2012 – The end is nigh – or maybe not

A very hopeful 2012  goes out to all who read and agree with this blog.  For those who don’t, even more hope is heaped upon you for maybe you will see the light this year.

Just curious!  2012 is the end according to the Mayan, Shmayan, Incas, dinkas, diktors and craptors and a bloke called Nostradamus.  (Whose spell check comes up as Stradivarius – which is a little odd..).

News has been pretty sparse over what journalists admit is called the silly season when not a lot happens over Christmas and New Year.  So if the good ‘ole boy  Duke of Edinburgh died, it would have been great for them.  I do believe if the media had the technology to cause catastrophic earth quakes, they would.  So yes, they want the Arab spring to escalate, they cannot keep their business out of Bahrain which is nothing remotely like the rest and so far, no signs of the Armageddon the media wish to create, but let’s see when they will start mentioning the 2012 ‘au natural’ one.

Just today, I watched the ludicrously deluded, now OBE  (or something) Alex Crawford in South Africa, spouting the ANC line all of a sudden.  Most of her report or is that pseudo rapport bled the hearts out of every black person there, stirring hatred as she so solemnly declared that 90% of land is still owned by rich white while the majority of black South Africans live in poverty and suffering.  ‘Oh there are some who have managed to improve their standing’, she adds as a legality.   It is pitiful!  Not the land thing, but her agenda.  She did the same in Bahrain, landing on the Pear Roundabout (not square), wearing an Afghani burka and immediately championed the Shiite not actually knowing the difference between a Shiite and Sushi.   (more on that in another article).  Imagine a revolution starts in Africa this year and spreads to the rest of the world.  More likely the other way around though.

Back to the Theory:

‘The History Channel‘ has been giving this 2012 thing a fair airing but where are the rest?  History always feels a bit of a centre right affair by content and most  enjoyable without noticeably trying to pervert that which went.   So no real issue with them, except sometimes, but thankfully not always, they use chronic voices to document some of the excellent features and fill up their bulk with weak rarely interesting ‘Pawn Stars’ – ‘American Pickers’ etc.    While on the subject; their affiliate; ‘Crime Investigation Network’ so often really screw up the quality as far as voice talent is concerned and quite royally at times.   I guess that is because of the franchise spread, but really they should get someone with ears and an education to balance that.

So why don’t we have the main stream media predicting mayhem come the end of 2012 when more than half the world actually believes it?  The leftist, perverted, pseudo Marxist crap bags, blind to their own indoctrination who have infested much of our main media, have hardly, if at all carried news of this immense concern.  Oh! “It would cause world panic if we do’.  Would no doubt be a typical patronizing comment from say someone high up in the BBC for example.  But wait!  On the other hand, you maintain that your agenda or ‘no agenda’ does not influence people’s opinion.  What’s good for the goose comes to mind.

No!  I don’t believe in this notion of Armageddon one iota, but I could be wrong………….. (Watch this space).   I do however see a very serious development in 2012 and a modern-time ‘people versus people’ demise rather than a massive fire from the sky descending, or seas rising by some divine occurrence. Yep, I reckon about December 2012 it should all come to a head.  Of course it has been coming a while now and you’d have to be a monk living in outer Mongolia without electricity or just pig ignorantly stupid not to be aware of this.  (That would be three quarters of the world then and still breeding profusely).

Who is causing this demise?  Is it the blue turbaned Iranians?    “The Arabs!!!!!” This is what was loudly and angrily shouted at me recently in a mall tête-à-tête over a cappuccino or two.   Yes, quite probably, but is it Arabs or Muslims or is it the great Zeit Geist conspiracy? Take a look at the way Britain has become over the past 30 years and it is not rocket science to see racial revolution firmly on the way and it will be barbaric until one colour or race dominates the other as in the past. The media and the government cronies have nurtured this obscene predicament and are still deluded blind as to what they are preaching.

Race and racism is irrelevant to me. I personally have no issues with whatever you look like as a genre if you like and quite honestly, I do find some races extremely attractive, but that is just the chauv in me perhaps.   Black, yellow, whatever; talk to me sensibly, show some semblance of being ‘normal’ and I couldn’t care less which cannister you popped out of.  Hit me with your stifled culture and that is another story.

It’s just not Cosmo

There is a big difference between ‘a cosmopolitan society’ through choice and an a forced agenda for a vote.  Take Dubai; it doesn’t get much more cosmopolitan, but it is still very Arab and always will be because there are big EXIT signs when they don’t want you.  Bahrain, Qatar and others are similar and the colour is predominately brown, but it all works and only religion creates issues.  On the other hand, Tottenham (London) for example, is very black indeed and not remotely cosmopolitan in what was historically a Caucasian country. Likewise most other cities  and towns across the UK have completely lost all resemblance of being the traditional British and not one is cosmopolitan.  Yet other parts of the more affluent London areas have always been a hotchpotch of colours, races and languages and it all worked up until the Labour/socialist/weirdi-marxist agenda uncontrollably  flooded the country for no other gain than political, but justified as pay-back for colonialism. Well now my friends, colonialism has overtaken so much of Europe and eventually it will bring it all to its knees and level off at nothingness, just as conquistadors  discovered in the first place.  The ONLY thing the third world contributes to is using up oxygen and space and absolutely NOTHING else.  This will remain the status quo for centuries; that is if wet get past 2012. It has absolutely nothing to do with the big white man pinching all the valuable resources which has been brainwashed into us, it is just stifled culture which has been brainwashed into them.

