don’t shoot – i appease thee!


The Taliban proudly blew up 1500 year old sacred Buddhist statues without as much as a blink –
Almost daily, cretinous, disturbed marauding Muslims desecrate Christian symbols, as looney Christians did to similar idols as late as 600 years ago. As if still the dark ages, brainless rent-a-crowds burn effigies and books in places like Iran, India, Pakistan and whatever other Stan; even in the ‘Oh we are so cool and gorgeous, pseudo sophisticated Lebanon. More worrying, we see the same things on the streets of Britain and France, but the media as we know it hardly report it.

Yet a Florida preacher decides to burn Korans and it gets more world wide condemnation than 9-11 itself. The fact that he has backed down for the moment, gets almost no publicity at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!   The media now have more religion to contend with as they stir up a frenzy and ‘pontificate’ over the Pope’s visit to the UK.  Pedophiles; tax payer’s money setting it up;  the church’s conspiracy to ban condoms so more Catholics are born than anything else and whatever else the media can squeeze out of this.  Well at least the Catholics have something to physically worship and boy, do they do just that. I cannot understand it, but each to their own and leave them be if it makes them happy and bothers no one else.  Something else I do not understand; how a billion and a half people can be devoted to a religion based on wanton male sexual lust and not be ashamed. I just heard that some Hamas leader has upped the number of ‘virgins’ to be made available to martyrs who kill Israelis.

‘I downloaded the Koran last night – just shout if you want me to burn you a copy”.  The latest viral joke doing the rounds, so stop the sickly crap Obama, Hilary, Patraeous and a million other whacky cardboard cutouts with their ‘oh so understanding and compassionate appeasement’ as if we are ALL RELIGIOUS, respectful and ‘everyone – the world’ even,  follows the line and ‘ thinks like they ‘supposedly’ do huh?

Of course, my dear friends it is utter bollix!  Right now, if you believe the vile agenda of today’s media, nobody physically stands against the murderous threats of Islam, but ostensibly, we are told that all of us are firmly united as a people in religious harmony, whole heartedly against this ballsy, probably whacky Preacher with each and every one of us asking him not to strike his match. Not to mention that some local bylaw can probably prevent him from fouling the atmosphere anyway.


You just could not turn any direction; every station was and still is condemning the Preacher and not Islam. I happened to  tune into France 24, as a Professor Robert Skippon was being introduced. His aura was enough, he didn’t need to open his condescending mouth for me to know the content of his first clichéd sentence.  Sure enough, out it popped; ‘This man (the Pastor) is obviously a nut case…’ boringly going on and on with such blasé nothingness as if we don’t have a right to think for ourselves – just as Muslims are unable to think for themselves. As with anything Islamic, so the only thing they can do without fear of retribution, is as they always do, go for safety, hit the Preacher and what he might believe in, because he is going to do nothing about it.

But this dumbing down, bullshit lefty, Zeist Geist nanny conspiracy WILL end sooner rather than later as the tolerant become the aggressors with their advanced minds, ability and weaponry.  Then cry wolf my dear morons as you endlessly do now.
For goodness sake, good old Fox News, is now condoning Islamic sentiment, using carefully selected phraseology so excessively such as ‘radical Muslims, rather than ‘Muslims’.  Bill O’Reilly calls the Florida Preacher ‘The crazy guy’ and depicts him as a publicity whore’  Whore? It is the media news editors and presenters who are the whores!

Let’s get down to brass tacks. None of us want the 1.5 billion Muslims of the world to go ape shit violent as they so often do and will at the slightest irrelevant, nonsensical utterance; thus go about harming our soldiers or attack our cities or just generally belly ache all day long and hate us every waking day. No no, absolutely not and as far as I am concerned, remove all troops today anyway.  Whose idea was it to kill people and then cuddle what’s left?  (Murray Roman; ‘You can beat people up and have them say I love you’).  But I can feel it in my water, there are 2 billion other folk out there who are right behind the Preacher for his sheer guts, nuts or not.  I figure if millions more had the balls to carry out such a threat, they probably would. Of course, there is not one main stream media channel who would air such an assessment or any pictures of them burning Korans. The media would not even mention that there are people out there saying such a thing.  The media doesn’t even show relative demonstrations much now either, since the placards scream hate and the demonstrators are um.. er.. not kosher British or European as such.  Jesus Christ! The media hope for death and mayhem so they can report it.

It is not the salient reality of the preacher’s action burning paper which puts our troops in danger, They are always in danger. It is the pathetically weak, frightened free world itself in denial, perpetrated by the selfishly ruthless, immoral private club agenda egotists who want everyone to love and listen to them and that includes the vote. The glee in doing so is oiling this danger by saying and thus doing absolutely nothing about the erosion of our own way of life and enjoyed freedom.  These same media brethren are the mouth pieces of You Hussain Obama,  along with your disciples Mrs. Devious Deluded Clinton and General ‘You can shoot me first if it makes you happy’ Patraeous,  all towing the agenda line. The very same people who would be instantly closed down in a Muslim world, if not butchered to death under Taliban control.

There were always Muslims in America, but when I was a kid there were no Muslims in Britain, but look at it now.  At first glance you wouldn’t believe it was England, unless you live there.  (I think the right hand picture is of Maidenhead or similar, which is not middle or northern England, but what some refer to as middle class Home Counties).

tale of two cities

Burn a Koran in Florida and we will see British streets resemble Swat Valley or Kashmir.. Where did all this come from?  This is is not guilt from imperial rule and slavery, this all started with Harold Wilson in the 60s  and has backfired so badly, the country will be dominated by 3rd or 4th generation immigrants in no time.  A warped Marxist Socialism to maintain grip on power. Instead of killing you if you don’t toe the line, allow massive bundles of near amoeba to swamp your country;  give them a house, money and rights and they WILL vote for you – until there is enough of them and then they vote for their own. Don’t deny it, you see it every day of your life, but now accept it because the ‘people’ can no longer control it.   Now it is too late to do anything and governments and media, just like the general public are petrified to challenge it.


