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There is a man with a fake tan in the White House and his now historical quip; ‘I was black before I became President’ admission just highlights his total agenda and the world’s descent into appeasing anarchy.  Our savior Obama speaks at the UN.

The BBC to CNN to NBC the works!!!  Even France 24 is a little  guilty this time.  Agenda at its finest!!  It is absolutely disgusting and ‘they’ the agenda brigade get clean away with it!  As a genuinely liberal minded being, if I did not know better, I’d be going along with all this brainwashing and dumbing down, in the belief that I was the only one in the entire universe that thinks like me.  Alas, there is more than an army of like- minded decent people with liberal views in life who are beginning to think it all a bit too much now. An army maybe, but none with arms as yet – but how long will it go on?

‘Obama is my son’ says Libya’s mad man Gaddaffi  as he  stands up at (more…)

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