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Preacher Terry Jones is not to visit the UK.  WHY?

With the British Home Secretary making the statement that she is considering denying a visa to a visiting preacher is tantamount to surrender.  The issue whether she will or will not should NEVER arise.  He is an American citizen, he has broken no laws, he is not a criminal and Britain has an agreement with the US regarding the privilege.

Will history simply repeat itself and justified fear reign over the UK again and again as it does everywhere else in the world?  We’ve mention Preacher Terry Jones before and now he wants to visit Luton of all places, the town just north of London where street protests abound with flocks of Muslims calling the British troops ‘murders’ and everything else under the sun.  (Check out this video: I first received it early April 2012 – views were less than 200.  Less than 3 weeks later the views are reaching one and half million and it will reach many more believe me). Endlessly chanting for death and they mean it, which is something all of Europe and half of America really cannot get their head around.  The dumbed down and luvvies just think it is all noise!  As they have always done (in the past 25 years at least) the British police deem is easier

to just let it happen and choose instead to lock up British British who merely shout back in retaliation, because politicians and the police claim it is the non Muslims or British British who insight hatred.  Bizarre!  It is the old old story; obscene Political Correctness only applies to one side.

Off track but worth a mention; do you notice how many immigrants are part of the yobbish crowds currently beating the Capitol up?  As if we didn’t have enough degenerates in the UK without importing them.  Having lived and worked in the Middle East and still very well connected across most of these despotic countries, some  of which were home to these mongrels, you have to open your eyes  and believe what you see that NO SUCH ACTIONS are even remotely permitted in their own systems. The police will just shoot you.  And a luvvie just shouts at me;  ‘And that is what you would like to do in our system is it; bring us to their level?’ The statement is contradictory in itself, but it is a pretty common retort.

I’ve just watched an interview being conducted with Dr. Mathew Feldman on Sky News.  He cooly bypasses the entire issue of the Paster visiting the UK as just another hate monger which the UK doesn’t need right now; while utterly failing to address the Islamic tide of hate which is endemic to their doctrine. It is almost as if he condones the assumed consequences.  So blasé he dismisses the hate  which Luton Muslims showered on British soldiers as expected and justified.   “Islam’ means peace, so the likes of Feldman accept that ‘indoctrination’ as final, just as a billion or so Muslims delude themselves.  So Muslims are so perfect and this notion that they will slit your throat in the name of Allah does not exit?  NOT ALL WILL, but not a single one will stand by you to protect you or as much as condemn it if it is happening right in front of them.  You know that finding a Unicorn is easier than finding a Muslim who will even condemn an honour killing.  Let’s not go to Female Mutilation, which is also covered in depth in these pages.

Feldman defends ‘Freedom of speech’ but not if it offends 2 million Muslims.  Similarly, Feldman has made quite an issue about Holocaust denial (Google, there is plenty of it).  Again, he doesn’t ‘necessarily agree with those who deny, but he is pretty vocal against those who believe the ‘facts’.  To deny the holocaust must endorse any pending genocide against say black people or Muslims if the two are considered what? A minority, an undesirable race? To get an idea of Feldman’s condescending and agenda rife diatribe, listen to this interview on BBC Radio, about the  E.D.F. (English Defence Force).  Feldman is a very palatable sounding Mr. Nice Guy, trying to be everyone’s friend and the media producers love him to death no doubt.  Why oh why do the media NEVER entertain real people with real thoughts at street level, not even on a vox pop.  Simple answer; they patronizingly  think we are all as thick as cow muck and need their guidance, plus utterly afraid because the very laws they ‘stockholmly’ support have allowed the country to be taken away.  Agenda agenda agenda.

Will the ‘Conservative’ government stick their heads in the sand and refuse Terry Jones a visa while they let in all and sundry except those who challenge these absurdities ? Unbelievable, that piece of work calling herself the ‘Home Secretary’, so cockilly came out and refused.   Backward, ignorant, dragging their arranged wives and bus load of kids who contribute zero to the well being of the British or anywhere else they go (come to that). As covered in detail on this blog, the previous Labour  egotistical weaklings in power refused Dutch politician Geert Wilders entry the UK and he is border-less by EU citizenship.  What next?  Watch the BBC pretend to be oh so balanced, yet watch the agenda soaked pro Islamic reporting.  Just take a few days to listen to the BBC World Service and you would easily be convinced that it is domicile in Mecca.  Tax payers pay for that too. Bollix Media is not the only ones on to this.

