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First read this: An April Fool’s stunt somewhat on a par with Orson Welles and his ‘War of the Worlds’ stint. Mass panic and seemingly a display of gross stupidity among the population but a big hit for the media. So what is the difference between the Jordanian newspaper spoof and the CBS broadcast on 30th October 1938?

The War of the Worlds thing was a radio drama based on an H.G. Wells novel and wasn’t meant to cause panic and it wasn’t broadcast on April 1st. Reports that mass panic occurred is again a figment of the media’s imagination, merely proliferated to cook the story. Sure some reacted as the drama was played out as a news report and no commercials were aired during it. This is what the big networks do now, if a big story breaks. The year was 1938 for goodness sake, pilots wore Biggles hats and we’d only just moved up to metal aircraft with dashboard lights, never mind the finned Flash Gordon rockets on your Saturday morning flicks. However, War of the Worlds has had an impact, that being a perception that any aliens landing are most likely to be Martians and very hostile. Watching a recent episode of the Hilarious MONK, it is also assumed that aliens don’t have bellybuttons.

Even in my mind, I suspect an Alien coming here might not quite be a kosher tourist; plus being so obviously way way out there advanced compared to us, I’d want to try and make friends first if there was no indication that I was going to be vaporized on sight.


Anyway, none of that applies to Jordan, since the chances of even .5% of any Jordanian knowing (more…)

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