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UPDATE: MONDAY 13th Dec. 2010  @ 1300 GMT:

Preacher Terry Jones is not to visit the UK.  WHY?

With the British Home Secretary making the statement that she is considering denying a visa to a visiting preacher is tantamount to surrender.  The issue whether she will or will not should NEVER arise.  He is an American citizen, he has broken no laws, he is not a criminal and Britain has an agreement with the US regarding the privilege.

Will history simply repeat itself and justified fear reign over the UK again and again as it does everywhere else in the world?  We’ve mention Preacher Terry Jones before and now he wants to visit Luton of all places, the town just north of London where street protests abound with flocks of Muslims calling the British troops ‘murders’ and everything else under the sun.  (Check out this video: I first received it early April 2012 – views were less than 200.  Less than 3 weeks later the views are reaching one and half million and it will reach many more believe me). Endlessly chanting for death and they mean it, which is something all of Europe and half of America really cannot get their head around.  The dumbed down and luvvies just think it is all noise!  As they have always done (in the past 25 years at least) the British police deem is easier


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