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Is there a Koran in the house?

Er!  I’m beginning to believe my own BS now.  I am actually starting to quiver.  I hope Obama doesn’t have a pilot’s license that we don’t know about.

Some might now consider our dear President ‘priority dyslexic’. Less than a week in office and ONLY TWO major public moves, both Muslim empowering. First Obama writes off Guantanamo without a mention of the very rigid and real fear this will put into half the nation.  We are not all convinced you know, despite fanatic Liberals telling us Secondly, he goes trotting off for his very first historic Presidential interview, not with his who we expected, his doting media buddies, oh no sir, it is with Dubai based Al Arabia Television.

Oh come on boys and girls, this is NOT fair is it?  After all that slobbering devotion you have given this guy and his interests are more Islamic than you anticipated.

I suspect that 90% of the American public and that includes journalists who should know better, have absolutely no idea what significance this will hold on the streets of Islamic nations. Media in the Arabic world is all too powerful and well controlled, even Al Arabia, so don’t be fooled by the avalanche of anything goes because it doesn’t.  This is their scoop and there is not an Arab in the world who is not richly ensconced in one ‘conspiracy theory’ or another. In fact many are convinced that their very existence is a conspiracy.  This will put them on top the mountain, you wait and see and the days go by.

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Now this is real bollix! As of writing, the BBC is correctly and steadfastly refusing to run a charity appeal for the Palestinian cause.  I suspect they will have caved in by the time you read this.  Amazingly but not surprisingly, demonstrators mainly consisting of Muslim brothers and sisters are screaming their heads off in the streets outside in protest.  If a picture tells a story, then one might suspect that most of these people do not pay license fees.  It is only because of intense and obscene Political Correctness that we don’t see skin headed contra rebels challenging them in the streets, as it is just not hip to be seen to support anything remotely Jewish or simply straight. To make matters worse, mixed in with this crowd of non nationals are Britain’s rent-a-crowd of teenage retreads and left behind hippies.  It seems that these luvvies somehow find the time to always be there for anything Marxist or anti authoritarian but if they can add the word  humanitarian as well, it just makes it all the more gritty. The British demonstrators should know better as this issue goes against every word of the BBC charter. (more…)

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Had Barak Hussain Obama been Republican, he would still be the 44th American President. As I write this blog, the new Messiah is crowned and already into his ninth year at the White House having had the constitution changed to mass hysteria in agreement. The continuing media frenzy with followers all around weeping and glorifying his name; is really is quite bizarre and hardly conforms to a press code of fair and balanced. Individual countries have had their heroes and villains with nations chanting their name, such as the rise of Hitler or perhaps the wonderful aura of Nelson Mandela as he attends concerts; but the Earth has never witnessed such a coming together, never has the adoration been so global since Jesus Christ. (more…)

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