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The Bahrain Grand Prix ends and suddenly the media silence is deafening.  (Except the BBC still sporadically kicking like a spoiled baby).  I have just returned from Bahrain’s 2012 Formula One extravaganza and everyone is asking me if I was safe or worse; ‘How could I be when so many are suffering like that’?

Wrong wrong wrong! Bahrain is as gold a place as a piece of very best tenderloin steak but stewed as chuck. It is not Bermuda or Barbados, but for freedom, it is as good as it gets in the Arab world and more free than your gorgeous DUBAI, don’t make any mistakes about that.    It is religion – religion – religion -  not human rights as defined in the Western World or by the western world’s pathetic media who are  out of control and fueling the fire.  What they need to concentrate on is the fact that reality bites and there will NEVER be ‘one rule for all’ unless it is Islamic and then it will be oppression all over again.

[I too use social media to gather information, to enhance my own considered experience and understanding of life in the Islamic world.  If you see a quote here that you might have seen on say Facebook or similar, then thank you for allowing me to share it, even if I do not credit you with it].

Quite possibly being the larger of the two Islamic sects, do the Shiites have a legitimate right to claim Bahrain as their own?

Ask yourself; do the Indians have the right to claim government in Fiji, will the Muslims in Sweden have the right to rule next year?   Come to that, Britain is a very dark place these days and a lot of people are not at all happy about it.  So what are all these lefty agenda soaked appeasers going to advocate then?  C’est la vie won’t do I’m afraid.  Palestinians have out breed Israelis very quickly, but do you really think they are going to ‘take over’?

Anyway, as far as Bahrain is concerned, you decide, but Bollix Media will give you the facts over the next few articles and it is not the way ‘The Intelligencia’ within the BBC ‘want’ to see it or you to see it for that matter.  The Sunni might be lazy, spoilt and whatever else you want to call them, but they are NOT going to give up Bahrain just because the BBC is shouting at them while strongly champion the opposition.

Still, like most media (except Fox) the BBC champion one side always.  ‘If thou protest, thou must be right’ and journalists these days like Islam are indoctrinated themselves and will always source the agitation as news, because defense is no news. Thank God the BBC in its present form was not around when Auschwitz was busy or they’d be having near orgasms stoking that fire in favour of Mr. Hitler. They just cannot stop!  I am not alone in thinking that the BBC and their cloned journalists get much of their Bahrain editorial from  ‘Press TV’ or ‘Al Alam’, which foolishly like so many ridiculous sites are blocked from Bahrain, but the actual TV stations are not. Backward, totalitarian thinking!


The only real human rights abuses in Bahrain, apart from the odd heavy thump for a rioting Shiite or a burglar is the absolutely appalling conditions that 3rd World expatriate workers endure -  and you guessed it; Shiite are no better than Sunni in that department, but the BBC never champion that, or things like filthy Islamic pedophiles all over the Gulf who without shame or recourse promote and frequently embark on child marriages, or ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ (The ‘ennobling’ of women).  Bahrain is far from being in that bracket, but you would never believe it listening to the world’s media. In Dubai, FGM is perfectly legal and practiced across the UAE.  Put it this way, in Bahrain, it is NOT illegal and perhaps there is a subtle difference, (See elsewhere on this blog).

Unfortunately, to the Bahrainis and indeed the Islamic world in general, the world’s media is the only media which has some sort of credibility since real ‘freedom as freedom’ does not exist at home.  Still, Arabs listen to and view Arabic content over English, even though they most likely speak perfectly reasonable English.  Bahrain and the Gulf has no ‘free media’ only pretence since nothing can critique Islam and nothing can be said against the ruling family, judiciary, police or indeed individuals who are named.  It is all pro government of which almost all are basically dictatorships from Morocco to China. Criticism just does not exist main stream, but you can say it publicly as an individual in Bahrain and ‘probably’ nothing will happen to you. (You cannot do that in Dubai and get away with it).

