Pray tell, is the media up to something on its own or are governments across Europe in on the conspiracy? It is hard to tell at the moment as government big wigs are dashing about ostensibly trying to ‘save the Euro’ yet Sky News, the BBC and a few others I note are doing their best to kill it off.

One might think ‘off-topic’ but you never really know. Never the let the truth get in the way of a good story of course, but this Euro business is very confusing and has been for a good few years now.  I know little about the workings of the currency markets, other than the cloaked deviants and the likes of The Great Janus hypocrite – George Soros appearing to have set their sights on bringing a country to its knees so they or at least he could buy it.


On the other hand, there are a good few devious billionaires out there, most without political agenda, who so sickly spout concern to please the charity hungry masses and the media, but actually give absolutely nothing away as they daily and constantly amass more and more. Not that he is a bad person in anyway, but  Micky Jagtiani comes to mind in this respect.  He is a big solemn talker constantly going on about how he ‘doesn’t want the money’ and ‘wants to give it all away to help poor Indians’.  Sorry mate, you don’t amass billions by giving it away – to anyone.  Stop the crap!  By the way, no media will ever mention that Jagtiani started -or  is that inherited – his first  ‘baby store’ by ripping off the registered name ‘MOTHERCARE’ knowing full well that laws in the Middle East would do nothing about it, being protected by a Sheik within the ruling family.   But hey, this is how the wild Middle East does it.  Having made that point, one cannot deny Jagtiani’s acumen. (Rumours are rife around Dubai that sadly he is none too well these days).

For a good few years now, I have hissed and spit at the Euro because of its hyped value.  The Euro did a jig or two when it first appeared, all designed to make us feel like it was not part of the big Zeist Geist conspiracy, but after that, it kept going up and up.  It even reached the value of the dear British Pound at one stage.  What’s that all about?  A hissy fit by the powers that be, to show their might and punish Britain for not joining, or is Britain just such a sad pile of backwardness itself now? If you look at most of it’s inner cities, one does question the future.  Tottenham was a shock to most, it used to be a rough and ready white cowboy town when I lived there in the 70s, but now it is just a huge swathe of uneducated black people, unless the media select only that view, but that would contradict their obvious agenda.


Anyway, back to the Euro; surely the higher the currency the less exports a country can expect, so a fine balance has to be maintained, or other currencies against the Euro are deemed third world and impossible to compete.  I am talking about things like holidays and so on.  With the Euro so high, even the ‘Made in Germany’ reputation is going to deter foreign buyers because they just cannot afford the product. Or is this all part of the conspiracy aspiring to The Grand Marxist, left full of luvvies Europe taking control and ruling the world?

Now the media have been so desperate for meaty stories recently, they glorify to Sainthood any throw away, gay, drugged or alcoholic artists who top themselves or die of some associated action.   Well, there is nothing about this week other than the mysterious topping off of the footballer Gary Speed, for which the media can only say so much,  so the Euro is getting it.


It was a God send when the Arabs woke up, filling their broadcast hours with endless opportunity to destroy the tyrants and promote the rise of Islam, as this is what will happen.  I saw posted somewhere:  ‘The likes of the BBC have this sickness, creating underdogs and what they call minorities.  Likewise anyone that demonstrates “MUST BE RIGHT’. But wait, those demonstrating about capitalist pigs coining it while we suffer just working to eat the next meal, have had little or no sensational coverage.  Why?  I cannot fathom it myself.  It has something to do with this Euro thing, but I cannot work it out.

The Euro is not really the hot topic, but the media cannot get much out of Syria; Yemen is going nowhere anyway and Bahrain is actually justifiably angry at the constant media agression and ‘Monkey see Monkey do’ copy.  ‘The Brutal repression of the  majority Shiite population’, each time it is mentioned.  That story is for another post, because it is not anything like  the media would have you believe and the BBC and Sky News in particular have been unbelievably cruel and one sidedly ill-informed. The huge majority in Bahrain is not Shiite at all, it is a mixture of both Sunni and Shiite, who want no part of this stifled, ultra backward sectarian magma which is causing all the problems.  (Incidentally, the complete opposite of what Syria is enforcing).  Oh yes, there are big issues and the Shiite have good reason and the ruling Al Khalifa is a quagmire itself with many of its extended family unfit and undeserving of their almighty position, but like the UK and much of Europe in its infancy, it has to start somewhere and their job is not easy.  Islam pontificates democracy, one and all brainwashed by the word, yet it is the antipathy of any freedom, yet not a single one of them can see or perceive their folly.  So whatever handle the BBC and the rest think they have on it, it all goes out the window because they cannot take religion off the table and in any media coverage is ridiculous because the sectarian base is too politically incorrect to mention.  So sad.  My God, it is now media jargon to say; ‘A Pakistan cricketer was charged with fixing….’  Not a ‘Pakistani cricketer….’  Yes folks, it is sick sick sick!

Back to the now flavour of the day, The Euro; the crisis could be fixed over night by simply devaluing the currency to its more realistic ””’real””level.  About equality with the US Dollar should do it.  Nobody is mentioning that though.


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