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(Draft 1) Tony Blair, bless him, just said something very interesting. Now what is that all about?  I heard it on Sky, but nobody else that I know of dwelled on it.

Blair is Middle East Envoy or something for someone somewhere, but I really don’t think the world knows exactly who.  Tone  inferred that he had no objection to aid for some of these despotic and incompetent countries, such as given by United Nations I suppose, but that these countries had to do something about their education curriculum. Hear Hear Tone!

Of course the comments were veiled for sure, as is Afghanistan and anything else the brave soldiers go out to kill that just happens to be Muslim.  Now you think about it! The west gives millions and millions to these countries and support the U.N. who set up in them.  A lot of this aid or help is for schooling, so that means we have been funding Madrassas and stifled backward education for years.

Tony B mentioned Saudi in particular and of course, nothing in your life time is going to change the crap they teach their masses, but it really applies to all of their neighbours as well. Ask any young Saudi what a whale is and they will tell you that it is a fish. Ask them what nuclear fission is and they will ask you if it is made by Coca Cola.  Ask them what the Koran says about dogs, homosexuals or even music and each and everyone of them can tell you, almost word for word.

However, I think our Masonic Tone was actually talking about Palestinians without dwelling on them and rightly so because that is one seriously degenerate nation trying so hard to breed itself out of a fix.  Palestinians never were so religious back when Israel arrived; there were not that many of them to start with –  and even then,  a lot were Christians.  (To state or believe that is again Jewish propaganda).  Now we have Hamas with its Iranian backed indoctrination filling the heads of one and all and no doubt the west is paying for this. Give Iran the BOMB and before Hizbollah in Lebanon, or Palestine and the beloved Hamas can walk, they will be able to obliterate themselves and everyone else – IN THE NAME OF ALLAH!

Oh luvvies; yes yes yes, nobody wants to deny them an education, but what they teach is coming to a town near you soon.

Our education dictates our minds – and that is exactly Islamic teaching. Islam is above all and to be conversant with the scripture  is to them – education – hang everything else.  They actually uneducate and it is perpetual in the Islamic world, thus maintains a non advancing culture.  But hark, what  thou sayest – as the luvvies protest;  “They are not all the same”. No no no. ‘They are not all the same, but it is the same in all of them which stops them from stopping it”.

The Palestinians just don’t ever help themselves and the entire Arab world hates them, but it doesn’t stop them Arafatting across the Gulf with their hands out every few years.  The Arabic language  refers to them as ‘filistine’. I guarantee, the moment Obama or Brown or Jack limp Straw catch on to that one, the word ‘philistine’ will be banned from our language.

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