Spotted on Facebook the day before the big memorial.  The page is called ‘Biased BBC’ and one of many such independent attempts to bring reality to the world, but so very few are listening.

“The 10th anniversary of 9-11 horror and the blessed BBC pump out to the world a 5th rate, highly negative satirical, parody based radio play by a totally obscure so-called ‘play-write’ Michael Eaton. Lampooning the innocent who died, making an absolute mockery of justifiable response. “Ugh Mr. President- Attacking Iraq is like whacking Mexico for Pearl Harbour”. Iraq was years later and a completely different issue, nonetheless manipulated and maligned by the treacherous Marxist media agenda”

“The Daily telegraph reviewed this junk as a ‘tribute’. The BBC luvvie director Dirk Maggs degrades his own perceived abilities by severely lowering his shelf life with this one. I never saw anything funny in the ‘Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy’ series either, but my guess is, he thought this heap of amateur goo was on the same level.”

So I looked closer. Scanning the BBC World Service, sure enough, there it is; ‘WASHINGTON 9-11″ as it is called and so gratuitously promoted as if it was a new found enlightenment for us all to relish without missing a syllable. As for the observation by the Facebook writer,  I have to fully agree. The director of the play Dirk Maggs, is a well-oiled BBC luvvie, perhaps known better in his early years for an abstract rather cliquey cult radio series called; ‘The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.  Personally, I found it unbearably unfunny with most of the plot and dialogue a desperate attempt at being nothingness and perhaps sardonically witty.  The reason I mention it is simply because if you hear ‘WASHINGTON 9-11′, the entire thing is directed in much the same way.  It is unfunny and a blatant smack in the face for compassion.  Had it not been for Dirk Maggs’ association with the BBC, a piece of junk like this play would not have stood a hope in hell of finding airtime.

So it makes me ask the question again; just who is in control of this massive bunch of misfits?  It means their fascist left agenda junkies, must have searched long and hard to find something appropriate to insult us all with on the anniversary of 9-11; the day the world was brought to it’s knees.  All they could come up with to feed their glee was this pathetic ‘Washington 9-11’.

Again, the BBC get clean away with it. Nobody to critique, nobody to care, nobody listening to reason as to why this garbage is allowed to air on a ‘paid for by taxpayers’ treasonous, treacherous, closeted ‘rent boys’ club for the pseudo elite and scrap yard for wannabe indoctrinated journalists.  You wonder why heinous actions take place in the likes of Norway; well it is not rocket science.  The ‘club’ who minority rule us are just NOT LISTENING!  Convinced beyond awareness that we all think the same as they do without question. It is like a backward religion, stifled beyond imagination, so there is no imagination, yet considered so elite, ultimate and the euphoric future.

One left wing UK newspaper is being given buckets of airtime now for their commemorative front page, which is near blank except for a small picture of towers. ‘THE TEN LOST YEARS’!  The reviewers and talking heads filling our screens are fawning over it like flies to a bucket of it in the kitchen.  Said one black play-write reviewing the rag on Sky News;  ‘At the time of 9-11, if we had had a proper President, 9-11 would have been the start of a new era of mending fences and discovering just where America is in the world’.   OMG!  Just who was she supposing ‘a proper President’ might have been?  Spoken with such conviction, so patronizingly confident that she speaks for us all.

Sick sick sick!   The people who died on 9-11 and the people who risked their own lives to desperately save so many others in dangerously dire straights, deserve at least a modicum of respect, if not a crumb of retaliation, regardless whether or not one feels no pity or indeed the enemy.   The world appeases as we head to our own annihilation.

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