The worse thing about being a pedophile is; you have to be in bed by eight.

There had to be more to this story and the media was all over it, but not on top of it, which is less than I can say for the chubby teen sextress. A puny little 13 year old British boy and a 15 year old girl are now mum and dad. Whacko!  The boy was just 12 years old when miss now 15 whipped off his Mr. Blobby pajamas and played hide the chipolata, ‘cuz it could hardly have been sausage size.

I personally have my doubts about this youngster’s studship, but I could be wrong.  Can you imagine this happening in a Muslim country like England?   I would feel sorry for them because few of us are angels and it is a real downer getting caught out, but there is no remorse shown. These kids are showing off as it they have won the  lottery.

Again, this is a media circus and all the luvvie names will be involved in it one way or the other and as with the sheets, it will all come out in the wash. Grandma and Granddad on both sides appear to be ecstatic as if some fantastic feat of achievement and without having the full story (if anyone really does), it could all be one hell of a publicity stunt anyway at the expense of these kids. One of the Granddads, iron glad up the ying yang with body piercings, was obviously enjoying the massive publicity and even priming up the kids for the camera. Will they grow up embarrassed or concerned, will they hell. It’s big time Andy Warhol for them and Jerry Springer live.

It is not real is it? Was she the young village bicycle, is incest involved? As yet, who knows and that is surreal.  It is all a TV show or some stunt and here comes the worrying aspect; all media platforms are absolutely loving it and spewing positive Aaaaaah and Oooos, making these kids mini heroes. Well listening to the parents, you certainly get that impression.

Sky news have made it a bonanza with both smiling and adolescent parents cuddling little Maisie Roxanne and asking inane sweet questions to Daddy Alfie instead of ‘WTF’ do you think you were playing at – or with?  Well even if the reporter did ask, I don’t think the little boy would actually know how all this happened.

Reporter to young boy: ‘ How do you feel about being a father?’

Alfie: I’ll be a good dad.

Reporter to young boy:  ‘What about finances?’

Alfie:  ‘What does finances mean?’

Chantelle (the mum):  ‘Laughing’.

On the other hand, if you asked the young girl Chantelle (why not Sharon?)  how she thought babies came into the world, you might be very surprised with her answer.  Can you imagine it?

Reporter to young girl:  ‘Well of course everyone knows that the stork brings babies”

Chantelle:  ‘Don’t be f**king silly, who’d do that to a stork?

The police, social services, just like the media offer no condemnation, accept some flippant report I heard on one of the channels to the tune of; ‘Authorities will have to look into issue of sex with minors. But we now know that is not going to happen, unless DNA tests show up some discrepancy, that is if they ever get round to allowing it.

Surely some in the media want to slam the parents with major headlines.  No can do, sorry.  Politically Incorrect!  It wouldn’t even be ironic if this young kid turns out to be gay in a few years. After all, he is a gentle, handsome little bleeder and not at all masculine and all the girls will tell you that all the boys who fit his description, but a little older and look the perfect husband are definitely gay.

Sex education is already compulsory in schools and has been since these neo liberalholics came to power. More recently adding to the curriculum that; ‘Homosexuality and the sexual acts associated with that are completely normal’, so we all do it don’t we? Do we bollix! But yes, the acts are ‘normally’ what homosexuals perform, but of course there is a huge question of the normality of the normal. To make it worse, this law slipped through while the nation was busy watching Coronation Street, or the kids boning each other while the parents were engrossed.

I mean; what happened to ‘Doctors and Nurses’; ‘Mums and Dads’; ‘You show me yours’ and I’ll show you mine’? Oh no, now we have, ‘My car in your garage’ at 12 years old!!!  As a male, think back to the days when you were 12. Now did 15 year old girls in the senior years make you chubby? Did you even mix with them? I remember having noticing budding lumps under their blouses and perhaps shouting to one or two of the larger ones; ‘Falsies falsies!’   As the perv said; ‘I’m not a gynaecologist, but I take a look at it for you’.  This young lad doesn’t look particularly hairy and the hot dusky type with a 5 O’clock shadow under his nose already.  He looks like me at 12 years old and my first sexual experience. I was alone at the time. 12 years old?  The comedian Chubby Brown famously describes his first sexual experience saying; ‘The first time something came out the end, I shouted MAAAAM!!  I’ve broken it’. Joking apart, I must have led an extremely sheltered life because at 12 years old I was still very much at the looking stage from a set distance.

