  Ok, Iran maybe had a couple of million at the very most, as they have mountains and water but the lower and Western Gulf area was desert and people did not live very long without air conditioning and hospitals.  All this historic  glorification is just that really. But talk of invading sophisticated armies in their robes leaving behind eloquent literature by the library full is just fantasy.  So please put aside all the vivid and romantic steeped in rich Ali Baba culture history we hear so much about from this area.


Briefly and covered more later; In the 18th century, long before mobile phones, sometime about 1783 the Al Khalifas were said to have invaded Bahrain with a little help from those in Kuwait.  Invaded is probably not the word to use; more like took a leisurely stroll on the empty beaches,  maybe and set up camp with not a ‘living’ soul to greet them. They left Kuwait for Qatar but somehow ended up in Bahrain. Now Kuwait at this time was a dot and the Al Sabahs were around. Since the Hijra Calendar was no doubt in play in those days, who is to say that the date was in fact 1783?  A calendar based on hearsay and sight most of the time with not too much education or brain around until just after the Second World War, so let’s just say the Al Khalifa have been around a long time.

Forget the Ottoman Empire, in those days it was all no demarcation sand and until Britain drew a circle on a map in the early 1900s and said; ‘There you go, you can have this and call it Kuwait’. Not only Kuwait;  Saudi nor Iraq existed, but we all know how the Arabs just adore blowing their fictitious historic glory trumpet as if God’s chosen people and lands existed before the universe. Oh Babylon with your dynasties and empires as if we are talking millions!

Also on the other side of this Kuwait line in the sand which became Iraq,  a good few Shiites emerged who were actually spreading their wings to Persia, (now Iran). Reality check now:  Reminder:  Ding ding! .. We are talking about less than 100 years ago.

An awful lot of Sunni were running around these sands too and in fact one must assume the majority as they are by far in the Arab world.  Majority really, because if you were not Shiite you were Sunni of one branch or another and since many believe Shiite started as a political party within Islam it took some time to gather moss. All this is apart from the original reason for Shiite beliefs compared to Sunni and the various levels of, such as the more prolific  ‘Twelvers’ You can read all about that religious bunkum somewhere else.

To the south a whopping great nothingness which the British gave to Mr. Saud sticking him there as King and once the Bedouin tribes were ostensibly ‘united’ the massive Sunni Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was born. That was a few weeks ago in 1932, although Saudi was given permission to go marauding some 30 years earlier.  Britain’s Lawrence discovered the penchant for covert homosexuality among Muslims there and decided it was a great place to enjoy himself.

Altogether, Trans Jordan and the British Protectorate land now called Palestine and Israel were marked off.  Bahrain, Qatar and the Trucial States (now the United Arab Emirates), were quite a while later, but their names were already firmly established and very SUNNI.

So you have it; Shiite were very much in Persia, Iraq, parts of Lebanon and Yemen……. To get to Yemen they would have had to pass Bahrain which is very much an island- and I mean PASS.   Oh but now the agitators go to great pains to add ‘Bahrain’ to that list as if significant. There are probably some hypermarkets in the States bigger than Bahrain.

Just be very careful what you read when looking up modern history of the Middle East.  (I once read a great book which basically itemized by date, without sensation, all essential elements poignant to  the creation of the lands and the wars between the Arabs and Israelis..  It was so factual and a crucial reference, written by an English man I believe, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of it, but it was late 80s or early 90s. I gave it to a Shiite friend of mine to read because he questioned the the crap that Muslims/Arabs get taught and what the rest of the world now get taught too.  He never gave it back to me).


What is the difference between Bahrain and say Dubai and the rest when all is said and done.  Why pick on Bahrain?  Dateline: Feb 14th 2011:  The BBC, Sky, CCN reported thousands of bodies lying in the street having been shot by government security forces.  All absolute rubbish! The media, especially the BBC and Sky did that for about 2 days, using a sound byte over and over and over.  They should have lost their licence for just that.

Put it this way, the United Arab Emirates is a concrete jungle of fun fairs and shops. What does it produce for the world other than oil which they had nothing to do with as far as creating it?  Time up! NOTHING! Oh but they do; employment for 4 million Asians as near slaves but a much better life than they get back home.  Employment for about 2 or 3 million Europeans, Americans or other Arabs who just love the sun, the big villa, swimming pool, Range Rover and an office door with C.E.O. written on it. A playground for the rich now and a great stage for pop artists.  7 million odd expatriates and less than a million indigenous Arabs of that soil.  Many of these expatriates were born there, or lived there for 30 years or more, yet you can count on your fingers the number who have been given passports. Compare that to say Britain which has completely lost its way.  It is just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN in an Arab country.  But why pick on Bahrain? Do the Shiite have more right than expatriates who have lived in the Middle East for decades and who have absolutely no say in anything at all?

Appart from the fast track Pakistani, Jordanian or Baluchi policemen, many expatriates have now been given Bahraini passports, including a number of long time resident British.  Try that in Dubai, Qatar or Saudi.  The only objections to this granting of nationality comes from the Shiite.  OH THEY HATE IT!



Now let’s look at the ethics of all this. Not much more than a couple of hundred years ago, Australia was what?  Nothing – with 3 or 4 Aborigines nomading around with no government or infrastructure both intangible and tangible.  So rightfully the British claimed it as land to be used; just as we would if we went into space and found an inhabitable planet. The twisted luvvies of the world  who are choking on some bizarre ancestral guilt are still trying to give all colonial lands back whether Red Indian or Australian Aborigines or whatever, but quite who they have in mind at hand over is beyond bewilderment and what to do with the current inhabitants not mentioned unless they mean it is time for modern Canadians, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders etc. to live oppressed.  The same people condemn Israel – weird!  Millions of immigrants and families have put roots there all those hundreds of years ago and are now ‘the ruling families’, but that is to be taken away over night – right?   As a footnote, Europe will no longer be white very soon and I don’t think there is a black person who is not rubbing his or her brotherhood hands together at the thought of the reversal of fortunes. This pathetic notion of oppression has been instilled from the darling white anyway.  We are all born equal, but some are more equal than others is a thing called life.

Now; being the majority in say Dubai or Fiji (as mentioned before), should these expatriates be given the right to over-throw the government and claim say Dubai or Fiji in particular as their own?  No it is not different!  It is EXACTLY what it is all about, so where are you now my Fabian journalistic friends…………  Hello BBC, are you listening?

The point being for Bahrain, having been ensconced for the past couple of hundred years there really has not been any challenges to the Al Khalifa rule from this mysterious ‘majority’ of Shiites they displaced………that is  until the Ayatollah started spouting .  Should the Celts of Wales claim England back after they ran away when the Romans came? Did Prussia get back the land? Will Syria get the Golan Heights?  Go back centuries and occupations and borders slip and slide away and the current status quo remains.

So now does this mean that the Al Khalifa have to simply give up Bahrain without a fight?  Or does it have to be a traditional battle with bows and arrows and guns and things?  I can tell you from 47 years of experience with Bahrain, the latter is well and truly on the cards. Guess who is going to die? Again, the Sunni have no qualms about that.  The Shiite are not in a position to argue that toss as yet, but I can tell you that the same thoughts and modus operandi will prevail if the Shiite do get a hold.

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