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“I’m not gay, but my husband is”. Just exactly which audience are some of the major media players, typically Britain’s Sky News aiming at? Are we talking kids who idolize pop, just the gay fraternity who make up the Boyzone league, Pakistanis and everything about them, or loonie left leaning sympathizers who have to be luvvie about one and all?  Well it obviously aint for me and my type and I figure I represent at least 70% of most average thoughts. Half the stuff that goes out is so incredulous and biased towards the bizarre these days, I crave the old days when they just reported disasters, crime and strikes. Reported or presented by gays (no doubt) but they were still heavily ‘at it’  in the closet then and it wasn’t rammed down our throats, so to speak, as it is every 5 minutes these days.
How many tens of thousands of people die every day?  In fact, I don’t have so much time left myself, so it is safe to say that most inhabitants of this ole earth croak through illness or what is termed natural causes.  Just think about how many die by accident, catastrophe, sudden, unexpected, heart breaking and shocking to loved ones and acquaintances.  Could it be as many as a million every day, if we considered the whole world?  Too quote just some of Ronan Keating’s tearful and (more…)

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I AM LIBERAL, but I am not a LIBERAL!
I am not Jewish either and don’t particularly agree with everything Jewish, although we cannot deny it;  the Jews have brought more to the table as far as art, science and progress is concerned, far above any others.  The Jews endured a serious onslaught of genocide and many risked and even forfeited their precious lives under unforgiving hell in hell circumstances to save others.  Too many to mention while the rest of the world happily forgets and indeed encouraged to ‘drop it’ by our Fabian friends.  (Some Jewish).  However, I mention one only in regard to this post.  Google her name and read, you will be moved.    Irena Sendler was up for the Nobel prize, but was rejected for the likes of insipid,  clichéd  video poster Al Gore and yes, yes yes!!! You know who.

With more streams of clichéd rhetoric in defense from the meekly weak so-called scholars of our earth, Obama is anointed Nobel Peace laureate. It will outrage more than it will please but we know that his followers can see no wrong in their Messiah. The same people are misguided and in their arrogant assumption that the entire world thinks like them, thus fail to see the pending backlash. Of course, if we don’t think like them, we are ignorant peasants or bigoted idiots.

So how can this be? A few months into his Presidency and he gets such a coveted order. Surely the nominations for the Peace Prize must have been in – near or around the time of the last US election and even before Obama was elected, I have no idea, but it is not something that is decided in just a few days. There is a very big ”‘WTF?’” attached to this one.  The Illuminati conspiracy is alive and well.

Obama has done nothing wrong as such; he has shown himself to be a very decent human being and perhaps his only real folly was erring completely to his black side, but that was fully expected.  On the other hand, Obama has done no right either.
As the Norwegian dished out the Nobel Peace prize to him they compared Obama to Gorbachev, a disgrace in its utterance.  Presidents do a job and not the sort of job I personally would always associate such awards with, although a few have received it and quite probably rightly so.   But for just bringing a bit of colour to the White House.  Oh please!   What about the likes of Morgan Tsvangirai who has faced his own slaughter from within by its people in a country which neighbours Obama’s hailing. Where is Obama on these issues , with his iron clad protective security and secret service and yet to see out his first year of being President?

Obama has done absolutely nothing except literally bend over and kiss tyrants and repeat clichéd speeches ad nauseam, along with wave at his adorning disciples. Watch his speeches on You Tube; heard one, heard them all and in fact some are direct repeats just read wearing a different tie.
The more the world descends into this false state of cloaked loveliness the more fires will be stoked. The appeasement of Muslim tyranny across the world is one thing that has stirred up a hornet’s nest and pending almighty reprisal, to the gross political correctness gone absolutely mental everywhere with luvvies standing up and protesting the same old crap; “you are so out of touch”.  Big and small incidents, either of which could well spark further outrage and it is fully deserved. Nobody knows how trivial or major a scene will trigger the masses to snap, but for sure something will.

This now fuels the insane luvvies delusion even more. Next they will be quoting Obama as a religious leader; instead of J.C. it will be P.C.. Saturday Night Live in Australia; Bruce Forsyth in London with his Ballroom passion, which is nothing short of a ridiculous attack on him, probably because he is Jewish. It goes on and on and on and I am not sure, but Obama might be one of them.

Actually I think it might be some drug that is secretly distributed and I don’t know about it, that’s apart from the sexual deviant fix this every expanding Lodge practice.  Liberal ludicrousness and supposedly intellectual in its attachment.  as more and more Professors and people of standing in society all preach the same bollix.  Again, I am liberal but I am not a Liberal and It seems these idiots and weaklings want us all to be guilty forever for everything.

The colonialists, who took the lands of Africans, Indians or Aborigines. I mean did you see that Cultural Minister in the Northern Territories of Australia, (ex rock star) bleating on and on about Aboriginal respect and nobody must ‘take photographs’ of Ayres Rock, or never put a foot on it.  WTF? He even called the rock by the Aboriginal name.  Now all that is fine by me, but if you feel that guilty mate, get the hell out of Dodge and leave it to them.  In fact let’s all do it right now.  All Americans and Canadians go back to where you came from, all white South Africans go back to Holland and Britain and so on. Oh and all ‘Pakis’ in England along with every Nigerian, Jamaican or other religious bigot or remotely non white, get back from whence you came.

It is just ridiculous and let’s go back to the Scandahooligans who invaded anyone they could, raping and pillaging and leaving blonde hair everywhere.  These same kin now spill more guilt I guess by making Obama a Nobel Peace laureate.  It once more gives these lunatics more ammunition and frankly, it belittles the prize itself.  There WILL be a backlash and it might not be hidden. Not now, but wait!

Mrs. Bollix made a good point and thinks that Obama has been given this accolade because Chicago failed to gain the Olympics.  Laugh all you like, she has a very worrying ability to be CSI of the homestead and somehow always hits the nail right on. Uncanny! I don’t know about that, but I did watch the pitch for it. I commented how bad, how extremely amateur the Chicago and Tokyo presentations where. Vindicated they did not get it and without a doubt did not deserve it. From an artistic point of view they were embarrassing themselves, the developed world, Obama and America.

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