Now here is a revelation and it is ok to tell the story as my parents are both dead, long gone, so only my sisters and brothers to be embarrassed with, but I think my brother was involved most of the time, so he might squirm at the memory. Now read ahead and see if this dragged up experience triggers any similarity with this young lady. Of course it is chauvinistic and almost religious-leading moral guilt. Sorry I don’t have any. The 15 year old girl does remind me such a lot of a young lady in my school by the name of Pauline.  Quite a plump snotty nosed girl from what we would term one of the rougher larger families. There were a couple of families in my town who fitted that description and one was a family of about thirteen or fourteen, all spaced out quite evenly with the eldest coming up to her 20s and the youngest about 5 at that time. All fathers were lorry drivers, as mine was, but my parents were divorced when I was tiny. These families were all boning each other and we nearby neighbour kids joining in. Well that was; when the dad wasn’t doing it to them. Nobody was caught, although the girls openly told me and the gang that her dad was always doing it, but then, nobody said anything as we didn’t have the politically and socially correct legal jungle, so nobody bothered.  None of the girls got pregnant that I know of and my involvement was more voyeur than hands on so to speak. I am sure if I could have; I would have, but at that age, no could do.  When I reached 15, I was earning a bit of pocket money washing dishes after school with Pauline in some hotel kitchen. She would let me grope her plenty and anyone else as far as I could tell. She was developed to say the least and I kept trying to persuade her to come to the recreation ground with the boys and ‘let’s do it’.  Well I had quite a lot of sex up until that time, but not really the real thing until that day in the park.  We all lined up and Pauline lay down on my mackintosh and we took turns. Later asking her who was the biggest?  Not only did I break the Guinness book of records for speed, but for size as well. I was by far the smallest and until this very day, some 40 odd years later, I still remember it clearly and the other lads going at it like adults and very sleazy at that. Hypocrisy?  Maybe, but I am telling you, that now 13 year old kid reminds me so much of me and I cannot see how he could have done the number.

A complete nutter in the States, a Moslem, unmarried, unemployed, emulating Angelina Jolie, is given IVF treatment to enhance her family of six by another eight.  Did you see what colour they are?  In the UK a 12 year old kid starts a stud farm with the neighbours. Why are these two stories taking front page when there are so many many other vitally important and devastating things going on in the world right now?  It is all part of the dumbing down process.

A British tot at that, embarrassing other Brits all over the world as they cannot explain it away, yet stifled cultures are having a field day at this wickedness. We all assume that the Latin, Mediterranean types are ready for action the moment they are potty trained, hence strong religions in these countries to control it. In Islamic countries and some other religious regions in India, it is common and nothing unusual for a dirty old man to force marriage on a young nubile thing, sometimes as young as eight years, claiming among other things, the right and glory of male dominance to protect these young virgins from the sins of the west. Babies are produced as well, from mothers not even in their teens yet, but all legal, because someone waved a hand and said; ‘You are married”. Pedophilia is not recognized in such circumstances as the religion supersedes any   Of course what happened in the UK is far more prevalent in said countries as well, but NOBODY talks about it and if a girl did, then she is to blame and quite often stoned to death in some areas.  This world full of luvvies looks on in pity and hope one day to ‘talk to these people’ and convince them to mend their ways.  PPPP lease!  I know firsthand (not that hand) that young Arab boys and girls are well ahead of the world pack when it comes to that rumbling feeling in the pants and panties hence such an enormous amount of anal sex takes place, because a pregnancy like we speak of here would be certain death even in some of the more ostensibly liberal states.  As I have said many times; ‘Sex is above everything and religion is above that’ in these countries, so nobody dare talk about it, they just do it.  The sad thing is, these bigots will make hay over this decadent story, claiming such disgusting things never take place in Muslim countries. Of course not and prostitutes don’t make more money per square metre that all other countries either.

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  1. Cave Dweller Says:

    Bill O’Reilly brought up the same thing on his show today on Fox News. The whole world is going crazy with the media worshipping irresponsible behaviour. It is a vicious circle – the luvvie reporters and editors need this type of story to sell news – and they reward it.

    I’m back off to the mountain to hide in my cave.

  2. Sperm donars | Says:

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