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Where is Greta Van Susteren? Dear God, Rebecca Jones needs you!

Just recently, Bollix Media received a link to a Facebook page which details the very sad case of an archaic mindset which legally allowed the ‘kidnapping’ of a 10 year old British come Qatari boy Adam Jones in a place called Qatar. I have been to Doha a few times, but really I know not a lot about it other than like any other Gulf State, they will play with Islamic law to suit themselves as and when they please and this seems to be one of those horrendous cases where mixed marriages can end up destroying lives for the sake of Islam and its primitive intoxicating male dominance, but I am not so sure that is the case here as a much more macabre act maybe at play.

Oddly, very little international main stream media coverage has been forthcoming about this case, giving rise to suspicions that political fear, business greed or more likely conspiracy appeasement is preventing a worthy case being publicized. I have come across some local media giving the story considerable weight and regularly,  although Adam is named as a ‘Qatari’ boy. As I said, the reluctance of international media to take up reporting on this inhuman tragedy begs questioning so becomes a perfect story for Bollix Media to carry.

The first thing I did was make detailed enquiries with some of the many contacts I have in the area and whichever way one looks at it, it is yet another account of Islamic based social savagery that so often emanates from within the Muslim world.


It transcribes that about a month ago, young Adam was unceremoniously snatched away from Rebecca Jones, Adam’s British mother, in what (more…)

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