Freedom – Freedom – Freedom. If the likes of Obama and his wavelength had their way, we would have ‘his’ freedom, we’d all be living this ‘modern’ pseudo Marxist, donkyist, Sharia, rule book.

The only ‘modern’ thing about Islam is the global advance of it’s tyranny.

Oppressed in fear. In their rule book that would be legal.  Did the Ayatollah have millions executed when he went back to Iran?  Is the Pope a Catholic?  Of course so many lost their lives in the name of GOD.  To this day they use the same ruling; A crime against God.  It is a crime if you don’t believe, a crime if you say something that upsets them.  A religious crime so perfectly legal as written to slaughter whoever they wish and get clean away with it as they have.  Amazingly, you can ask almost any Persian how many were persecuted and killed and the answer will be same, as will be the look of surprise.  “Nobody, I never heard of this’.  ‘What about all those people who were cut down  or hanged because they did not agree with the Ayatollah and his rule’?  The look of bewilderment and the utter submission; ‘But these are heretics, infidels, this is not genocide’.

In a 200 billion to one chance that this blog was ever read by Mr. Obama and his henchmen, I truly suspect they would simply find some very nasty way of blocking it and thousands of others like it. Plant some dirt, have us arrested,  have us whacked even.  Freedom was NOT given to us by Obama, it was not allowed by some GOD, but by damn brave men and women who had no choice but to go over the front line petrified beyond imagination and face death to keep us from history’s tyrants.

Is it too late?  Many think so. The Preacher thinks so.  It is time to get over this Politically Correct cartoon and get on to it and stop it now or it will absorb everything in its path by the pure nature of its tyrannical imposition. The print and on-line media carry thousands upon thousands of associated comments calling the Preacher a ‘freak’, an ‘idiot’ and whatever else they can emblazon him with.  Whacky comments like;  ‘The preacher should burn the 9-11 report, not the Korans’; ‘He is not a Christian if he doesn’t respect the beliefs of others’; ‘9-11 is as much to do about Islam as rape is to sex’; on and on.

Yes, these are the Stockholm Syndrome sheep or intelligent people with incorrectly wired hormones in the brain. Who is the freak? I see such bizarre and frighteningly pitiful comments of submission, one wonders? Ludicrously appeasing comments from Intellects too intellectual for their own good and convinced that the rest of us are all sub human beneath them.  These neural highway short  circuits cut off their ability to receive, transferring that power to the ‘transmission’ side only.  Hence they condescend to put us right with their smug, oh so knowing dismissals. American Universities are full of them.

Freedom is when It is nobody’s business what Reverend Jones does with his property and that is the crux of the issue; the ‘freedom’ we are being deprived of. It is this endless appeasement of abhorrent constant threats, whether we are in Iraq, Afghanistan or in our own back yards minding our own business. Our constitution is being manipulated by those who don’t have a constitution and don’t want one, because their law is a book full of ludicrous contradictions written by vicious bigots over time and passed off as original text,  If this keeps going, your children will not have a constitution either.

‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do”.  It is very hard to utter that loving, forgiving phrase with your
throat legally slit as the supposed rule of God in this book.

How much more can we take? Does any normal, sensible person out there not see and understand what is going on?


Tolerance!  Tolerance!  Tolerance!   Respectfully Obama, please shut your mouth!  For the last 100 years we have been more than tolerant of everything – and for the past 50 years, we’ve been paying back for what went before as if my fault. You are no Nelson Mandela, you are half black and it is written all over your face that you are still living with your ingrained hate for this past  – an ‘African American’ – YOUR chosen side.  Yet we don’t really know what you are.  To top this, your CHOSEN ones have already anointed you with everything treacle, without having done a damn thing for it.  That makes you very dangerous Sir.  You, like so many, lump any form of what you see as oppression all together, to the extent that it probably secretly encompasses your being and you go into corners when nobody is looking and spit that revenge and hate, all for the good of your own indoctrination.  Oppression no longer comes from the free societies we live in, but from your own deep routed psychological hate and built into the societies from whence you came, where life is an accepted oppression such as Islam.  Still, forms of this gross oppression is here already of course and manifests itself in ridiculously bloated Political Correctness and a real fear of consequences. Sadly, you and your mass of sheep who worship you seem totally blinded, but even if you did see it, you would think we deserve it and the tables turned.

This obviously ‘not so crack-pot’ Preacher along with so many others expected Obama and his cronies to come ranting out immediately. I wasn’t sure about the rest of the world.  Did Putin or Sarkosy make any statements. I didn’t hear any?   The suspected Anti Christ Obama was soon on his perch as he is about all radical things and that includes BP. Crowning his nation’s blindness, pontificating his coded agenda driven diplomacy just to be loved.  He believes every word of his media army, who so sycophantically carry his robes. Accept Fox of course, which is why he hates it so much. Different strokes for different folks, but there really isn’t much difference at the end of the day between his so-called free world and North Korea.  Well there will not be soon if we are all forced into Islam  – and our next generations will be if we don’t have more preachers standing up.

So If there are followers of the Preacher out there, in agreement with me, who don’t go along with government white wash indoctrination or media agenda and think that there are millions of other like us; rather than the laughable 55 the media accentuate and love ridiculing and smearing him about; then rest your case oh disciples. Resign yourself to the slavery of conformity and terror, where individual thought or blame no longer exists, for the nations of God are against you and gaining the upper hand, for the media is ablaze with equal condemnation for you too.

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