So if Terry Jones comes threatening to burn a koran or two in Luton, Muslim Britain will erupt!  Worse, no sympathy will prevail because the media love this man as it gives them an excellent story, while at the same time ruthlessly condemning him, calling him a ‘nut’ or a ‘whack job’. Even dear old defender of the faith Bill O’Reilly does it on Fox News.  I heard him say it again on Letterman the other night.  So-called Big balls O’Reilly knows full well that he ‘cannot/darenot’ challenge this side of Islam.

I just happened to be on Sloan Square a few years back when the police dragged a incensed law abiding British motorist off to prison for stopping his car and shouting at this bunch of primitives while allowing a marauding crowd of near mutants to scream and wave threatening banners proclaiming death to all Kafirs.  I was also so incensed I actually very quietly approached a few coppers standing by a railing and made it clear that this situation is all ass-about-face and quoted the old adage; You can fool some of the people…..’ .  Thinking they would give a wry smile in agreement, I was pushed to move on with;  If I have no business here, OUT NOW!

This is not an anti-Islamic blog, far from it.  Here it is hoped that the stupidity, in-justice and danger surrounding it which is prevalent in the world today can be noted.  Unfortunately, the world is split; with one majority living in denial and fear and the other side living in a different denial and self fear.  Listening to the various media, particularly the BBC, we have Muslim speakers calling anyone who is against them – a racist pig and beyond.  On the World Service the other day, some concerned Londoner was getting it in the neck by a pompous far too over confident British Muslim aggressively shouting down this man because the was questioning Islam.  The Muslim was so secure, believing he had the might of every BBC listener right behind him and that if you didn’t agree with his one sided indoctrination you are ignorant and vegetative. Our Muslim could not see himself in any way shape or form, just like them all.  He was born an Muslim, lived in the Muslim culture, forced down his neck from before he was born but pontificated as if Islam is ‘THE’ only word, no question.  So what is unusual about that? The Londoner questioned the number of children Muslims have and the Muslim went for him in such a Trotsky manner; “Are you suggesting that Muslims should not breed’?  Er!  Well, now there’s a thought.   Well breed by all means, but give your kids a choice and allow non Muslim men to marry Muslim women.   WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!  How dare you suggest such heresy?  Rest my case!

The fundamental problem is still the fundamental problem, a Muslim is born by force and kept by fear,  yet it is so very very hard to find a single Muslim to agree with that.  Denial!  The world denies it, it is NEVER part of the discussions, it is never admitted and when the Pope proclaimed that ‘Islam was by the sword’, what he meant or should have said was; ‘Islam is still by the sword whereas Christianity got over that 500 years ago’. Death for blasphemy is common, but it seems the rest of the world don’t get the drift of that.  In fact the opposite.  You hear: ‘You are kidding, people don’t really top you because you didn’t mention this GOD in the right way..  no way…  do they’? What’s on the X Factor tonight?  If that is not primitive then nothing that went before is.

It has all been said over and over, so no need to go on and on here because all it does is create a vicious response from insecure Muslims and deluded luvvies who so clichéd ask me; ‘What makes you so angry’?  Advising me that I am ill or something and should temper myself or get out!  What does that mean?  We who are concerned and speak out should commit suicide because the world is selling itself down the drain and there is no hope?  Incredibly, these luvvies and intellects believe they can ‘talk their way out of it’ when the forced submission start.  You’ve got more chance of surviving a nuclear explosion in your toilet while you are sitting on it.

If it keeps going, topping yourself in advance might be the answer before the ‘Islam vs the rest’ civil war break out with horrendous consequences because no authority will ever contain that. Muslims will not be able to defend themselves either, since they are merely united in a forced religion and not as a people.

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