So if is not civil riots destroying each other, let’s look at the other constant headlines. Arabs trade on the Islamic thing, which of course is the route  and rock n’ roll of their entire being.  Not all have oil.  Arabs are nice people in general, and can be very friendly indeed when they want something, plus their somewhat simplicity is often endearing.  It is the religion that has made them this way!  But, this religion has also made their downfall and everything that is bad about Arabs.  Many Arabs actually know this but just like Liverpudlians, hate anyone telling them and besides it is all around them in the air they breath and the soil they walk on, so none can do anything about it, or face death themselves and legally at that as a rule from the mighty book.  No change there then and and no chance to change.   It is by far to far gone for that and over centuries.

In reality, Arabs are the most disloyal, racially cruel, eruditely perverse politically, sneaky b’s you’ll ever come across, but will they end the world?   Pakistanis are Muslims and they leave little to be desired in general because the sane among are no where near numerous enough to control the heinous behaviour of the the rest.  Persians are certainly NOT Arabs and Orthodox Jews are not Arabs but each has the same stifled being.

Mistakenly, the Muslim thing has been heaped on Arabs and many British and other indigenous Europeans keep blaming Arabs every time something Islam comes up. Other than say Algerians, most Arabs know where their bread is buttered and do not fill up Europe, America and the UK, turning it into a ghetto identical to whence they came. They always go back home and to be frank are very good for business whenever they visit. They rarely if ever cause any problems physically elsewhere, but good GOD!  They cause unbelievable world upheaval just by their existence.  One must assume they learned it from the British who so endearingly wish to enclave themselves as ‘Watney’s Red Barrel’ brigades wherever they go.  Thankfully, not all.

Shiite hate Sunni and vice-versa and never the two will meet!  Certainly not within the life time of anyone reading this. So is it Muslims or is it Arabs who will be the demise of us all in 2012 (if it happens)?  Well none of us will be aware of it if it does as we’ll all be brown-bread.

Media Mayhem

The Moral to all this:  The likes of our treasured ‘free’ media, led by the almighty BBC promote this mayhem.  ‘If you protest, you must be right’, is the BBC’s motto and do their utmost to keep going at all costs as they wish to fill their endless broadcast hours, the more violent the better.  Reporters on the ground and on the saturated opinion slots all praising Tunisia, Egypt  et al and giving the ‘new generation of so-called ‘freedom fighters’ boodles of airtime, pontificating in their pseudo mid-atlantic accents, boasting of the new beginning.  Then these new gobs screaming freedom, openly promote Islamic Sharia law which was/is a forgone conclusion anyway.  Good GOD!  We even went full blown into Libya to clear the decks for them using our military.  Watch the faces full of eggs.

In a single sentence; anything Islamic is NOT freedom in any way shape or form! Get it into your heads if you can. Muslims certainly cannot – as they are already totally conditioned and can in any which way which is no way see Islam as having flaws.  Any wrong doings is not the fault of Islam or any of its followers, it is everyone else.

Sharia law in itself is not remotely compatible with anything on the lines of ‘fairness and freedom’ to anyone not a Muslim.  So what about Christians or closeted atheists in, Tunisia,  Egypt or the soon to be Libya and so on?  Sharia law in principle is exact, yet the very same gobs advocating it actually condone it with vigour.   I heard one British reporter on BBC world (several if not most in fact) getting almost orgasmic as she spoke to some enthusiastic ‘new generation’ from Tunisia, wishing she was Tunisian by the sound of it.  How ignorant are these so called journalists in this treacle like clique?  The Tunisian spokes person; “Oh we are very happy now that the moderate Islamic party have won control in our first elections.  Now we have freedom.  Yes of course there will be Sharia Law, but that is ok because ”””””””everyone”””””””””’ agrees with that”.  The rest of the world ‘rest’ your case.

At the end of this article and the end of the world, I guess we don’t know which will be more volatile and contribute more to the finale.    Internal crusades and revolution, Sunni- Shiite Arabs and the Persian advance?  At the ‘end’ of the day, if Nostradamus and his Indian buddies are wrong,  then Wall Street and the banks will start the ball rolling as we all go hungry. Can the last being standing have eaten all the others by December 2012;  hardly!  However, if that is the way it is going to go, then the turmoil must start any day soon.

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