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2012 – The end is nigh – or maybe not

A very hopeful 2012  goes out to all who read and agree with this blog.  For those who don’t, even more hope is heaped upon you for maybe you will see the light this year.

Just curious!  2012 is the end according to the Mayan, Shmayan, Incas, dinkas, diktors and craptors and a bloke called Nostradamus.  (Whose spell check comes up as Stradivarius – which is a little odd..).

News has been pretty sparse over what journalists admit is called the silly season when not a lot happens over Christmas and New Year.  So if the good ‘ole boy  Duke of Edinburgh died, it would have been great for them.  I do believe if the media had the technology to cause catastrophic earth quakes, they would.  So yes, they want the Arab spring to escalate, they cannot keep their business out of Bahrain which is nothing remotely like the rest and so far, no signs of the Armageddon the media wish to create, but let’s see when they will start mentioning the 2012 ‘au natural’ one. (more…)

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