Very few Bahraini ever hear the BBC but they do have their favourite Arabic News Channels. Now it is highly unlikely that any other Gulf State would allow the BBC to broadcast on their territory and yet ironically, the Bahrain Government does allow the BBC World Service to broadcast in the clear on FM and to my knowledge there is a far greater chance of a technical fault than the government actually censoring or cutting it these days.  The BBC with all the vitriol goes out in the clear now. You don’t get that in China.  (Before 2001 some sycophantic minion working for the Government would have taken it upon themselves to indeed blank out any broadcast media deemed subversive or sexual). It is mostly expatriates who listen to the BBC so mostly expatriates who get wound up hearing all this anti Bahrain rhetoric.  The Bahrain government either knows this well or don’t have a media clue as to the strength or weakness of that aspect alone in any argument.

On the other hand, allowing the BBC to broadcast openly in Bahrain could well be a calculated, diplomatic risk and I for one would not put that past anyone within the Government. Arabs (and let’s say Muslims) know each other well and even predict with some confidence the actions of another, hence Mullahs and those with bigoted agenda can literally get away with murder in the name of God and frequently do.  Muslims live Islam, it is not just a belief and many of those laws are in cement, so the Government can pretty much count on their fingers who will be listening.  You only have to drive about busy Bahrain when the BBC are screaming their heads off with anti Bahrain garbage and interviewing dissidents, or some covert American sounding journalist who has been hiding in the bushes again around the Shiite villages. Expatriates are glued to the radio stuck on BBC and Whatsapp or Black Berry messengers are buzzing telling each other to switch on and listen. But the Bahrainis, both Sunni and Shiite are seat back, laid back listening to black rap or banging out Koranic recitals, or talking on their mobile phones with kids sitting on the driver’s lap.  They are certainly not listening to the BBC.


Yes, we have the Arab spring and this is another ‘media’ concoction and means absolutely nothing.  It seems to rile up the activists and even some with genuine beliefs that democracy can reign with no reins. LMAO! Truly forget about the concept of ‘freedom and democracy’ in an Islamic environment, since it really cannot exist, but because almost none think individual thoughts, as long as people follow Mohammed and the Koran, then this is ‘freedom’ as is ‘Sharia Law’. Never mind that half your population might not be Muslim (As is the case now in Tunisia and probably will be in Libya and Egypt.  Thank the West for that).  It is all very simple,  in an Islamic society sex is actually above everything and religion is above that.

Now what we have is a media frenzy claiming many abuses; brutality, no freedom and the gross oppression of one sect. On the likes of the BBC, one keeps hearing reports of ‘Sexual abuse’ against detainees and so on. There well ‘might’ be male on male sexual abuse in detention, why not, there is outside. This will be wholly exaggerated by interns for the very same reason any abuse might occur in the first place – RELIGION! Abuse as such is slightly incredulous as it is more likely to be relished, but nonetheless. This obsession with sex is yet another Achilles heel within the ultra conservative stifled conditions of Islam as it was with Catholicism not so very long ago, except Catholics regard women as equal (or…) and the frequent rear entry (which few wish to acknowledge or discuss) was really ‘only’ to protect virginity.  If a non gay British or American man was imprisoned in Bahrain for some crime, the chances of him being sodomized is far less than if he were in a British or American jail.  Among themselves, it is quite possible that this taboo is enjoyed.

What about this ‘oppression’? Well, considered oppression in the Gulf it is nothing more than not being allowed to be a top manager in the best job the minute you leave school or being made  Captain of an aeroplane straight out of f the simulator course. ( I kid you not! If it wasn’t for the general built in safety  and automation of today’s aircraft, I would NEVER let 90% of the local contingent fly me.. and…………….  nor would the locals let locals fly them either, so don’t go all appeasement paranoid of me.  I recently read that the Local Airline Gulf Air is giving free pilot training to Bahrainis with no academic qualifications at all.  They must have attended Secondary School, that is all!).  Qualifications or not and the latter is mostly the case. Locals have been spoon fed their way of life and a false sense of being ‘The glorious’.

Arabs do not really contribute to their own existence other than eternal breading and all paid for by oil which the benevolent rulers splash about now and again – because it is an Islamic say-so somewhere!  The Shiite have the knack off to a fine art and huge families are not uncommon among that sect.

Sunni and Shiite alike are so proud to belittle Western Royalty while placing their own on pedestals.  They like to boast that they can go and sit with their Kings and Sheiks at any time, but Brits cannot get into to see their Queen. True.  Going to the Royal Majlis was much better before that Teflon Terrorist Yassir Arafat brought the world to its knees with his antics.  However, nowadays one doesn’t get it to see the King that easily.  Again, self inflicted imposition, but Arabs wont see it that way.


