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It really is worryingly bizarre as to what religion ‘ALLOWS NOT TO ALLOW.  Yes! Donations accepted and I’ll devote the rest of my days to setting up and running a live satellite ‘blog’ channel. As we do with the music channels and even news channels, we scroll live comments and blogs along the strap. On screen we play inserted videos and so on. By demand we can replay whatever. I think donations  will poor in to keep it going but most businesses would sh*t themselves at the thought of advertising on it. Twitter eat your heart out.  Right now, the cold hard reality of religion, or is that sense, sites are few and far between and the public lethargic in looking for them or participating, so an alternative is needed, such as a TV channel that would actually be in your face. I personally couldn’t care less if you are religious or not, I am not against religious belief in anyway, but I am dead against the power it wields, quite literally like a sword and we all walk broken glass for it as it is so undemocratically forced on one and all regardless:

In a seemingly less serious vein, by some hook or crook, I came across the following blog about Internet censorship by a chap by the name of Mark Sutton. I love the article and the comments which refer to this site and some of the things I have said here along with ‘J’ who frequently comments.  ‘J’ is a regular contributor and is (more…)

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For some reason, (other than the obvious) the media was alive with the Air France A330 drop and all on board no more. There must be some psychology involved in this but I believe that we all love flying, we just fear crashing. Because of that, in general we all dread the news, but half the time I believe more than half the world tune into the news only to see if there is a disaster.

Until the death of Michael Jackson, which also eclipsed the sad demise of the fabulously beautiful Farah Fawcett, the Air France story stayed with us longer than usual. I mostly watch the English version of France 24, which I do like a lot, so I guess their coverage was perhaps more as to be expected, but still the rest held in there.
I am an avid aviation fan and know a fair bit about the ins and outs of the industry and know that air crashes have only care-less sensational value to the media and the stories are dropped as fast the airplanes long before a hungry public ever find the cause. Turkish Airlines very recently, (more…)

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