Bahrain is being attacked in English by main stream media and all they want to do is answer in Arabic, yet the rest of the world couldn’t care less about an ancient language rich in ‘God’ that only Arabs understand. Culturally Bahrain, like the rest of the developing world are only ‘afraid’ of media, they are not artistic or savvy to use it, but again so deluded they think they are the bee’s knees and the most dreadfully amateur programming is dished up daily. With no culture or perception of artistic media, nobody sees anything bad in it, quite the opposite in fact.   Arabic is not only default, sadly it is favoured and done with very little class. English is spoken everywhere and commercial wise, by far the most popular; but Bahrainis want Arabic out of pride.   Yes, a few other languages have the same letters as Arabic, but only the God bits are understood. Right now, Bahrain needs to answer the world in English and damn good English at that. Some of the Royal family speak perfect English and even understand English humour which is always a good test, but as soon as a Sheik gets on air, all credibility goes out the window as gentlemanly  as so many of them really are.  There are a few comfortable mouthpieces, but mainly anyone who speaks out has to be a Sheik. A tradition of totalitarian rule has been imbedded and although I personally get the feeling that the Royal family would like to hear others speak out, most never will.  I also picked up on Facebook, several people commenting that Bahrain needs a damn good English speaking Alistair Campbell (but not a dodgy one).

The Royal Family (not the rest of the Government) pay out to have Pakistani, Balushi, Jordanian and Yemeni security police, because the Bahrainis wont do it ( There is another reason to do with trust issues among their own, but we’ll cover that in another part), they even have ex British coppers now – no doubt teaching the security services ‘kettling’, so why not a good old fashioned tout like Campbell for example?  This tout needs to believe that  Bahrain is  ‘a genuinely good place’ overall and the current rule just improved on and can speak on policy but freely with credibility.  That way, the international media might believe him or her and the local Shiite wont target and hurt or even kill him or her. Dilemma!

As an ‘anything goes’ state, Bahrain is anything but, but anything can and often does go in a closet, you just have to know the avenues. As long as one respects the fact that ‘anything goes’ is not legal as such and hopefully you know someone who can shift things,  then I for one have no delusions that quite often ‘anything does go’ – except media. Is that fair?  Definitely not!

Bahrain has been shooting itself in the foot for years and if they had good media to start with, perhaps a lot of this could have been avoided. The place is too small though, how on earth will an open media finance itself. Another dilemma. So like all the Middle East, media is bland and no local news at all other than what the King and his family have been doing all day, such as sending cables of good wishes to airplanes crossing  Bahrain airspace. Bizarre!  But if you think Bahrain is bad, Saudi Arabia even instructs their media to deny there is aids in the country.  No sir, local news does not really exist unless fabricated joy and exaggerated stories of massive investment or inane pedestal mounting pictures of half wit ’employees of the month’ who turned up for work 3 days in a row.   It  is only since about 2001 and the national charter that even car accident victims are named. So if there was such a thing (there isn’t) as a local serial killer, the incidents might be reported but the culprit’s name never mentioned until maybe now and only if this criminal was a Shiite.  What constitutes ‘criminal’ is a grey area.  Most criminals in the Middle East are expatriate maids who got caught flirting or Indian workers who ‘ESCAPES’ their master sponsor’s cage.  It is totally wrong of course but deep cultural inhibitions dictate that, not the government.Across the Gulf, an expatriates being accused of the pettiest of things, will find their names front page.  You’ll even read how many times some expatriates had sex and where (as if the locals are as pure as paradise itself: Cough cough cough couch!). Almost daily in the classified you’ll see a picture of an expatriate who has been fired and a big notice appearing without recourse; ‘This person no longer represents  XYZ company and any dealings with this person is at your own risk’ .  Democracy?  Freedom?  Fairness?   A gardener who winked at the housemaid will be handed over to the police along with the maid and imprisoned for months sometimes, just because her ‘sponsor’ (owner in sponsor’s mind) wants that and cruelly couldn’t care a damn at the suffering.  These poor cretins will be held and then deported.  Oh yes, Bahraini or Muslim names are withheld.

Primitive? Let the Shiite take over, nothing will change, it will just be the Sunni names being mentioned.


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